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Today in the women’s club “For 30” we will talk about giving a 60 years anniversary to a man. On this date, you should not present banal kits: shaving foam, beer mugs, cheap alcohol, a warm sweater or knitted socks. First, it is necessary to figure out what exactly interests the birthday man, that he will come in handy. A gift should not only be useful, but also original, be remembered for a long time.

A gift to the interests of a man on the anniversary

First you need to conduct a small investigation, learn about the hobby, dream, interests of men. You should choose the gift that the birthday man wanted for a long time, but could not afford, for whatever reason.

If you do not know the size of the birthday clothes or doubt, you can present a gift certificate for a certain amount to a sports shop, and the hero of the day will be able to choose himself, what he likes.

You can present car gadgets: audio system, car Wi-Fi router, car scanner.

It is necessary to ask in advance what exactly is missing in the dacha, what are the wishes of the birthday man.

The hero of the day, for sure, will also like vintage items and accessories.

But if you are not well versed in the intricacies of fishing and hunting, hand the hero of the anniversary to a certificate in a specialized shop, the man himself will choose what he needs.

Whatever the passion of the hero of the day, always try to find out beforehand what a man needs, what he would like to buy or what he had long dreamed of.

What to choose a father or husband?

What can you give a close relative for 60 years? The man-held family man will remember the gifts that emphasize the status of a husband, father:

  1. A collage made up of family photographs depicting important moments from the life of the hero of the day. These can be children’s pictures, episodes of school, student’s time, wedding, birth of children, promotion along the career ladder, birth of grandchildren.
  2. You can prepare a video greeting from the whole family – order a high-quality video with stories about your personal life, funny facts, or mount it yourself.
  3. Surely, a man will be pleased with the prospect of a good rest. Then you should give a ticket for a few days or weeks at the recreation center or sanatorium.
  4. Pedigree. Get or make a family tree yourself. Such a gift will not only unite the family, but will allow you to preserve knowledge about your family name and pedigree for many years.
  5. If the hero of the day still does not have a computer or laptop, it’s time to present him the appropriate technique.

Nowadays portraits made in retro style are very popular. And if a man has a great sense of humor, then you can order a cartoon.

Original gifts to the hero of the day

In modern stores specializing in gifts, a large assortment of interesting gifts for all occasions. You can surprise the hero of the occasion and those present with unusual gifts:

  1. The book is true. This edition, which is made to order. The cover shows the name, patronymic and surname of the hero of the day, and the content of the book corresponds to the important life dates and events that took place in the life of a man.
  2. Certificate for a real star.
  3. Globe Bar. This item will not only fit into the interior, but will also serve as a bar.
  4. Reproduction of the painting. If the birthday boy loves painting, such a gift will suit him.
  5. Personalized newspapers or books. Various certificates and medals in honor of the anniversary.
  6. These banknotes (cash gift) decorated in a frame under the glass.
  7. Elite alcohol. If a hero of the day is a true connoisseur of high-quality alcoholic drinks, then expensive alcohol with a long time will be perfect as a gift.

The list of original gifts can be listed for a long time, but what exactly suits you depends primarily on the material possibilities.. Anyway, money presents are always relevant. They can be framed under glass (as suggested above) or handed in a gift envelope.

Intangible Gifts for the 60th Anniversary

Currently, intangible gifts are very popular:

  • flying on a paralet;
  • walk on the quad;
  • horse rides;
  • excursion;
  • boat trip;
  • flying in a wind tunnel;
  • certificate for stylized photo session;
  • flight in a balloon.

Of course, such a gift a man will not only remember for a long time, but also receive a lot of positive emotions. But do not forget about the age of the hero of the day, sixty years is not the period when the body needs to be tested for strength. If a man leads an active lifestyle, then a little extreme will be very helpful.

What not to give


  • watches (especially superstitious people);
  • towels, slippers or bathrobe;
  • cheap alcohol;
  • cosmetics (shower gel, shampoo, perfume);
  • bed linen, figurines, kitchen utensils;
  • knives;
  • Stuffed Toys;
  • stationery;
  • underwear socks.

Laptop backpack for women

Not so important gift value. The most important thing is participation, sincere congratulations and genuine attention on your part on this momentous day – the anniversary of 60 years.

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