Island after Irma

Skellige Islands

On Skellig (Lv. 16) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Passage

In Novigrad we go to the port quarter. We visit three large ships: on the first, the woman captain refuses to sail to the islands; on the second – there is no captain, he gets drunk somewhere; on the third – the captain in glasses says that he has a different route, but he suggests where to look for the capyatna-drunkard.

AT "Gold sturgeon" we find captain Volverston, he agrees to take us for 1000 crowns. Sailing on the ship "Atropos".

Island pirates are attacking the ship at sea. We are repulsed from the enemies, but the ship at this time is broken on the rocks.

We regain consciousness on the bank of Ard Skellig. From a local resident we learn that Jennifer in the capital city

one. "Sorceress – they are such". (We manage without a fight).

2 "And for that you get in the face". (Hand-to-hand fight with a man).

After this we search the broken nose of the ship. Behind him lies the corpse of the captain, from whom we can take back the 1000 kronor given to him.

We reach the main city, participate in the funeral ritual of the locals. The deceased King Bran is sent to that light on a burning boat. In the crowd we meet Jennifer. Decide what to say:

one. "Did you know Brana?"

2 "You smell good". (+1 to ratio).

And then decide how to spend time:

one. "Will you go to the feast with me?" (Jennifer does not like such feasts, but you definitely need to go).

2 "I don’t want to go to the feast".

3 "That would run away and be together". (+1 to ratio).

The king is dead – long live the king (ur. 16) The Witcher 3. Wild Hunt. Passage

We go to the inn. In the room Jennifer from the chest we take two sets of exquisite clothes, we put on black and white clothes. We return a little back, climb on the rock, and go to the fortress Kaer Tolde. (Along the way, we can buy maps of all the islands from the merchant so that new tags appear on the game map).

During the feast we meet with contenders for the royal throne Skelliga. The daughter of the king offers to take part in competitions:

one. "I will take part in the competition". (We leave the fortress. We need to overtake Keris, the first to reach the top of the cliff and grab the ax of Hjalmar. After that we return to the feast).

2 "Next time". (+1 relation to Jennifer).

We give up drinking and leave the table with Jennifer (If we drink, this will slightly reduce the relationship with Jennifer). At the exit we communicate with the leaders of the clans. We decide what to answer to insult the girl:

one. "You went too far, Lugos". (We are engaged in hand-to-hand combat with Lugos. He has level 30, but it’s easy enough to defeat him).

2 "Let’s go easy". (Avoid conflict).

Imperceptibly we make our way to the laboratory of the Supreme Druid Myshovur in order to take the Mask of Ouroboros. We leave through the window, on the balcony we move to the druid. In a room with stuffed animals we fight with animals coming to life.

In the next room we see a statue with an outstretched hand. We search the room and select the item to be put in hand. The correct option is a glass of wine.

We enter into the opened secret tunnel, Jennifer takes mask, after this it is necessary to fight with the elemental of the earth. After winning a new test – poison gas. Quickly choose a thought:

one. "We choke and die".

2 "Ian i want to kiss you". (+1 relation to Jennifer).

In a place with a sorceress, we teleport to a safe room.

We need to return to the feast, but Jennifer is delayed to sew a dress. We can use this case:

one. "I wish I could look at it. " (We spend the night with Jennifer, but not on the bed, but astride a unicorn).

2 "Back to the feast". (So ​​we miss the opportunity, and immediately go back to business).

A little later we return to the feast. We associate with the Collapse, agree with him, so that the Druids let us pass to the place of the magical explosion. In exchange, we must help the children of the Collapse (additional tasks "Elect of the gods" and "Lord Undvika").

Echo of the Past (Lv. 13) The Witcher 3 Walkthrough

We leave for the eastern part of the island. We meet the druid Mushovura, he has already learned about the theft of the mask. In a conversation with him, we understand that this is a mask for looking into the past, but from its use, cataclysms can happen.

While we were talking, Jennifer descended into the forest and applied a mask. We find it below, we fight off the monsters of the mist. We use the mask to see the silhouettes of people from the past. We see how the Ciri and the elf fought off the Wild Hunt. From this place, Ciri teleported to Velen (and we already know the subsequent history). We find the body of the rider Wild Hunt.

Myshovur is catching up with us and says that more recently the Wild Hunt attack was carried out in the village of Lofoten. Need to inspect this place. We can immediately teleport to the target along with Jennifer.

The man disappeared (Lv. 15) The Witcher 3. Wild Hunt. Passage

We reach the village. Locals bury the dead, and Yen begins to interrogate them. We learn that one person knows about the attack of the Wild Hunt. He did not fight with the enemies, and now his name is not by name, but called the Coward. This person must be sought in the sacred grove.

Unnamed Passing Witcher 3

In the sacred grove damned werewolf lives. A coward came here to kill a werewolf to clear his name of shame, so you need to get inside and find him.

We climb up, we examine a large tree, we find the blood of coward. Next we go on the trail down to the bottom. We go in a circle to the right, we find the bodies of dead people. Traces lead to a locked door. Now we go in a circle to the left, climb the hill on the imperceptible ladders on the wall.

Upstairs we twist the gateway control mechanism. Press the right lever several times to set the wooden post in the center position, then press the left lever, this will open the desired gateway.

We descend, sailing along the water channel under the gateway, we get into a closed part of the grove. Here on the right we enter the house, we fight with the werewolf.

After the victory we learn that on the werewolf there is a curse of eternal famine, and it is impossible to kill him (we get an additional task "In wolf’s clothing").

We leave from the house, go to the left side of the garden, find a well. We jump down, in the underground cave we find the dead Coward, raise his body to the surface. Jennifer uses necromancy to animate this single witness, listening to his story about Ciri.

