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English course for beginners Two-month English course for beginners according to the method of Alexander Dragunkin in Moscow.

Format: 16 lessons 2 times a week: Mon., Wed. from 19:00 to 21:00

Cost – 19,200 rub.

Online English courses for everyone! For classes, you need a stable Internet and your desire to quickly learn English.

Full course lasts 4 months, consists of two blocks (2 months + 2 months).

English course for intermediate level Two-month English course for intermediate level according to the method of Alexander Dragunkin in Moscow.

Format: 16 lessons 2 times a week: Tue., Thu. from 19:00 to 21:00

Cost: 19 200 rub.

Intensive course from

Saturday from 12:00 – 19:00 Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00

Cost: 11 900 rub Classes will be held in the center of Moscow.

Intensive course from

Format – 2 days: Saturday, Sunday 12:30 – 17:30

Cost – 9,000 rub

Chinese course in St. Petersburg Full Chinese course by the method of Alexander Dragunkin in St. Petersburg.

Format 2-3 times a week: from 19:00 to 21:00

Cost – 17 500 rub.

What is the technique of Alexander Dragunkin?

For many decades in our country, knowledge of the English language was necessary only for a small number of people because of their professional activities, but the majority of the population simply did not need to learn English for one simple reason – there was no place to apply such knowledge. But the time has come when the situation has radically changed.

Today, in most aspects of our life, knowledge of the English language is required; politicians, businessmen, scientists, and specialists in various professional fields speak it. English is the language of the Internet and computer technology, but most importantly, it is used by the entire global community..

Every day, an increasing number of people take up the study of English in order to be able to understand and use it when communicating with business partners and during holidays in foreign countries. Knowledge of the English language makes it possible to make wide use of the possibilities of the Internet, read the original literature and periodicals, work and study in the territories of foreign countries, fill out questionnaires and write a resume, conduct business and friendly correspondence.

In connection with the increased demand for knowledge of the English language, those who wish are offered a variety of diverse systems and teaching methods, from which it is quite difficult to choose the appropriate option. Different schools and authors open English language courses – usually quite expensive, but do not provide guarantees for achieving the desired result. On the shelves of bookstores and in the electronic network, you can find self-helpers of the English language “for all occasions”, but, unfortunately, even after spending considerable funds on them, it is impossible to get full knowledge if you learn English yourself on them.

The most effective and fastest way to learn English is Alexander Nikolaevich Dragunkin’s system – it will finally teach you to understand and speak English!

Learn chinese word

The author has a serious teaching experience, has fundamental knowledge, an analytical mind and incredible charisma.

Needless to say, the methodology of Alexander Dragunkin is “better or worse” than other existing methods – it is fundamentally different. From all other methods, it is distinguished not only by the approach to teaching, but also by the ultimate goal of training. This is not just a new form of presentation of the material – here the educational material itself is different, it differs sharply from the traditional one! The author abandoned outdated, often simply artificial, “rules”, and in an easily accessible form reveals the structure of the English language itself. Dragunkin does not pursue the goal of “teaching” – it gives a person a real opportunity to learn correct and rich English, while overcoming his inner constraint and believing in his own strength!

Dragunkin uses own terminology – clear, functional, absolutely transparent and understandable. He developed his own transcription, with which any beginner can easily read and learn English words.! In addition, the author systematized the exception words, solved the “problem” of articles and “irregular” verbs, and the most difficult “tenses”, which are of particular difficulty for the Russian-speaking audience, are successfully assimilated by Dragunkin’s students already at the 5-6th lesson.

All of the above factors greatly facilitate the process of mastering educational material, which, in turn, allows you to quickly master completely fluent English, while reducing the usual period of study dozens of times.

Learn chinese word

This unique method of learning English does not imply exclusive use of it only by its author – it is available to anyone (including teachers), aimed at the earliest achievement of quality results in the process of teaching English.

Alexander Nikolaevich, despite his active teaching activities in Russia and abroad, continues to develop his own school of English. On its basis, Dragunkin carries out continuous improvement of his existing unique methodology and develops fundamentally new concepts in the field of teaching foreign languages.

Anyone who wishes has the opportunity to attend an English language course in St. Petersburg and an English language course in Moscow, or else go to the nearest “Dragunkin Center”. If full-time study is not available to you, you can study English on your own at home. To do this, our store has a large assortment of audio and video courses, as well as tutorials in English. Regardless of the chosen form of training, you will always get an excellent result.

We sincerely wish you success in learning English.!

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