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The proposed methods are developing in nature, thus realizing the leading goal of primary education. It translates the student from the state of the learning object to the subject of study of educational material. A schoolboy learns according to his abilities, he has an interest, a feeling of satisfaction, a desire to work. Of course, the development of new – a complex and controversial process. Any methods and techniques only become effective when they are naturally woven into the already established methodological system, adopted by the teacher and tested in practice.

This article describes the method of work on the study of unchecked unstressed vowels, unpronounceable consonants, paired voiced and deaf consonants, words with combinations of living, ch-schu, chu-schu, and describes exercises aimed at enriching the vocabulary of children. The results obtained confirmed the high efficiency of this technique. At the same time, students broaden their horizons, improve their speech skills, develop logical thinking, which, in turn, contributes to the strength of learning the material.

Untestable unstressed vowels

1. Games “10 wasps” Wasp —— and on this wasp in October are gilding, Wasp — and this grows in a meadow near the swamp, —the wasp. This needle has green needles on its paws, —osc – – – a- On this it is dangerous to make games, – wasps – – – and – – This wasp flies to the moon, – wasps – – – – and this one loses weight and melts in the sun, – – wasps – – – – and – – this wasp is sold in a bottle, – wasp – – – and This one is afraid of mustard and forks, – wasp – and With this one the baby sleeps in the cradle, – ohhhhhhh, this class sneaks like a mouse.

Answer: aspen, sedge, pine, pavement, astronaut, icicle, yogurt, sausage, nipple, tip.

2. “Field of Miracles” Some letters are already open. The rest is yours. Solve and write down the proverb about winter. D – ka – – – – o – – – – – – – -, and z – mu n – – – na – -.

Answer: December ends the year and winter begins.

Three talkative magpies. Different birds stayed, Letters filled in the lines, Guess with whom the magpies Ate jam and drank coffee. Do not forget that there is only a bird in every line

Answer: Nightingale, lark, cockatoo. Owl, crow, quail. Falcon, sparrow, canary.

The first is the note, the second is the same, And the whole looks like a bob. (Fa – salt)

The first is an excuse, the second is a summer home, And the whole is sometimes difficult to solve. ( Task).

The beginning is the voice of the bird, the end is at the bottom of the pond. And the whole in the museum can be found without difficulty. (Picture)

5. “Dictionary domino”.

A game can be made up of vocabulary words for any class. To do this, cut out 28 cards with a size of 5 × 8 cm. At the top of the cards, the words with the missing letter are written, and at the bottom – only the letters that were passed in other words. The task of the children is to substitute a card with the image of the letter that is needed in this word to the word with the missing letter. The first is a student who has a card with the word “Motherland”. Dominoes can be made on any topic.

6. Graphic associations.

The essence of the method is to see the similarity of the form of letters and objects. Children make drawings themselves, you can right in the notebooks in the classroom.

Try these tricks! You have no idea how interesting and exciting it is!

Inexpressible consonants

There are consonants such V, D, T, L. Not all the words are heard, But everywhere they are needed. To know where to write them, We must check the word.

Sad Sad – sadness, I will not be sad. Sad – “T” will not forget.

Late Late – check late, In the word late “D” was written.

Long Neck Pillow

Sun In the word sun “L” can not hear. In the word sun write.

Starry Starry – check the star. Star – “D” write always.

Long Neck Pillow

Hello In the word hello “B” is not heard, Check the word health. We wish you all health And in the word hello “B” do not forget. Riddles. Day and night, it knocks As if it were started. It will be bad if this knock stops. (A heart)

What is higher than wood, more beautiful than light, without fire? (The sun)

When I lay on my back, There is no use in me, But push me to the wall – There will immediately be a deal for me. (Stairs).

Spelling sizzling Ju-shi, ch-scha, chu-schu

She saw in her mouth, she lived under water. All scared, all swallowed, and now hit the pot. (Pike)

They live on the roof, They are very fond of cats. (Mice)

Wild rose with bright red berries. (Rosehip).

Long Neck Pillow

Knocks, knocks all day, No one is afraid. He considers the whole century, But not a man. (Clock)

Ware with a long nose and a round tail. (Teapot).

2. Replace in one word.

A ruminant with a very long neck. (Giraffe). What is the most expensive thing for a person? (A life). 60 minutes (Hour). Thick dense forest. (Thicket). Predatory fish with sharp teeth. (Pike). What are heavy pans made of? (Cast iron). Animals that carry food on their backs. (Hedgehogs).

Paired voiced and deaf consonants

With a deaf consonant poured into the field, With the ringing – I myself have a link for freedom. (Kolos – voice).

With the deaf – she cuts the grass, With the ringing – leaves eat. (Spit – goat).

With “m” – pleasant, golden, very sweet and fragrant. With the letter “l” in the winter happens, and disappears in the spring. (Honey – ice).

With a hollow hissing round like a ball, With a ringing one like a hot fire. (Ball – heat).

2. The game “Chain”.

One of the students calls the word with a voiced or deaf consonant, the next person calls the test word. For example: friend – friend, tooth – teeth

He walked, walked without roads. Where he went, there he lay down. Until the spring lay, And then ran away. (snow)

I will not boast to say: I am rejuvenating all my friends! They come to me sad – With wrinkles, with folds, They leave very cute, Cheerful and smooth! So, I am a reliable friend, Electric … (iron).

Here is a miracle! He can taste dust and garbage! And buzzing like a hundred wasps, a hard worker … (vacuum cleaner).

I say to my brother: – Oh! Peas pouring from the sky! Here is an eccentric, – my brother laughs, – Your peas – this is … (hail).

This beast is familiar to you – Eats mice, drinks milk. But it does not look like a cat, All in long spines … (hedgehog).

He walks with his head up, Not because he is an important earl, Not because of his proud temper, But because he … (giraffe).

Now I’m in the cage, then in the line. Write on them sumei! You can draw. What is me? (notebook)

Spelling of voiced and deaf consonants at the end of a word

I pull on the rope – the mountain will rise. (Camel).

The old joker, he does not order to stand on the street, He pulls home by the nose. (Frost).

For you, he lashes Although the place remains. (Track).

Spelling of voiced and deaf consonants before consonants

Born in the forest, lives in the forest. (A boat).

Plucked with fluff lies under the ear. (Pillow).

On the one hand the forest, and on the other – the field. (Coat).

4. Crossword. Replace in one word. A ruminant with a very long neck. (Giraffe). What is the most expensive thing for a person? (A life). 60 minutes (Hour). Thick dense forest. (Thicket). Predatory fish with sharp teeth. (Pike). What are heavy pans made of? (Cast iron). Animals that carry food on their backs. (Hedgehogs).

Exercises to enrich the vocabulary of children

1. Replace with one word of 4 letters: Friend – +. , opponent – +, Soldier – +, work – +, walk – +. (Answers: friend, enemy, warrior, business, go)

2. Find the hidden word. Crib (lion), fishing rod (daughter), spit (wasp), pillar (table), slot (spruce). 3. Guess the word. K – r – d d – sh (pencil), d – f – r n – th (duty), l – s t – n – d (leaf fall), s – m – w k – (zimushka).

Conclusion Games, riddles, crosswords, charades, puzzles teach children to think figuratively, compare, find differences, transform one object into another. Sometimes students have an independent spontaneous need to come up with an image for memorizing the writing of a difficult word. In addition to all this, schoolchildren develop a lot of attention to the word, its structure, composition. They see the word from different sides, learn to think, talk about it. Errors may also occur at work, but with the skillful direction of the thinking process, everything is easily eliminated, and truth arises in a dispute.

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