The story of Ciri: The calm before the storm The Witcher three. Passage

Ciri and elf teleported to the coast of the island. The coward, whose real name is Skyaall, was near and helped by Ciri. Elf did not wait for Ciri to recover and went in search of transport.

We regain consciousness in the house of Sciaall, together with his sister Astrid we go to the bathhouse for recovery. Inside the mirror we change clothes and enter the steam room. We answer questions about ourselves, and then just change clothes and go out.

We go to the stable to Scjaalle to leave, but at this very moment the Wild Hunt attacks. For some time trying to fend off knights and hounds. Then we get on a horse and leave with a local.

Schiaall sent Ciri and the elf in a boat to the sea, but the next day this boat was washed ashore, and there was only one freak Uma in it.

The search for Ciri on the Skellige islands is over. Jennifer asks to help her solve her business on the islands (an additional task "Last wish"). After that, you can return to Velen for the freak, who was at the Baron.

Additional tasks. In the story of the passage of the game The Witcher 3

Add. Task: Mysterious Passenger (Lv. 14)

(The quest appears after completing all the storyline quests on Skelliga, but you need to do it only if we have not completed all the storyline quests in Velen, and therefore have not seen the freak Umu. If all things in Velena are completed, the quest "Mysterious passenger" will appear and immediately executed).

We sail to the eastern island of Hindersfjall in the village of Lavrik, enter the house near the forge, communicate with the Jarl Donar. He will tell you that the monster found in the boat was sold to a merchant who sailed to Novigrad. After this quest is completed.

Add. task: Last Wish (Lv. 15)

On the eastern island we go to the village of Lavrik. In the local tavern we meet with Jennifer. She asks to help her find the sunken remains of a gin specialist. We go to the pier and sit in the boat.

We only need to dive into the water and look for special items. Unlimited air supply, thanks to the magic of Jennifer. We can use a potion "cat" or "orca"to see better under water.

In the first place is the wrong ship, in the second too. Sail in a perfectly round bay between the islands. Here at the bottom we find the right ship, we find half of the medallion.

Jennifer teleports us to the second half of the ship – to the top of a snow-covered mountain. We get down to the lower deck, raise the cabinet, under it we find the dead specialist and the second half of the medallion.

Jennifer folds the medallion, now we need to defeat the genie that has appeared. From its lightning can hide behind the central mast. We use a protective sign and a lot of quick attacks.

Having won, we make a wish canceling the magical connection between Geralt and Jennifer. After that, we can confess to Jennifer love.

Add. task: Chosen by the gods (Lv. 17)

The task we receive from the collapse on the central island in the capital.

We come to the island in the north-west. We walk around the village, ask about Keris. We can interview a woman, a grandfather on the second floor, a girl. Outside the village, we see a fisherman taking refuge on a rock, killing utopians below. From the fisherman find out where to look for Keris.

In the ruined house on the rock we find Keris, she is trying to break the curse from the Udallik, and for this you need to find the sword Brokwar in the basement.

Together with Keris we return to Udalriku, we learn that he is tormented by voices "gods". There was an accident with his younger brother, you need to return the sword to calm the spirit of the brother. We sail to the sea at the marked point, dive to the bottom, leave the Brokwar sword. But this does not help.

We find out that the Udalrik is actually under the control of the ghost of Him. Deciding how to get rid of this monster:

one. "You can do as witch". We go into the damned house, we light the whole room, placing four torches, we wait for the night. Boss: Chem. In battle, we use a protective sign. Having lost half of health, Him will descend to the basement, quickly catch up with him and finish him off.

2 "You can try to fool him". Go to the damn house, Keris brings the child. It is necessary to quickly decide: 1. Give the child Udalriku (nothing happens, and you have to do in witch) .2. Throw it into the furnace (the spirit will come out of the Dreamer into Geralt, but then it will disappear, having learned the deception).

Add. task: Lord Undvika (Lv. 17)

Island after Irma

The task we receive from the collapse on the central island in the capital. In the capital, we visit a tavern, asking visitors at the far right table about the campaign of Hjalmar.

Sailing on a big island in the southwest. On the island we find a huge ship, a giant walks around it and feeds the local harpies. When the giant leaves, we get into the ship, we find the surviving person. Find out where Hyalmar squad went.

Traces diverge in two directions.

1. Right – in the mountains. We follow in the footsteps, we find the killed warrior, next we pick up the Horn of Hornwal. We go in the cave, we go along the middle tunnel. See how the ice trolls want to cook a surviving person. We play with them in riddles. The correct answer to their riddle – "Troll". They will not be able to guess our riddle. We take a man named Folan with us, he will help us like a good archer.

2. On the left – to the lake with a boat. On the way we find many corpses. Near the lake we enter the cave. Inside we jump off a cliff into the water. Climb up to the second floor. We leave on the cliff with a tree harpies. Climb even higher. Through the tunnels we reach the top of the mountain. Here in the building of the giant is a pantry with the bodies of people.

(In the same place you need to find tools for setting "Master bronzer". We look at the column-pointer, enter the cave to the right of it. We kill the ice troll level 26. We take away tools from a chest).

We pass a little further, at the point "Ruins of Dorve" We find the surviving Hjalmar, help him deal with the harpies.

Together we enter the giant cave. Inside the cage sits one captured man Vigi, he asks for help, but Hyalmar does not advise him to release.

one. "Let him out". You need to go for the cell key, it lies in the long chest on the left. We go carefully (holding the key "Ctrl") and only on bare ground, it is impossible to attack the snow. The liberated Whigs will wake the giant, and we will have to fight.

2 "Let him sit in a cage". If we do not let him out, the Whigs will scream and the giant will wake up. As a result, the Whigs will be killed when the boss takes the anchor.

