Lightweight carry-on

Airline North Wind started working in 2008, it is a subsidiary of the tour operator Pegas Tourustik. Director – A. Kabirov, the office is located in Khimki, a hub in Sheremetyevo. Starting from three planes, the North Wind airline has grown rapidly over 10 years, and in terms of passenger turnover each year is among the top ten in Russia. The development dynamics remains positive, in 2017 a rebranding took place.

Lightweight carry-on

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Company fleet information

The carrier has 9 Airbus aircraft in two series and 15 Boeing vehicles in five modifications. In addition, three Boeing type 767-300ERs are rented in subleasing and ordered to be delivered to Boeings:

  • 737-800 and 777-300ER – one machine each;
  • 737-900ER – 4 aircraft.

The average age of the fleet is about 10 years.

Contacts of the airline Nord Wind

Baggage Rules

The duty of the passenger is to collect and provide documents according to the requirements of the company, it is:

  • identification;
  • papers substantiating the specific rules for transporting both a passenger and baggage – a certificate from a medical institution, a permission to leave a child, a veterinary passport with animal vaccinations, and so on.

Weight and dimensions of carry-on baggage – 0.55×0.2×0.4 m to 5 kg. Luggage up to 2.03 m in three lengths. The quotas for the transportation of baggage depend on the class and brand.

Two hand luggage places are carried in classes:

  • Comfort – Promo and Optimum;
  • Business – Promo and Optimum.

In all other cases, the limit is 1 place. Luggage is not provided when choosing air tickets in Economy Promo classes. In tickets of the categories Business Optimum and Comfort Optimum, it is allowed to carry two places, in all other cases – only one.

Main directions

Regular flights of the airline are divided into spring-summer and autumn-winter. In the warm season, additional destinations work in conjunction with Simferopol and the resort of Sochi:

  • Barnaul and Voronezh;
  • Belgorod and Arkhangelsk;
  • Volgograd and Yekaterinburg;
  • Orenburg and Kazan.

Charter flights are focused on destinations – the Middle East and Africa, North and Central America, there are routes to Europe and Asia. Departure is from Moscow airport and major Russian cities.

Meals aboard North Wind Airlines aircraft

Service and additional services

Excess baggage transportation:

  • If the weight, size and quantity of the passenger’s cargo differ from the established quotas in a big way, you should book and pay for a separate seat.
  • Large luggage – each carrier has individual norms of size and weight for free transportation of things. In Nordwind Airlines, the total baggage sum of width, length and height does not exceed 203 cm.
  • Massive cargo – the weight of massive places ranges from 30 to 50 kg. It should be remembered that the airline has the right to refuse to transport excess cargo that is not declared in advance.

The company Nord Wind Airlines offers customers regular and charter flights to choose the type of food. This is possible thanks to a wide range of basic snacks and hot dishes, as well as drinks and special food.


Arrival at the airport must occur in advance. This is necessary for the successful registration of the passenger, his belongings, as well as for other mandatory formal procedures established in accordance with the schedule and schedule of the airline providing transportation services.

Lightweight carry-on

Standard check-in begins three hours before departure, however, it is possible to change the start time of check-in due to specific conditions at other airports. The airline Nordwind Airlines finishes check-in forty minutes before the departure of the aircraft from Russia, here it is worth considering that at foreign airports the end of check-in time for a flight can be different.

general information

If the tourist plans to pay for the flight with a credit card, then he must make sure that the operation is available online. Sometimes there is a situation that there is permission for transfers on the Web, there is enough money on the card, but the payment service does not pay. You should contact the company managers and send a screenshot of where the error is displayed. In any case, the payment from the card is best done in advance, so that there is time to correct the difficulties.

Loudspeakers and a board are installed at the airport, through which passengers can learn the latest information on all scheduled changes. Also, passengers are entitled to contact the competent personnel of the airline and receive detailed data on any transportation issues.

Flight schedule

comments 9

I used the services of this airline. He flew flights 1841 and 1842 from Ekaterinburg to Antalya and back. A little was scary. I was not late for registration, everything went fine. The flight arrived without delay, minute per minute according to the schedule. Airbus was seemingly brand new. Inside the plane was clean and comfortable, the space between the seats was enough for a comfortable location. On the return flight checked in online and in advance. The flight took off without delay, clearly in time, but they were in the queue for departure for a long time since the planes from the popular resort take off every 5 minutes. The crew on this flight was silent and not very friendly, but that did not bother me. Although I would like more attention. The pilot regularly reported some information. All the flight time went well. I liked the professionalism of the pilots and crew. One minus is expensive check-in. For successful flights, I am grateful to the pilots and crew.

Recently decided to fly with a girl to relax – fly to Thailand. We decided to apply to your company, because it is rather reliable, despite the fact that the company has been operating since 2008. And falls into the top 10 in Russia! In general, decided to you. The flight went well, fed on time. The price of a ticket is normal, not like the others. Salon clean and it is very nice)) Flight attendants always prompt what and how, always send)) By the way, for the luggage is not too expensive, despite the rest of the company, again. I want to express my great gratitude to both my acquaintances for advising the company and the company itself for the comfort of the flight!

We flew with the family (husband, me and a child of 10 years) from Kazan to Antalya. Flight N4 5807,

Before retirement, I worked in the aviation industry. Many times flew on technical flights. Many times and with pleasure flew all sorts of aircraft, starting with the AN-2 and ending with modern Boeing. On September 9 of this year, I flew to Dusseldorf with flight n4 801. Everything was fine, except for one thing: the seats in the plane were too tight so that a tall man had no place to put his feet .. He flew back with flight n4 802. The plane was exactly the same, but the seat Were set with a normal step and even the most leggy couldn’t complain. In the first case, the pilots put the plane in such a way that we barely noticed that we were already running on concrete, and in the second case it seemed to me that if the landing was still a bit tougher, the wheels would have burst with all the tragic consequences.

My review Valery S. Together with his wife flew the airline “North Wind”

Hello. How long do I refund money for non-arrival?

Hello! We flew that year, in the Dominican Republic / Punta Cana / Flight without delay, meals 2 times (delicious), clean lounge, I liked everything, only check-in for good seats in the plane was paid separately at the hotel. We fly

We are flying

Departure was on November 6, flew on

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