Last minute beach holidays

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Last minute beach holidays

  • Abkhazia from 5 482 r.
  • Andorra from 24,384 р.
  • Bulgaria from 12 247 r.
  • Vietnam from 35 347 р.
  • Greece from 8 311 r.
  • Dominicana from 44 095 r.
  • Egypt from 24,927 r.
  • Israel from 21,134 p.
  • India from 24,626 r.
  • Spain from 15 653 r.
  • Italy from 12,714 r.
  • Cyprus from 10,940 r.
  • Cuba from 39 876 r.
  • Maldives from 50 304 p.
  • Mexico from 43 514 r.
  • UAE from 20 119 p.
  • Russia from 600 r.
  • Thailand from 28,224 p.
  • Tunisia from 14 281 r.
  • Turkey from 7,827 r.
  • Finland from 14,760 r.
  • Croatia from 17 680 r.
  • Montenegro from 11 755 r.
  • Czech from 11 409 r.

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Last minute trips to the best resorts

How cheap to buy a hot tour in Moscow?

We all heard about the “burning tours”. Many even have acquaintances who more than once went on such trips, came back and enthusiastically told how they had a great rest and how well they had saved. They say that the cost of the tour to the “five” hotel cost them, as in the “three”, and even “all inclusive”. But are there really last-minute tours, how are they formed, and why do tour operators reduce the cost of them almost by half? We will answer these questions, as well as the most important of them, how to buy a cheap tour in Moscow cheaply in this article.

Knowing where and how to look for last-minute tours, you can pick up a ticket even to an expensive country at a very competitive price. The fact is that the beginning of the season is characterized by low demand for vouchers, which then begins to grow rapidly and increase by the height of the season. And the charter programs have their own characteristics, because it is precisely charter flights that tour operators usually send tourists on vacation.

The volume of charter flights is a constant value, regardless of fluctuations in demand. Incomplete congestion becomes the main problem of the first and last flights at the beginning and at the end of the season. Tour operators need to fill the remaining seats in the aircraft, as they, as a rule, redeem the entire charter for their tours. Unsold vouchers and become hot tours and appear on the market with a significant discount. .

Also, the appearance on the market of a burning tour may be due to the rejection of the already purchased voucher. A man plans his trip, booked a tour, but circumstances force him to abandon the trip just a few days before departure. And then the tour operator urgently has to deal with the resale of vouchers already at a discount so as not to lose the money spent on booking air tickets and hotel rooms. .

Another reason why the ticket becomes burning is force majeure at the receiving party. Such events as the aggravation of the political situation or natural disasters necessarily affect the tourism business, and at this time there are many cheap trips. Why? But the fact is that sometimes political events reduce the rating of a country, people, panicking, begin to refuse purchased tours, and then the tour operator has no choice but to arrange a sale.

For example, Lebanon, the country’s image does not contribute to mass tourism in it, but nevertheless, rest in Lebanon can be quite worthy. Or the most vivid example is Turkey. No matter how much the Russians love Turkey and do not yearn for it, the tourist flow to this country anyway has decreased. And in the first season after the crisis, in the summer of 2017, Turkey announced impressive discounts for tourists from Russia, in order to regain lost positions in the market.

What time should I start looking for a last minute ticket?

Hot tours sell for 2-3 days, at least – a week before departure at discounted prices. The principal difference between a burning and regular voucher is the departure date. The less time left until the day of X – the departure date, the lower the cost of the voucher. The ideal time for mass “arson” trips by tour operators is considered a period of low tourist season. Beach tours can be cheaply purchased in early spring or late autumn, and trips to ski resorts will enjoy low prices in the summer months.

For countries with a visa-free regime, under the probable date of the onset of the appearance of burning vouchers, it is considered to be a period of 2 to 5 days, and for the countries participating in the Schengen Agreement such a period is 7-10 days. During this time it is necessary to settle issues with the payment of the tour and paperwork. It remains to collect the suitcase.

What you need to know?

Another option is to buy a last-minute ticket, is to buy it in the off-season, when hotels are barely full and offer significant discounts. Such policies usually do not affect the quality of the service. At the height of the season, the staff, on the contrary, is torn apart due to the huge influx of tourists. For holidays in the resorts of Egypt, the off-season period is February, for Turkey it is April, the middle and the end of May.

Last minute beach holidays

Going on a tour of the burning trip in the offseason, it should be borne in mind that the minimum holidaymakers means no increased attention of the staff to the guests and a more modest entertainment program. The sign “closed” on the doors of many restaurants and shops in low season is normal, as are fewer excursions.

Another feature of the tour is that it can not be paid in installments. The fact is that tour operators book last-minute tours subject to payment of the full cost of the voucher. By purchasing the usual ticket, you pay in installments: first deposit, and upon receipt of the ticket and voucher – the remainder of the amount. In the case of a burning tour, its cost is paid at one time in full, and the funds are non-refundable.

Last minute beach holidays

What time is better to search?

The largest percentage of the probability of occurrence of last-minute trips to countries for a trip to which you do not need to apply for a visa. Focus on the period of the low tourist season. Unclaimed vouchers can “burn” both before and after the holidays, or due to adverse meteorological conditions.

The period January 20-February 20 is the time of a sharp drop in tourist demand, so you can relax at a profitable trip to India or Thailand, since the issue with the visa is decided upon arrival. At the end of February, the demand curve will smoothly go up, the tours will start to rise in price, the peak prices for vouchers usually fall on the last weeks of March, when the children start the holidays, and the tour operators have a high season. Therefore, further vouchers will only go up.

The beginning of April coincides with the beginning of the beach holiday season in the countries that occupy this tourist niche. Choosing a burning tour, pay attention to areas such as China or Cyprus, here you will not only have a wonderful time, but also save a lot. And you can go to the Crimea, where spring comes into its own right before everything, pleases with bright colors and gentle sun. At this time there are few holidaymakers, there are no huge queues at museums and palaces, which means you can safely explore any sights.

May is a hot time for tourists and at the same time a period of calm for those who want to catch a burning ticket. The entire May and summer months, the demand curve will be fixed for a long time at the top of the schedule, which will affect the cost of tours for which prices will be consistently high. May is not the best time to purchase last minute trips: hotels are overcrowded, because many people tend to plan their holidays in advance, if special offers are, then this is probably not the rule, but the exception.

But the period from mid-September to mid-October is a great opportunity, and to save and relax, Montenegro or Croatia are always welcome. The prospects for a good hunt for burning tours open in the last weeks of November and end in late December.

2019 average prices for Thailand tours with departure from Moscow

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Moscow is a city where the number of offers of tour operators and travel agencies has long exceeded the demand, and the field of air travel here is excellently developed. Therefore, in 96% of cases, tours with departures from the Moscow airport (there are five of them in the capital) will cost less than trips from other cities of Russia and the CIS. In order not to miss the interesting, and most importantly hot offer about the rest, you need to use all the possibilities. One of them is specialized sites where special offers on tourist packages are accumulated.

One of them is Hottoursfrommoscow – a modern and convenient tool for finding hot tours. For a quick search, use the filters on the issue of tours. Filters will help narrow the search to the desired criteria: country, resort, hotel category, type of food, month of departure.

Here you can find holiday offers in any country of the world and in the most popular resort places. To receive information on your personal email, subscribe to the Hottoursfrommoscow newsletter by selecting the countries you are most interested in in the form below.

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