BOSS: Ice Giant

The giant moves slowly, and it is very easy to dodge him. But sometimes you need to bounce off of him when he kicks the ground. Having lost part of health, the boss will take the anchor of the ship and start hitting them, bounce to the left from the blows, the boss is under the arm.

After the victory, we decide with Hjalmar who killed the giant:

one. "Thank. Come on".

2 "The honor of killing a giant belongs to you".

We can leave with the detachment, or remain to clean the cave.

Add. task: The Royal Gambit (Lv. 18)

We arrive at the feast in the palace Skelliga, where they choose a new ruler of the islands. After listening to the Kraytov conversation, we can take part in fist fights with the local mountaineers — wildkaarls. The reward will be the sword of Hjalmar.

We communicate with the collapse, suddenly we hear screams, we return to the hall and see how the guests are attacked by bears. We kill animals. There are only three surviving candidates for the throne: Keris, Hjalmar, Svanrige. We decide what to do next:

one. "I will help you, Keris". (Investigation)

Inspect any dead bear, pots with honey, by smell we find the source. We find out that the magic drink turned berserkers into bears.

With Keris we go to the cellar, we find a barrel with a changed drink. But the cellar at this moment someone sets on fire. We break the barrels and the door with the Aard sign, exit through the cave.

We examine the main door to the cellar, find traces, a piece of clothing. We calculate that it was Arnwald who caused the poisoning and set on fire. We catch up with him on horseback, knock down with one blow of the sword.

At a meeting of island leaders, we catch a woman from another clan in a lie. As a witness, we bring Arnwald. (This will make Keris the main contender for the crown).

2 "I’ll go with Hjalmar". (Revenge)

Automatically reach the village Fornhala, where the mountaineers live, turning into bears. None of the residents there. Upstairs we find and inspect a single corpse. We read the inscription on the stone under the statue. On the smell we rise to the mountain, we find one more corpse. Inside the house we find dried mushrooms. On the trail we go to the next house, in it under the bear’s hide we find the hatch in the dungeon.

Below, we find the leader of the wildkaarls, fight with him, in battle he turns into a bear. Deeper in the cave, we find the druid Arits, he knows everything about the plot, but does not want to tell anything. We fight with him and with the called bear.

We return to the fortress, we tell about all the advice of Yarlov. (This will make Hjalmar the main contender for the crown).

3 "I see that you can handle". Quest immediately ends. (Later in the epilogue, we learn that without our intervention, the throne will take Svanrige Bran, he will arrange a warrior between the various Skelliga clans).

Add. task: Coronation (Lv. 18)

Quest is done automatically when we finish the quest. "Royal gambit". We participate in the coronation ceremony of the new ruler Skellige.

1. If we helped Keris, the governor will elect her. The girl is planning to unite all the clans and avoid war with the Nilfgaard.

2. If we helped Hjalmar, the governor will elect him. He will conduct constant raids on the Nilfgaard troops.

Additional tasks. Central Island The Witcher 3. All quests

Add. Task: Trust

In the port of Kaer Trolda, one person asks for 150 coins to sail back to Novigrad. If we give him money, he will thank and leave.

A little later, on the southern road from the port we again meet this man, his name is Johann Boehner. He again asks for money. Expose his deception, take the money.

Add. task: How much rope does not curl

From "Village Boxholm" we go to the southwest to the burning statue. Nearby we find two people, one of them broke his leg. We can help him by giving the grass Dovetail. For this we get 50 experience.

Add. task: Very valuable horn (Lv. 12)

Port of Holstein (in the south of the island). On the western peninsula with a lighthouse we clean the camp of bandits, in their chest we find the necessary horn. We return the item to the owner.

Add. Task: Behind the Seven Seas (Level 13)

Between the central and eastern islands there is a small green round island. Getting to him from "Settlement redgill" on the boat. On the island we find a dead sailor, read his diary. We learn about the crash of one of the ships carrying the royal family. Near the island there is a ship’s mast sticking out of the water, we jump into the water at this place, at the bottom we find a chest, and in it there is a ship’s magazine and letters. We read them.

We will be able to find out the fate of the second ship in a different location, south of Novigrad, near "Ursen villages". In the village we see that some person is looking for a foreigner here. We go along the coast from the village to the north, we find the fragments of ship on the coast. Examine the ship’s coat of arms, follow the tracks found. A foreigner will run away from us, run after her, she will lead us to the point "Widowed Grotto". Here we are caught up with a man who was looking for a woman, and is trying to pick up her royal child. Decide what to say:

one. "I won’t let them hurt". Fight with one warrior. After winning a woman offers us a gift "Stone Medallion"(subject matter). We can take the item or refuse a gift.

2 "They are yours". The quest is over. The hunter pushes the woman away and takes the child home.

Add. task: Niting (Lv. 14)

Village Rannveig. We go to the house in the north of the village, we learn that the child was cursed with niting, the dried head of a horse. To break the curse, you need to know the name of the envious.

We examine the niting, follow the trail to the forest, find the lost shawl, and by its smell we go back to the village. We interview the locals whose shawl is. Only a girl in a house in the south-east near the coast will answer the question. We assign the shawl to the hostess – herbalist Yone. From her find out why she put a curse.

We return to the customer. We can refuse the task or repel the curse back to Yona.

Add. Task: Cave of Dreams (Lv. 14)

On the southern coast of the island we find Drakkar Lugosa. We pass on board, battling with the guard or using Axius. Together with the detachment of Lugos we enter the cave, take herbs, and go to overcome the fears of each participant in the hike.

Uwe Silent. At the feast at Krayt, the man repeats his insults to the king, we engage in battle with the ghostly soldiers of Krayt.

