Kayak tour

Healthy people – active rest!

Join friends and try canoeing – this is the best way to diversify leisure and have a good weekend! Or let’s take a tent, a canoe and make a summer camp in nature. The hike is adapted for people without tourist experience. You will learn how to paddle on a tourist kayak. At the end of the hike, you can also go horse riding and order a sauna on the bank of the Desna.

Come also hiking with your equipment (kayak, tent).

Number of people: 12 -15 people, corporate leisure, individual tours.

Duration: 2-3 days or more.

Kayak tour

If you are already going on a hike – we learn by heart the chapters of the “Preparing for a kayak trip” section:

Solely for the variety of leisure, you can read more:

Healthy people – active rest!

Leisure activities and weekend tours are widely popular among various age groups as a reliable means of maintaining health and activity in modern society.

The opportunity to spend a weekend in nature is especially important for residents of Kiev, Kharkov, and other large industrial centers, which need to go far beyond the city in order to breathe fresh air and stand against hypodynamia.

Therefore, rural green tourism and outdoor activities for many have become the main leisure activity on the weekend because of its availability.

Such a regular rest (mini-vacation) works much more efficiently than long one-time trips, because it allows you to regularly maintain a level of physical activity to maintain health and positive emotions throughout the year without spending much time or preparatory work.

Activities, rafting on kayaks like people who love sports, dancing, lead a healthy lifestyle. This is an opportunity to get a new tourist experience hiking. Here you can have a fun and active weekend, have a good rest from the city, as well as communicate with other participants of the trip – people of similar views and interests. For them, communication with nature is the best rest and an integral part of their way to live well and stay healthy without medication. For example, hiking on a river is the easiest way to lose weight and look good.

The best way to spend a summer vacation

As a rule, most people plan to spend their vacations in the summer near the water, and also use the active rest on the river as a means of getting rid of fatigue after a week of work. Here you can always hide from the heat, quickly restore your vitality, swim at your pleasure. Kayaking, rafting trips complement the rest on the river with the opportunity to travel and at the same time enjoy the beauty of the scenery of wild nature.

During the trek along the Desna, we met many people who set up a summer camp in nature in a picturesque place, and there we spent our holidays or made a trip along the river on any available watercraft.

Lovers of long journeys are people with tourist experience. They buy canoes, there are rafts in order to raft along the river for a long time and with pleasure. Others, using the rental of tourist equipment, often rent canoes and independently travel along the chosen route.

Rafting is popular as an active family holiday – for many it is the best way to spend a vacation in the summer. A joint campaign on nature has a beneficial effect on the relationship between parents and children who willingly join this interesting and useful work. Children in a kayak trip get a little life experience. Here they fully demonstrate their independence.

After this trip, people have a lot of pleasant and warm impressions. And this time spent on the campaign is always remembered as happy moments of life.

Kayak tour

This is especially appreciated by those who understand the meaning of simple contemplation of nature. They, as a rule, prefer to make individual tours and travel alone, so that no one interferes with their enjoyment of nature.

The easiest way to rest on the river is a summer camp, where you want to go to nature with an overnight stay, put up tents and go kayaking near the parking lot.

Kayak tour

Distinctive features of the canoe trip

Here are some of the distinctive features of the canoe trip along the Desna from other types of outdoor activities:

  • You can always hide from the summer heat, stay in picturesque places and swim in parking places.
  • There is no need to carry all things, to save money on food, weight and quantity of products. Tourist kayaks allow you to take on hiking almost everything that your heart desires.
  • You can flexibly adjust physical activity by choosing the optimal route.
  • As a rule, a longer trip schedule allows you to make a one-day parking at the place you like, where everyone is relaxing, sunbathing, fishing.
  • The speed of the kayak allows you to go a considerable distance, and at the same time see the various landscapes of the Desna River. The increased level of comfort of travel transforms rafting on kayaks into an elite rest. ;-)

Hike for beginners

The Kayaking program on the Desna is adapted for beginners who have no experience of water trips, turning this journey into a real adventure.

I am also a supporter of such an active holiday, when the load corresponds to the desires and physical abilities of the participants of the trip. More information about extreme tours can be found in the article “Activities – goals and objectives”

Learning to row a kayak is pretty easy

Before the start of the hike, instructing on safety, equipment handling rules, rowing training at a tourist kayak and all the necessary skills for a successful route are conducted.

Kayaking on the Desna is a celebration for the soul!

The land of Sivershchyna is rich in its unique natural reserves, one of which Dovzhenko called “enchanted Desna”. Words can not describe it. One can only come here to easily touch it and experience all the greatness and power of the world of living nature.

Contemplation of the beauty of the landscapes of the Desna River and the Dreams allows you to relax and calm your mind, bring thoughts and feelings in order. Rest on the gums gives a charge of energy to the body and soul. Fishing in a kayak trip brings joyful and unforgettable experiences to the trip.

The nature of Polesie, the sounds of the forest, the smells of field grass, an ear of catfish and a kebab by the evening fire, will forever be vivid impressions of summer.

And indeed, whenever you look through the photos of the canoe trip, you realize that these landscapes will never become commonplace and familiar, just because the river always manifests itself in different ways, revealing its unknown edges each time.

Upon request, a wellness seminar is held, which includes: – energy correction of the human biofield, Tibetan methods, – lying on a board with nails, – walking on broken glass, – walking on coals, diagnostics of hidden diseases (at the end of the seminar). – acupuncture session (optional)

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