Luggage tags to order

Making cable marking tags

Marking labels are used for marking wires and cables. TU 36-1440-82 electrical installation products: universal tags marking U-153, U-134, U-135, U-136. They are made of plastic. The surface of the tags is well suited for writing or gluing synthetic stickers.

Luggage tags to order

For attachment, additional harnesses and clamps are required. Our self-adhesive polypropylene labels and marking labels are made according to the requirements of labeling cables and wires, harnesses. We sell various types of self-adhesive labels for sticking on tags. In cable tags use – high impact polystyrene.

On sale there are tags under the clamps, as well as tags with clamps.

For power cables with voltages up to 1000 V, cable tags are used:

  • Label marking U134 U3,5 Weight, kg

For control cables – marking tag U136 U3,5 Weight, kg

All tags are sold in packs of 1000 pcs.

Possible colors of tags: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Blue.

Options for the supply of tags:

  • Label marking U134 (for power cables)
  • Label marking U135 (for power cables)
  • Label marking U136 (for control cables)
  • Label marking U153 (for power cables)
  • Label marking U154
  • Label marking MB 57 * 25mm
  • Tags U-Domik 100 * 150mm marking under a string holder

Tag stability (durability)

Marking tags are used for marking and power cables and various wires for the purpose of accounting before transportation and shipment. Also tags are used in cases where labeling is not suitable. Tags have water resistance, tear resistance, the ability to use, including at sub-zero temperatures. Information printed on the tag should not be erased during transportation and transportation. Does not absorb water and atmospheric moisture, high thermal insulation. Consumer properties are preserved under different weather conditions.

Possible options for mounting tags:

  • directly by wire
  • individual plastic yoke
  • clamp, single with tag
  • screed
  • wire

Sale of marking labels for thermal transfer printing of synthetic material about 75 x 75 mm in size with a hole in the corner, perforations to facilitate tearing, notching / marking for the printer’s sensor. The cost of manufacturing labels depends on the amount of winding and the minimum order quantity.

Luggage tags to order

Any cable must be labeled with the number and name of the product. All this information, including information about the product, its material, the name of the manufacturer, recommended operating conditions, specifications, etc. may contain a tag. When laying the cable route, the wires are marked with tags every 50-70 meters. They should also be present where the route changes direction, as well as in those places where the cable is brought out or introduced into cable structures, passes through walls, partitions and

In cases where the cable is hidden, that is, in pipes or blocks, marking tags are attached to the end points at the end boxes, in all junction boxes, in chambers and sewer wells of block type. When conducting cable wire in trenches, marked tags are applied near each box or coupling and at all end points. When organizing a cable route in high humidity conditions, it is necessary to use labels made of plastic. In this case, the tags are attached using stainless steel wire or plastic yoke.

Typical forms of tags with one or two holes:

  • square
  • rectangular
  • triangular
  • round
  • oval
  • a house
  • without hole with hose clamp

Plastic tags with clamp

We sell tags with a collar for outdoor conditions made of plastic. Alternatively, the tag can be without a collar, but then there will be a hole on the tag on the edge, so that you can pass through a regular plastic clamp.

Size examples:

  • 40 * 20mm
  • 50 * 90mm
  • 100 * 90mm
  • square, 100mm by 100mm, pvc, 2mm hole
  • circle, D = 100mm, pvc, 1mm, hole 2mm
  • house, 150mm by 100mm, pvc (white), hole 2mm, unprinted
  • other sizes on request.

We also sell heat-resistant marking labels with one hole. Resistant to high temperatures (melting point up to 500 degrees).

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