Yorulf Wolverine. We meet ghostly sirens, we fight.

Lugos Blue. After a flash of lightning, the leader is his father Lugos the Mad, fighting him.

Geralt of Rivia. We are the ghost of Eredin – the leader of the wild Hunt. This is the last battle in the cave.

Add. mission: Armed attack (Lv. 15)

From the Village Runnweig we go to a separate house in the south-east. Knocking into the house. Three bandits are attacking us from behind. We kill them, in one we find the letter of Lugos. We knock on the house again, a resident comes out and says that this was attacked by the soldiers of Lugos. We get experience.

Add. mission: Tribal sword (Lv. 15)

Port at Caer Trold. We search several camps of gangsters, in each we find one of the gangsters with a letter indicating the next camp. In the end, we find the sword Quliu on the north coast of the island in the bay of whales. We carry the sword to Olaf, who stands on a high bridge near Kaer Trold.

Add. task: Bride for the Bard (Lv. 15)

From "Druid camps" skipping south along the road. A dead end road to the east will lead us to the cave entrance. Inside we find a troubadour suffering from unrequited love. We pass further into the cave, we find the watery woman. She asks to read her a poem. There are two possible answers, but in any case will have to fight with her. And at the exit we will not find the bard.

Add. Assignment: Shock Therapy (Level 24)

On the central hill we find the settlement of the Druids under a huge tree. We are asked to cure a mute druid, and for this you need to scare him.

We find the right druid, there are several active objects around him: bells, bonfire, bee hive. We use the Aard sign on all three subjects, after which the druid will be indignant and speak. It turns out that he made a vow of silence, and the other Druids sent us to complicate his task.

Add. task: Exercises in higher alchemy (Lv. 24)

In the center of the island, north of the point "Geidin Oak" we find the druid alchemist Gremist. To share his knowledge, you need to fulfill three of his requests.

We go to the village of Blandare, we find the druid Fritjof. We help him to cause rain, we protect him from the mist during the rite.

We arrive at the clearing behind the flower kurolep. We see that all the flowers are torn off. Witches instinct notice traces of hoofs, we go on them to a height. We find a peasant and a naked succubus.

one. "You’re right. She must be killed". —

2 "She is not dangerous". We go from the succubus to her cave, we take one of her collected flowers.

We reach the abandoned distillery in the mountains. Inside we kill the cyclops. Find the distiller’s notes with the recipe. We go to the alchemical apparatus, along the forester we climb to the second floor, we take the bag of malt. Below, we put the malt in a large vat, kindle a fire. Sideways we press the right, and then the left lever. We take the resulting alcohol.

We return to the alchemist, we hand over the ingredients. We are waiting for the day. After that we go to the drunken alchemist, the task is completed.

Add. task: Abandoned sawmill (level 24)

From the center of the island, where Oak Hedinade stands and the druids live, we go to the southwest. We discover an abandoned sawmill. We examine it with the help of an intuition, we find 4 clues:

1) the logger’s diary in the eastern house, 2) the logger’s owner’s diary in the northeast house, 3) the druid’s letter in the western house, 4) the woodcutter bones in front of the central structure.

In the documents we read the correspondence of lumberjacks and druids with mutual recriminations, but by the bones we find out that the real culprit of the attacks is the devil. After finding all the evidence immediately appears the devil, kill him.

Add. task: Found, but not stolen (Lv. 24)

On the northeast coast, near the point " Feet of the giant". From the point we go to the north, we sail to a small island with a broken ship. We kill the bandits. We examine the chests, by which it becomes clear that the bandits have intercepted the brokkar clan of Brokwar. We take the sword from the box.

We leave for the western island to the village of Svorlag, where we need to find a merchant. In conversation we find out from the merchant about the ship and the sword, give him the found thing. We get thanks and 55 kroons.

Add. task: Disturbed peace (Lv. 25)

From "Road fork" go to the northern impasse. Two women are standing in front of the cave entrance, asking to destroy the ghosts inside so that they can enter.

The cave is inhabited by several ghosts of level 23 and the night-night of level 25. (In one place we can find a rift in the wall, break it with Aard, behind the rift lies the recipe “The Improved Dancing Star.” There is another way out of the cave).

Returning to women, we get 50 experience.

Add. Assignment: Kidnapped in Youth (Level 25)

On the southeast coast of the central island on the map we see a lonely boat at the shore, we reach it. In this place we help the islander to fight off two bandits. After talking with the man, we find out that he is looking for his sister Kurisa.

You can find your sister on the eastern island of Hindarsfjall in the temple of the priestesses. Finding a sister, we return to the islander, we inform him about it. We get experience.

Add. task: The sad story of the Grossbart brothers (Lv. 26)

Near the point "Blandare Village" On the road we meet the bounty hunter Jango Frett. Need to visit the Grotto on the southeast coast of the island. Inside, just kill the three thugs. We divide the award and part with the hunter.

Fists of Fury: Skellige (Lv. 30)

We need to defeat Grima, Valgarda, Einar.

We apply the same tactics as in Novigrad: when the enemy is in the block, we move away from him, he will run at us and open up to strike hard, at this moment we are attacking him and delivering two or three hard blows. Having held this technique several times, we defeat the next opponent.

In the final battle, we will fight Olaf. This is a huge bear that can kill us with a pair of paws. In battle, it is useless to put a block, you need to dodge. Shift to the side to strike the bear in the side. If the bear turns in our direction, move further or quickly run away away. Again, hit the side, and so on until the victory.

Guint: The Skellig Game

Collapse en Krayt with a deck of monsters. Map: Draug – power 10, hero, monster.

Mousetrap with a deck of monsters. Get the map: Goblin – power 10, hero, monster.

