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Words of gratitude to the teacher speaks at least once in a life each of us. And excellent students, and even those who can not be attributed to the exemplary quiet. &# 128578; After all, school is the golden time for each student.

And it is not by chance that we often remember the years spent at the desk, the merry changes, and the first real friends. But it’s ridiculous to think, but a few years ago we were afraid to respond to the lessons, counted the days in anticipation of the holidays and dreamed about how we would spend the prom night. &# 128578;

Well, now he is just around the corner – the last school holiday. The event is responsible, it is like a record of a new era, the beginning of an adult, so desirable life.

Light heavy luggage

And, of course, a special place among the solemn events is a thankful word to teachers. Such words, by the way, have to be said on Teacher’s Day too!

This moment is exciting for everyone: students, teachers and parents. What words of gratitude to the teacher to say, and how to choose the right words that can express the whole overwhelming range of tender feelings?

Here are some examples of possible responsive, solemn speech on behalf of parents or students. Of course, they are not a guide to action, but they may well serve as the main one for creating your own, unique text. The first variant of the response word will be more appropriate for the parents of students.

Thanks to the teacher from the parents

  • Our dear teachers! Allow me with all my heart and a pure heart to thank you so much for the great and responsible work that you do every day. For ten years, you helped our children grow, learn and become real people. You not only brought in a lot of new and important knowledge, you sowed respect, friendship and love in their souls. You, as second parents, took care of our children, day after day, in the cold, rain and sunny days, despite neither the illness nor the illness. You were worried about their failures and rejoiced at the victories. Thanks to you, they learned Ohm’s law, the Pythagorean theorem, the multiplication table, read hundreds of books and learned a huge number of poems. Our children have learned what courtesy, friendship, mutual assistance, responsibility … Thank you for the fact that you are ready to give knowledge and friendly support to each child, because the teacher is and was once for everyone, the president of the country, the minister, the simple worker, scientist or doctor. Thank you for your hard work.

The second option of possible speech is also preferable for parents of students.

  • Teacher! How much sense in this word for each student! A friend, mentor, comrade – these are the synonyms I want to choose for this great word! You keep the knowledge and life values ​​that you pass on from generation to generation to our children. Thank you so much for this hard, and sometimes very hard work. At this solemn moment, when yesterday’s kids are on the verge of a new life, we want to thank you for your patience and attention to your students.

Well, this option in the response speech can be used by the students themselves.

Words of gratitude to the teacher from the students

  • Our native teachers! On this festive, but sad day, we want to thank you so much! Thank you for the fact that during these long years, you have been our mentors! Thanks for the support, advice, and those knowledge that you gave us. Leaving our home school, we will never forget the happy hours spent here. Thanks to your efforts and patience, today’s graduates will become great people, because each of us has become special in its own way. You have opened up new horizons and new knowledge. All that you have done for us and not count. Thank you for that!

Light heavy luggage

Response speech can be issued not only in prose, but also in a poetic form. It is better if such a greeting will come from students, not parents.

Such a remark is due to the fact that poetry acts as an informal method of response speech. There are a lot of options for the finished text, examples of reciprocal speech are posted in large quantities on the Internet, and are also found in the specialized literature.

General rules for giving thanks to teachers

In preparing the response word, it is necessary to take into account several general, universal postulates.

  1. On average, the response word should be 2 – 3 minutes, in extreme cases, about 5 minutes.
  2. It is not necessary to use a large number of complex and incomprehensible terms, for this event it is nothing at all.
  3. Speech should be generalized, not recommended allocate someone specific of the teachers, the exception is the class teacher. If necessary, personal greetings will be available after the solemn event.

If you schematically depict the structure of the response word at the graduation party, you get the following, rather classical scheme:

  • Greeting;
  • The main part – the words of gratitude;
  • Conclusion

The first part involves a general appeal to teachers, the second part – the direct and main text of gratitude. At this stage it is necessary to emphasize how much and for what exactly, you thank the teachers. The text can be completed with a small repetition of mutual love and respect.

Thanks to the class teacher or director

A separate word is recommended to express to the class teacher or principal. In the first case, it is possible to emphasize the similarity of the teacher with the second mom, to highlight the aspect of not so much teaching the subject, as guardianship and care. Here is one example of such a speech:

  • Our dear (IO teacher) on this memorable day we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. For your help, for your friendly support and participation. You did not just teach us objects and lives, you defended and protected us, gave advice and wise farewell. It was to you that we went with our hardships and difficulties, only you could wholeheartedly share our victories and new achievements. Today, like many years ago, we want to confess to you love and respect. You are not just a teacher, you are a friend and a reliable friend! Thank you for your hard work, believe me, it did not go unrecognized. Today, tomorrow and always we will open the doors of our school to come to visit you as to your home, to the warm and kind world of childhood that you have created for us.

Speech for the school principal also often required. Since the director most often does not conduct lessons, but is engaged in organizational activities, it is much more difficult to prepare a response word.

It would be best if you thank the teacher for his excellent administrative work, the well-coordinated and professional team of the school he created, the care for children and the creation of a sincere atmosphere.

General rules for giving thanks to the teacher

As for the speech itself, it is worth noting the following aspects.

Speech should be spoken clearly, fairly quickly, possibly emotionally enough.

Try not to make a sad look, even if you have to say sentimental, exciting the soul, things.

The response word can also be successfully supplemented with a true story that reflects the teacher’s concern for his students. This will give a reciprocal speech a certain personality shade, make it more soulful.

During the speech, you should not gesticulate too actively, but you just need to smile.

At the end of the response speech, it is appropriate to give a bouquet of flowers to the teacher or give a light bow.

It is best to tell the speech learned in advance, and not to read it on paper, it looks more responsible and serious.

If you wish, you can talk as a solo, or together with one of the parents or students, a duet. In this case, the duration of the text in time can be slightly increased.

So, approximately, you can express your feelings and say thanks to the teacher. However, do not forget the main thing. It doesn’t matter what you say – thanks to kindergarten teachers or teachers.

Only sincere words coming from the depths of the soul will be perceived and appreciated by the addressees. This I learned from my own experience. When writing a letter of thanks. Be yourself – it is always profitable! &# 128578;

By the way, how do you yourself think that it is better: to rework any of the prepared typical variants of gratitude to the teacher, or invent your own version? Express yourself in the comments on the article, do not hesitate!

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