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Internet audience

18 years and older

The share of Internet users in Russia is 81% of citizens. Including 65% go online every day. Among Russians from 18 to 24 years old, this figure is 97%.

1600 Russians aged 18 years and over took part in the survey. Data are weighted by probability of selection and by socio-demographic parameters. For this sample, the maximum error size with a probability of 95% does not exceed 2.5%.

Monthly Internet audience in federal districts, given in million people

Winter 2017–2018, given in percent

Justin and Selena

  • General population – 72
  • Central FD – 72
  • North-West FD – 77
  • South and North Caucasus Federal District – 71
  • Volga FD – 68
  • Ural FD – 70
  • Siberian FD – 72
  • Far Eastern FD – 75

Monthly Internet – audience by type of settlement, given in million people

Daily Internet audience in federal districts, given in million people

Winter 2017–2018, given in percent

  • Total population – 64
  • Central FD – 64
  • Northwest FD – 71
  • South and North Caucasus Federal District – 63
  • Volga FD – 60
  • Ural Federal District – 62
  • Siberian FD – 64
  • Far Eastern FD – 68

Daily Internet audience by type of settlement, given in million people

Justin and Selena

Data source: Merged data of weekly polls “FOMnibus” of Russian citizens 18 years and older. Surveys were held from December 2017 to February 2018, 24,000 respondents.

16 years and older

73 million (61% of the adult population) go online on mobile devices.

Of these, 32 million Russians use the Internet only on mobile devices.

In cities with a population of over 100 thousand people. 61% of the population of Russia use the mobile Internet, 51% use the Internet on stationary computers. At the same time, the desktop audience decreased by 2% in March – August of this year compared to the same period last year, while the mobile, by contrast, grew by 9%. 27% of Russians do not go online at all.

Internet in Russia: its importance, goals and time of use

Mobile Internet

61% of Russians over the age of 16 are online via mobile devices. 53% of users are looking for different information from them, 42% are watching videos, 15% are buying goods and services.

53% of online users leave the mobile site if it loads for more than three seconds and 90% if you have to wait five or more seconds.

2.4 devices with an Internet connection account for an average of one Russian user.

Justin and Selena

62 million Russians use the mobile Internet every month. The audience of the Runet is growing almost exclusively at the expense of mobile users. Practically in all segments the mobile component accounts for at least one fourth of the electronic market, and in some segments, such as services or digital content, the share reaches 80-90%. At the same time, the share of users or buyers from mobile devices is confidently approaching 40% (RIW-2016,

86.2% of Russians aged 12-24 use smartphones actively. 15% of the Internet audience come online only from mobile devices. The mobile Internet audience has grown over the year by 12.5% ​​(Forum RIF + CIB 2016,

91 – 124 minutes per day, on average, users spend 12-64 years in large cities (from 700 thousand people) on the mobile Internet. In the age group of 12-24 years, this figure is 124 minutes, in the group of 35-64 years – 91 minutes. Most of this time, users under the age of 35 spend on social networks. These and other data were presented at the RIW-2016 forum by the director of multimedia research at TNS Russia, Mikhail Raybman, the website reports

Reference: According to Rosstat, the resident population of the Russian Federation is

Non-users of the Internet in Russia

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