Druid alchemist Gremist. Map: Mysterious Elf – Power 0, Hero, Spy, Neutral.

Syusta is a trader in Caer Trold. Map: Yaevin – Strength 6, shooter warrior, Skoia’tael.

Lugos Mad. Map: Vampires: katakan – power 5, double, monsters. Emgyr Var Emreis – the leader map.

Add. task: Alien among strangers

After order completion "Ghost from Eldberg" we return to the Arinbjorn tavern. Two local fighters again go to the conflict, and Yorund comes to our aid. Decide what to do:

2 "It’s better to fight together". We participate first in the hand-to-hand fight, and then – with the use of swords. We kill two teasers, while Yorund dies. For the murder of the locals we are sent to prison in the Caer Muir quarry.

In the chamber we call the guard, we use Aksiy, the man takes us to the court by Lugos the Mad. Lugos makes a sentence – death by strangulation, or the opportunity to buy off silver by the weight of each person killed. We answer that we do not have such money, Lugos says that he himself will pay this debt. After asking about strange generosity, he explains that he did this for our help to his son in the Cave of Dreams (task "Cave of dreams"). We leave on freedom.

Order: The Ghost of Eldberg (Lv. 17)

Arinbjorn Village 260 coins.

In the Arinbjörna korchme we are in conflict with two local warriors. The fight is prevented by Yorund, he invites us to the table and gives his task.

We go to the western peninsula with a lighthouse, knocking on the house. Inside we find the caretaker of the lighthouse Mikkyal, take the key from him, go to look for evidence at the lighthouse. On the second floor of the lighthouse we find a letter to Mikkyal from the bandits. At the exit we look at the wall of the lighthouse, we see runes on it. We return to the man, send him to light the lighthouse, we ourselves fight off the ghost.

Some time you just need to dodge. When the superintendent lights the lighthouse, we can start beating the penitent. A couple of times the boss will disappear and leave the usual ghosts instead. Use the magic trap.

Having won, we can drive the caretaker away or forgive him for the fact that he deliberately sank the ships. We return to the customer.

Order: Sea Devils (Lv. 18)

Port at Caer Trold, sailor Bjorg. We take 260 coins.

Interrogate two residents who saw the monsters. We go to inspect two places on the shore, where they saw utoptsev. Examine the body, detect the smell, then float behind it. In the center between the two search zones, the smell breaks off, we dive in this place, we see traces on the bottom. Following the trail swim in an underwater cave.

Inside we pass into the middle tunnel, we examine the corpses of people and animals. We determine that a water woman lives here. On the alchemy tab create "Uterine Pheromone Potion". We are waiting for the monster. Water baba name is Abaya. We kill her, we return to the city after the reward.

Order: Heart of the Forest (Lv. 22)

The job on the bulletin board "Port at Caer Trold". We come to the village of Ferlund on the northern shore of the western part of the island. Here, young Sven argues with an elder named Harald.

We examine the traces of the monster in the forest, we find the killed dog, the notches in the trees and stones. In the place where the tracks end, we look at the left bank, there we find the killed person in the roots of the tree. A little further in the swamps there are more traces. We read in bestiary information about the Spirit of the Forest.

We return to the village, we tell everything. We have two options: to act on the advice of the elder, or to kill the lysha by order of Sven.

1. Harold offers to undergo the rite of the hunter. We arrive in a clearing with a large oak, fighting with white wolves. After the victory, we lay out five wolf hearts on a rock by a tree, then the Spirit of the Forest will calm down.

We go to the elder, we get a reward from him. But the young soldiers of the village are attacking the old man, trying to get rid of the spirit in their own way. We can protect Harold, or not intervene, then he will be killed.

2. Sven wants to pay for the destruction of the spirit. We examine the entire village, we find out that the Spirit of the Forest is tied to the girl Hilde (she stands at the extreme western house). Tell Sven to drive her out of the village, although this is his girlfriend.

We go into the forest, we break three totem leshego, we kill white wolves on the way. By the sound we find the most goblin. We attack him with the sign of Igni, do not stand still, so as not to fall into the emerging tree roots.

After the victory we return to the village, we see that Sven and his friends killed all the elders. We can blame him or just pick up our reward and leave.

Order: Missing Miners (Lv. 27) [DLC 3]

Find an order in "Blandare Village" on the bulletin board. We go to the headman’s house on the hill, he asks to inspect the mine to the north of the village.

We go to the camp of the miners. We find corpses, we follow the tracks to the cave. Inside there is a mountain troll Hryas-hryas, who killed the miners. We enter the battle. After receiving several blows, the troll begins to speak. He will tell you that he killed the miners because they themselves violated his peace.

1. “This is not a gift for you.” Fight to death monster. Take the trophy. We return to the headman, we get 280 crowns and 200 experience.

2. “Okay. They themselves asked for it. ” The troll will give us 50 crowns and 2 silver ores. The headman will not be satisfied, and will pay only 50 crowns and 100 experience.

Order: Dragon (Lv. 28)

Firsdal Village (in the south of the island).

We go to inspect the place of the monster’s attack, we find the dead cow, next to the stone there are bloody traces. In the footsteps we come to the nest of the tail of the observation tower.

We return to the customer, we ask the sheep for bait. Sheep does not have to be driven, as the farmer explains. We use the sign Aksy on the sheep, and she herself will run after us.

We kill the flying monster, we go after the reward. If we say that it was not a dragon, but a tail, then we get only half the amount.

Order: Missing Son (Lv. 29)

Village Rannveig. Customer Oyen. 300 coins.

We go to the ruined fortress, there we find a huge demon.

Constantly use a protective sign. Without a shield, the striped demon can kill us the first time. When Morvudd stops, and the screen starts to tremble, we run up to the enemy and hit. If we do not stop it at this moment, then everything will darken in our eyes for a while.

