Luggage with charger

KidPhone 3G

A product that has no analogues on the market!

NanoPods Sport

New model of super popular wireless headphones!

An indispensable gadget for uninterrupted access to the Internet on multiple devices anywhere in the world.

The liquid sheeting of Elari NanoGlass is a convenient, reliable and durable alternative to protective films and glasses.

Wireless Hi-Fi headphones / headset for your smartphone or Elari NanoPhone, created for lovers of music and active life.

Compact and stylish, the portable Elari NanoBeat speaker pleasantly surprises with its loud and high-quality sound.

KidPhone 2

High-resolution color touchscreen display, GPS / GLONASS / LBS tracking module and long-term battery life: the affordable and easy-to-use Elari KidPhone 2 watch phone is specially designed for children!

FixiTime 3

Waterproof children’s watch-phone with GPS / GLONASS / LBS / WiFi-tracking, touch screen, two cameras, a separate SOS button and a handwheel sensor.


The range of wireless magnetic chargers (for charging at home, in cars, for backup charging) – for any smartphones and iPhone!

NanoPhone C

Mobile phone / Bluetooth headset weighing only 30 g with a bright color TFT-display, slots for microSD and microSIM-cards, MP3-player and FM-radio, as well as a voice recorder to record telephone conversations on a microSD card.

The unique external battery is slightly larger than a credit card and is only 6 mm thick.

Compact, lightweight, elegant charging stations PowerPort – an indispensable device for travel, for home or office. Only one outlet for 120-240V – and all your devices are charged!

SmartDrive USB

Compact and elegant flash memory for iOS / Mac / PC has become even faster!

Luggage with charger

SmartDrive Type-C

Flash memory for iOS / Mac / PC has never been so compact and elegant!


A unique five-in-one device that connects all your gadgets to your MacBook or any other device!

An easy-to-use 3G phone with large buttons, tracking / SOS function and pre-installed applications is a confidence in the safety of you and your loved ones.


With Elari SmartDrive, you can store, play videos, music, photos and transfer any files between iOS devices and Mac / PC without the need for conversion, syncing and without using iTunes.

An indispensable mobile device for traveling or for use in emergency cases.

FixiTime 2

The second generation of super successful watch-phone with support for voice calls, GPS / LBS / WiFi tracking, SOS function, bright display and rich entertainment features.


Convenient access to your microSD card files through an iOS device with the ability to use a memory card of any capacity.


It combines the functionality of a card reader and a cable for charging iOS devices from any Mac / PC, as well as USB charging.

Compact, powerful, waterproof speaker / speaker. The ideal companion for your smartphone, tablet, laptop – in any company and on any long-distance journey.

Gadget for the joy of children and to help parents! It will appeal to everyone who cares about the safety of their children and wants to be in touch with them!

A clever way to secure your luggage and avoid costly overweight expenses!

Elari SafeFamily

Elari SafeFamily is a universal application for Elari FixiTime, Elari FixiTime 2, Elari SmartTrack, Elari KidPhone and Elari FixiTime 3. Now you can manage these gadgets in one place without switching between different applications!

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