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70 kilometers from the capital of Tunisia back in 180 AD e. the settlement Putput was formed, now known to all as Hammamet, which translates as “a place for swimming”. This most popular Arabian-style resort town has a unique architecture, because no building here is like its neighbor. In the southernmost part of the city there are excellent beaches, the promenade, the Marina, playgrounds, the entertainment center of Carthagoland, restaurants, discos and, of course. shops in Hammamet.

What and where to buy in Hammamet

Merchants in Hammamet are highly specialized and general profile. Most often you can get a two-story shop (near your hotel, for example), which sells everything from souvenirs to jewelry.

La La Land landmark

Shopping in Hammamet is best to start with the tourist Medina Jasmina (or New Medina). There you can find interesting and non-crafted items: ceramics, lamps, blown glass, forged and chased products, candlesticks, exotic caftans, fine workmanship, beautiful embroidery, etc. Such shops look like rooms 25-55

Also in Yasmina you will find modern shops in Hammamet with more interesting layouts and a large selection of goods. For example, the shop “La Goulette” and “El Hamidia”, where Tunisian professional weavers honestly work. You can buy quality silk fabrics here. Bagdadi Trading House is the famous work of Iraqi glassblowers and potters, and the Marrakech boutique will delight you with items made of fur, leather and wool. Find unique items for souvenirs in the Negrat store. Tourists highlight the store SASIO, in which a good selection of linen clothes (for the pants you give 29 dinars and above,

You can find stylish high-quality jeans, cotton summer clothes, fashionable shirts of the No Name trademarks in all the territories of the Medina. So do not clog up a suitcase, buy everything on arrival, the prices here are quite affordable. Electronics stores with the most modern computers and tablets also can not be overlooked in the New Medina.

La La Land landmark

If you plan to buy alcohol, do not delay it for a long time, since there is only one store in the center of Hammamet that has a license to sell alcohol – Blue Sky, but also the Generale supermarkets will help you with pleasure. And although on Fridays the wine departments are closed, in the shops at the hotels you can safely taxi to the liquor department, move the rag back, which usually hangs the bottles that day and get what you need. Shops at hotels are the most tourist-oriented outlets of Tunisia!

Shopping centers Hammamet

La La Land landmark

The most gigantic, and many are cursing, that the only shopping center in Hammamet is Center Commercial (Commercial Center Hammamet) at the intersection of Avenue Habib Bourguiba and Avenue de la République. They do not have a website, so we will believe the photos and reviews of tourists.

This multi-storey building with air conditioning, just for those who can not stand the heat and can not wander around the markets of the city. For convenience, there are escalators, in general, everything is like in Europe. The only thing that brands seem to be Tunisian, but this does not mean that there is no quality or style. You can also find gold, jewelry, souvenir departments, electronics, incense, cafeterias with a good menu, large play complexes for children with excellent machines. And although the prices are a bit more expensive, but the range of goods is excellent, and the department store managers are courting every client.

In general, all the supermarkets and shopping centers in Hammamet have not yet entered the life of Tunisians as, for example, the shopping center Sharm el-Sheikh in everyday life of the Egyptians. The latter, along with tourists, are not buying anything on the market, and they spend more time in supermarkets like Etro.

We tried a little higher to describe the concentration of stalls and shops in New Medina. With this kind of understandable. But there is also an antique souk market in Douz (souk) at the intersection of Avenue Hedi Ouali and Avenue de la Liberation, which is open on Thursdays. And every day at the same place there is a municipal market, where you can buy vegetables and fruits.

Read our information, remember, and make shopping in Hammamet with the benefit for yourself!

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