Having lost health, the devil will flee to his lair. We descend from the fortress, inspect the traces on the bridge, and follow the monster. We find his lair in other stone ruins, we finish off the enemy. After the victory, we find the body of the missing son, go for the reward.

Treasure Hunt: Praise Freya! (lv. 4)

In the center of the island there is a large lake, we go along the northern road from this lake from "Villages Blandare". On the road we find the killed person. We read his Notes of an itinerant merchant. We go ashore, we kill the flock of swamps, we dive into the lake, far at the bottom we find the necessary chest.

Treasure Hunt: Thread for Needle (Lv. 12)

From "Villages Blandare" go to the lake in the south. To the northeast of the lake we find a lonely building, we enter inside, inspect the skeleton, we find the key and the mysterious map. After viewing the map we go to the appeared point near the western villages of Furlund and Boxholm. Under the designated waterfall we find a treasure chest.

Treasure Hunt: Marital Status (Level 13)

In the south of the island at "Tavern Ruins" we kill the harpies, we enter the house, from the trunk we take the letter. Sailing south to the wrecked ship. We find the chest on the flooded part of the deck of the ship.

Treasure Hunt: Pearl of the Coast (Lv. 13)

On the central island on the western peninsula with a lighthouse we clean the camp of bandits, we find and read the letter. We dive into the water near the broken ship, in the chest we find treasures below.

Treasure Hunt: Legacy (Lv. 14)

On the island’s central river "Boxholm Village" many destroyed buildings. Near one of the buildings we find the dead bear and the dead body of a person, inspect it, read the found Old Yellowed Letter. We examine the floor in the ruined house to the right of the body, in the chest we find the treasure.

Additional tasks. North Island Passage Witcher 3

Add. mission: Path of the Warrior (Lv. 16)

In the east of the island, the Road to the Fang of Ingvar. Before entering the cliffs we meet a person. he tells us the way of testing the local warriors. We can go this way, consisting of two roads.

In the northern part of the island are ancient ruins on a cliff. You can get there only along one road with many abysses. Climbing to the very top, inspect the totem Ingvar Fang, we find the Sign of the passed Tests of agility.

In the center of the island we find a cave leading under the water. Use the Killer Whale Potion, dive into the water, swim to the far end of the cave. In a dead end under water we find a chest, in nm lies the sign of the passed test.

We return to the old man, we show both icons. We get a reward.

Add. mission: Spirit of Freedom (Lv. 13)

We are sailing on the small island of Sneedhall north of Ard Skellige. On the beach we see a quarrel of two people. You need to quickly save the victim, otherwise the quest will not.

The saved Ivar explains to us that he has seduced the assailant’s sister, and moreover, she is a Freya priestess who has taken a vow of celibacy. According to him, they love each other, and he hopes among the religious rules to find an exception for his love Irma, in order to free her from priestly vows. Ivar asks us to find books on this topic.

Books should be searched independently, there is no pointer. We are looking for them from merchants. 3 books in Novigrad, 1 in Vronnitsy, 1 in Zalypye.

We bring them to Ivar, we listen to his conclusion on the read, we receive the reward. (When delivering books, a bug is possible, in order to avoid it, we hand over books of 1-2 pieces, but not all at once).

Order: Tower of Nowhere (Lv. 30)

Over the village of Urialla it is constantly raining. This is due to the tower that once appeared out of nowhere. Local residents are asked to relieve them of the curse and find the people who entered the tower.

In the tower we find the portal. Inside is a guard golem and several magical prisons. After defeating the golem, we speak to a prisoner magician in the right cell, his name is Zygo Bunz. We learn what to do with the tower. We go into the left corridor, on the water we reach the laboratory, in the box we take key. Under the water, open the door to the library, find a book "Gottfried’s global release", we attribute it to the magician. We protect the magician for a while from the emerging monsters.

The magician turns off the tower and teleports it to its former place, and we move back to the village. We can choose to take the award from the peasants, or to report that we have already paid. We also decide to tell about the death of the peasants in the tower, or not.

Treasure Hunt: The Nilfgaard Treasures (Lv. 13)

On the southern coast of the island in the broken ship we find the body, we find a note in it "Cargo inventory". We dive into the water, in the second half of the sunken ship we find this treasure chest.

Treasure Hunt: Nedanika’s Treasure (Lv. 48)

Island after Irma

From the central island of Ard Skellig we sail to the north, to the largest island of the minor ones, (here we also complete the task "Spirit of freedom"). It is necessary to kill the deadly arch-griffin of level 48. In his nest we find the treasure map.

Additional tasks. East Island The Witcher 3. Passage

Add. task: In a wolf’s skin (level 15)

We need to get rid of the immortal werewolf in the sacred grove.

In the grove we cross the channel, in the north-eastern part we enter the cave. Werewolf Morkwag interrogates the skeleton, trying to figure out where the key is. Enter, kill the werewolf again. On the right, on the ground, we find a cleft on the lower tier of the cave, but it does not work out.

We return to the grove to the mechanism, switch the column to the central position, open the central gateway. We jump into the canal, behind the gateway under the waterfall we dive into the water, swim in the flooded part of the cave. Inside we find the body of another robber, we take his key.

In the grove we rise to the upper platform, we enter the house. The key is to open the left room, in the chest we find the diary of Morkvag. It turns out that in the gang of the robber there was another person, Todar, who was still alive and pretending to be an ordinary sailor.

We go to Todar, he is on the north coast near the village Larvik. We are not in conflict with the former robber in a conversation, and he says that in fact he sent a spell on Morkvag with the help of a special claw.

