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What to give a man for his birthday 55 years

55 years is a wonderful date consisting of two identical numbers. A man at that age has already reached his career and has a family. He has plenty of time to travel, for his favorite activities, and for raising his grandchildren. If you have a question, what to give a man for the birthday of 55 years old, do not be lazy and read the article. We will talk about the different versions of the gifts that can be solemnly handed over to an expensive hero of the day. Therefore, the choice of a gift for a man will not be an insoluble task for you.

Luxury travel kit

Original Presents

On the anniversary can not give banal gifts that a man can buy yourself. This is toilet water, a shaving kit or another shirt. To surprise the hero of the day, you need to be original. There are no problems with this, because many interesting things are sold in stores.

To facilitate an important choice, we have great gift ideas for a man for his 55th birthday:

  • medal – a unique product with which you can show your respect for the person. It is made of steel and placed in a velvet case. To personalize the gift engraving is performed. On the medal, you can specify the date or write a small congratulatory text;
  • album book to fill – A wonderful gift for a man. The book has pages on which you need to talk about life, about the profession, about best friends. Such a thing like a man. At his leisure he will fill in blank pages and supplement them with photographs;
  • personal wallet-purse – a stylish accessory designed to improve the image and to store money. It has several compartments for placing bills, plastic cards, documents. It is better if the purse closes with a zipper. Then nothing falls out of it;
  • nominal whiskey glass – a product on which, using laser engraving, the name and surname of the hero of the occasion is written. It can be presented to the father, brother and husband. A glass with a personalized engraving on the glass will always remind you of an important life event;
  • portrait from photo on canvas – This is a beautiful picture, which combines a classic portrait image and a photograph. After processing the photo, the person appears in a new image. He can become a great commander, king or sultan;
  • personal pens set – ideal for a man who has not yet retired and occupies a management position. Personal pens have an impeccable look. They improve the business image of a man and give him a solid note;
  • cigar guillotine – an elegant accessory for a real cigar fan. It has an attractive look. Therefore, the guillotine for cigars not only fulfills its purpose, but also is used as an interior decoration;
  • globe bar – product, which depicts ancient maps. Inside the unusual bar there are compartments for placing bottles with alcoholic beverages and glasses. You can choose floor or desktop model.

Before buying a gift for the hero of the day, think about what is more suitable for him. A professor can be presented with a prize statuette, and a motorist can be given a massage cape.

Best gifts

To find a great gift for a man for 55 years, you need to look through many options. It takes time and moral strength. We suggest to go another way. It is meant to introduce our ideas to the best presents:

  1. Congratulatory newspaper “Pravda” dedicated to the hero of the day.
  2. Tea set with DVD card.
  3. Native Damask in a beautiful case.
  4. Statuette of the photo “Happy Grandpa”, “Business Man”.
  5. Cognac “Cornucopia”.
  6. Wine set complete with chess.
  7. Wall calendar with the words “Before the pension left …”.
  8. Set for vodka “Railway”.
  9. The kit, which includes silver cufflinks and tie clip.
  10. Retro music center for the connoisseur of the classics.

Hobby Presents

When choosing a gift for a man of 55 years, you need to consider hobbies. This is important because each person has their own interests. One likes to go fishing, while others spend their free time on the couch.

If the hero of the day has his car, select the appropriate gift. This may be a heated thermocup from the cigarette lighter or a non-slip mat for placing a mobile phone. If you have a large amount of money, buy a DVR, GPS-navigator for long-distance travel or a modern speaker system. Another motorist will like cufflinks with the name of the brand of the car and a brand pen with the words “Driving”.

An anniversary person who spends his free time at a dacha can be presented with various gifts for 55 years. These include:

  • lawn mower;
  • hammock for outdoor recreation;
  • a set of garden tools complete with a chair;
  • powerful LED flashlight;
  • a picnic set in an apron bag or in a suitcase;
  • ultrasonic bird repeller;
  • Street lamp;
  • wall biofireplace for heating of giving;
  • grill with electric;
  • coal samovar.

If a bath is built at the dacha, you can make an appropriate gift. This refers to a set for a bath consisting of hats, gloves and a rug. Some kits include slippers made of felt. Among the suitable gifts is a bath thermometer, made in the form of a house. It measures the temperature and humidity in the room.

Not all men in their 55s are constantly lying on the couch and watching TV. Many of the stronger sex play sports and strengthen their health. In this case, the hero of the day can be presented with an annual subscription to the gym. A man will go to school and enjoy it. You can also purchase wall bars to strengthen the press, metal or rubberized dumbbells, an expander or a cardiovascular machine.

If a man is engaged in business, he needs a status gift. The choice is quite large, so you can always find the best option. We offer to purchase a diary in leather binding, a cigarette lighter with an engraving, a USB flash drive in the form of a key, a wooden office set. If a man has such things, buy him an aluminum cardholder. This is an unusual wallet for storing plastic cards.

When there are difficulties with the choice of a present, ask about it right at the hero of the day. Then the purchased item will definitely please the person, and will not be thrown into the far corner.

Practical Present

At 55, a man has free time, because he no longer needs to raise small children and devote all his leisure time to them. Also, many of the stronger sex before this time retire.

We want to tell you that you can give a man for 55 years, who appreciates practicality. We offer several options for useful gifts for the anniversary:

  • tablet case folder – a product designed to protect an electronic device with a touch screen;
  • men’s bathrobe with embroidery – a personalized gift, indispensable at home. It gives warmth in the cold season;
  • multi-tool “Jack of all trades” – useful gift for a traveler, a hunter and a fisherman. It combines many features;
  • rocking chair – a thing intended for recreation. This piece of furniture can be placed in the living room or on the open terrace;
  • key fob defroster – an indispensable product in the winter. It is necessary when moisture got inside the castle larva and froze. For convenience, many models are equipped with flashlights. Then the lock can be easily opened in the evening and at night;
  • wooden birdhouse key hanger – A reliable assistant, thanks to which a man does not have to look for keys throughout the house;
  • watch box – a luxurious gift for the 55th anniversary. It can be presented to the boss or dear husband. The box is made of fine wood and beautifully decorated;
  • travel bag – a practical gift for a man who travels on business trips and to seaside resorts. The leather case has everything you need for a long trip. This is a clothes brush, shaving cream, plastic comb.

The range of useful gifts is huge. Do not buy the first available item. Consider a few options and select the best.

Entertainment as a gift

55 years is a time for new feats and for the realization of an old dream. Take advantage of this and give the hero of the day positive emotions. In this gift there is no material value and can not be put on the shelf. But the benefits of it are enormous. During entertainment, the body is charged with positive energy. Therefore, a person wants to live and enjoy life!

Luxury travel kit

On the anniversary of 55 years, a man can give such entertainment:

  • boat trip – an exciting adventure to which you can invite a spouse and children. Joint rest has a beneficial effect on relationships. During a walk on a yacht, you can have a heart-to-heart talk or just enjoy the picturesque scenery;
  • shooting firearms – occupation which does not leave the man indifferent. In the shooting range you can shoot from a Kalashnikov machine gun, from an assault rifle;
  • extreme driving workshop – a gift for the thrill lover. In the lesson, you can improve the driver’s qualifications. This implies overcoming obstacles, getting into turns at high speed.

If you want to buy a gift for the anniversary of 55 years, use our ideas. We picked up the best options that are ideal for the hero of the occasion. Additionally, you can prepare a greeting speech. A man will listen to her and understand how you appreciate him.

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