We take the claw, go back to the Morkvaga cave, once again kill it, put the claw on it. The werewolf will turn back into a man. We can decide what to do with the bandit:

1. Let him go and take the reward.

2. To kill. In this case, take the reward from the priestesses in the temple to the east.

(The task can be done much easier:

After the first victory over a werewolf, we can promise him to break the curse. After that, it is possible to feed him with various foods. We kill the werewolf, we select from it meat Volkolaka. The second time we defeat the werewolf, we feed him with our own meat. The curse will be removed, but the wolf will die. Come and pick up the reward from the priestess).

Add. task: For honor and glory (Lv. 15)

Southwest of the village of Larvik. We associate with two Vikings, together with them we clean the cave from the ghouls and one aigul. We get 60 coins.

Add. task: Daring brave men

In the village of Larvik we take a horseshoe from the old woman Swan, after that we can participate in races on all the islands.

Brave Races: Ferlund

Brave Races: Firsdal

Brave Races: Kaer Trolde

Horse Brave: To the glory of the goddess!

Order: Bestia (Lv. 16)

In the village of Larvik, man Torleif. We ask for 580 coins.

Monsters on the road ambushed and killed the local people. Let’s go find out what happened. Inspect the wagon, the human body, traces. We go into the forest opposite the wagon, we find the cave. Inside we kill the nakers.

Boss: Hagubman – the leader of the Nakers

The monster leader is hiding in the ground. When he jumps on us, we quickly dodge a powerful blow, then hit him. After a couple of blows, the boss will disappear again, and the usual players will come out. So it will be repeated several times before it is possible to kill Hagubman.

Additional tasks. South Island The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Passage

Add. Task: Flesh for sale (Lv. 12)

On the north coast of the island of Faroe we find a settlement of pirates. Pirates take us for Nilfgaardts and offer to buy slaves sitting in cages.

We engage in battle with pirates. After the victory we search the bodies, in one of the pirates we find the key to the cage and the key to the chest. Open the cage and release the girls at will. We are told that in the house opposite the pirate in the chest are valuable items. We search this house, we find the sword of the relic Karabella.

Island after Irma

Add. task: The price of honor (Lv. 14)

In the village of Harviken, blacksmith Timmon asks to find his relatives on the shore. We go along the island to the northeastern coast, we find the body of the girl. We use the magic lamp, we listen to the conversation of two spirits. On the found traces we go to the forest to a tall tree. We find two dead bodies, we take a note from them, we find other evidence on a tree and on a stone nearby. We return to the blacksmith, give him a letter.

Add. Task: Iron Maiden (Lv. 19)

Northeast of the village of Harviken we climb a high mountain, we find a fighting arena on the top. Here the champion is the girl Jutta en Dimun. To fight with her, you first need to prove the presence of fighting qualities.

Yutta offers to defeat the ordinary fighter. We return to Harviken, on the local arena we find the fighter Gundar. Fight him with swords. To win it is enough to push out of the circle of the arena.

(The second version of the test is possible, when Jutta proposes to bring the sword of Hoskuld the Old from the sunken ship to the west of the Faroes. We sail to the designated place, fight off the echidna, dive and take the sword from the chest).

Again we go to Yutta, we fight with it. (In battle, witch marks, elixirs, bombs cannot be used, otherwise the mission will fail).

After defeating Yutta, we can agree to her invitation. We meditate until night time, we come to the house of Yutta. Having agreed once again, we can spend the night with her.

Treasure Hunt: The Treasure of Iron Boca (Lv. 13)

From the big southern island we sail to the north, we reach the island in the form of a paw, near which there are three tiny islets. On one of the islands we find an inverted boat and a skeleton, we read the Notes about the treasures. We dive in the marked place, we get things from the chest.

Treasure Hunt: Secrets of the Deep (Level 31)

On the southern coast of the island we find the dead body of a sailor, read his note. Nearby there is an underwater grotto. Swim in the cave. We dive under the water, and we emerge in secret. Here we kill the poisonous eyes and take away the treasure.

Additional tasks. West Island Unwick The Witcher 3. Passage

Treasure Hunt: Precious Cargo (Lv. 13)

In the bay in the north of Undvika, near the elven ruins, almost under the most rocky arch we find the broken ship. We search the corpse among the debris, find and read the document. "Traveler’s notes". Sailing north, under the water we find a chest.

Treasure Hunt: The Short Cut (Level 13)

From "Marlin quay" We go to the central lake, on its northern coast we find the boat. In the boat we find and read the Torn out sheet. We dive into the lake, in the center at the bottom we find the chest.

Additional tasks. North-West Island Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Passage

Order: Missing Bridegroom (Lv. 19)

In the village of Svorlag we speak with a man; he is looking for his sister’s missing fiancé. We go to sister Britta on a high cliff opposite the village. The girl says that the guy was killed by a flying monster.

We go to the southwest of the island, we enter the cave, in it we rise to the top of the cliff. We find the dead groom. We are attacked by an ehidna – a stronger harpy.

Unlike a harpy, it is impossible to knock off an echidna with a single shot of a crossbow; it always remains in the air. It is necessary to dodge her attacks, and constantly shooting from a crossbow, it will not get to close combat.

After the victory we return to the village, we tell everything to the customer. We decide whether or not to tell Britta about the fate of her fiance. If we tell, we can get additional coins.

Add. task: Master Arena (Lv. 14)

In the village in the eastern part of the island we go to the fighting arena, we meet the spirit of Ulla the Loser. Fight him, in battle, he loses.

We go to the guards in the tower in front of the arena, they ask us to get rid of the spirit of the arena. (In order for the spirit to reappear, we leave the village, return to it by quickly moving around the map). We return to the arena, again we are fighting with the spirit, but this time we yield to it – we stand and do not strike. The spirit will conquer us and disappear.

We take to take the award from the guards. A little later, you need to return here to get interest from the arena’s income.

Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions (Lv. 11)

Having won all the battles in Velen, in Novigrad, and on Skellig, we accept the invitation to participate in the final battle with the main champion.

We set off on Skellig to the northwest island. In the eastern village we can participate in the battle with the champion. Our rival is the stone troll. If we strike from the side or from behind, we will break our fists on the stone skin and lose our health. A weak spot in his front. If we hit the troll, and he puts the block, then we will also lose health from this. To win, you need to shy away from rare attacks and in time to deliver one or two blows to the revealed troll.

Having won, we get the title of absolute champion in fistfights.

Treasure Hunt: Not Only Eagles (Lv. 10)

From "Village Svorlag" Let’s sail south, to where it was necessary to throw the sword of Udalrik through the story quest "Elect of the gods". On a small island we find the body of a man, inspect it, read the letter. We dive into the water, we find a curved beam on the slope, the desired chest is located below it, almost at the bottom.

Witcher antiquities The Witcher 3. Passage

Witcher Antiquities: Equipment of the Griffin III School (Lv. 26)

– On the central island from the south "Lighthouse Elverum" go north to the fork in the road. Nearby there is an entrance to the cave. At the end of the path we find a drawing "Great Gryphon School Steel Sword".

– On the northern island we go to the north-west. At the end of the road there is a stone, behind it is a drawing in the chest. "Great Griffin School Silver Sword".

– On the central island on the northeast coast from the point "Feet of the giant" we go to the north, we destroy the camp of bandits, then one more camp. In the boat to the left behind the rock we find 4 drawings.

Witcher Antiquities: Bear School Outfit (Lv. 20)

– On the western island of "Village Svorlag" we go to the southwest, we enter the cave on the coast. Inside through the left tunnel we climb to the second floor, in the chest we find a letter (the location of witch antiquities), and a drawing "Bear School Crossbow".

– On the north island from "Roads to Fang Ingvar" we go to the west, climb into the fortress, descend into the dungeon, climb into the central room, here we find a letter with the location of antiquities, and 4 drawings.

Witches of Antiquity: Improving the School of the Bear I (Lv. 30)

– In the main city of Caer Trolda we rise to the castle, from the royal blacksmith we buy a map with the location of the witch antiquities. He has maps of all the improvements to the Bear School.

– From the central island, with "Lighthouse eldberg" sailing west to a small pirate island "Kaer Almhuld". We rise in the fortress, on the right fortress wall lies the drawing "Bear School’s Superior Steel Sword".

(In order to collect the treasures in Kaer Almhuld, after passing through the gates of the fortress, we turn right to the nearest destroyed tower, go down to the basement. We remove the key from the leader of the gangsters, open the cameras, collect the treasures from the chests).

– On the central island of "Villages Fornhala" go south. Just below the place of power we find the entrance to the cave. There are three trolls inside: Jessie, Joe, Dodger. We fight, from the chest we take the drawing "Improved pants".

– On the central island of "Firsdal villages" heading east to the point "Grotto". Inside we find the chest, take the drawing "Improved Armor".

Witcher Antiquities: Equipment of the Bear School II (Lv. 12)

– On the central island of "Villages Rogney" we go to the northeast to the tower by the road, near the beginning of the mountain river we find the drawing “Improved Bear School Gloves”.

– On the central island on the east coast from "Stop the giant" go to the castle in the southwest. Inside we find a flock of algulis and the drawing “Improved Silver Sword of the Bear School.”

– On the southwest island of "Marlin quay" Let’s sail north to a small, curved island. Swim in the grotto, in the chest we take a drawing " Improved Bear School Pants ".

Witches of Antiquity: Improvements of the Kota VI School

– On the south island from "Villages Throtheim"go south. On the coast we find a hotbed of monsters, we enter the cave. In the left tunnel near the wall from the chest we take 4 drawings "Master Gloves, Pants, Boots, Cat School Armor". Here in the cave you can turn the levers 4 statues. Their correct position is indicated by yellow color with witch’s flair. We enter into the opened doors, we break through the wall, we take treasure.

Witches of Antiquity: Improvements of the Wolf School III (Lv. 29)

We buy a card from a merchant in the southern part of the central island.

– From "Firsdal villages" go to the arena in the west. At the entrance we look at the ceiling of the arch, we find the symbol of the wolf. On the left of the tent we jump on the fortress wall, in the chest we find the drawing "Great Wolf School Armor".

– From "The villages of sund" we go to the southwest to the round stone buildings. We get down to the basement, in the chest we find the drawing "Wolf School Great Silver Sword".

– On the eastern island of "Lofoten villages" we go to the southwest, we enter the ruins on the hill, we jump into the cave. Inside Igni sign we set fire to poisonous gas, quickly search the chests, find the drawing "Great Wolf School Steel Sword".

Witcher Antiquities: Improvements of the Wolf VI School (Rv. 34)

– In the main city of Caer Trolda we rise to the castle, from the royal blacksmith we buy a map with the location of the witch antiquities.

– On the southern island, under the arena, where you need to fight with the Iron Maiden, we find a hotbed of monsters, inside there is a drawing inside the chest "Master Silver Sword".

– On the northwest island in "Old watchtower" before entering we find the symbol of the wolf. To the right of this symbol there is a destroyed wall, climb onto it, on top of it is a drawing on top of a small chest. "Workshop Armor".

– On the southwest island in the settlement "Ruins of Dorve" go to the southern ruins. Behind one of the side walls we find a drawing "Workshop boots".

– On the central island in "Boxholm Village" go north to the ruins of the castle. Upstairs we kill a unique demon, from the chest we take a drawing "Master Mitts".

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