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Interregional Educational Forum “Our Space” “In Search of a School for Present and Future …”WITH 17 by nineteen May 2019, in the Pushkin District of the Moscow Region, near the town of Pushkino, a significant event in the field of education and upbringing will take place.

PRO forum.

The forum is held for parents, teachers, education staff, heads of family schools, children’s centers and all those who in practice are engaged in the upbringing and education of the younger generation. The participants and guests of the forum are people interested in the modern, high-quality education of children, their viability, awareness, independence, responsibility. These are people who do not speak, but do – those who implement their ideas in life. These are experts who understand the key problems of the existing education system and offer constructive ways to solve them.

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Missile defense main goal.Create a platform for interaction and unification of people who understand that education in the life of society is key. To enable the participants and guests of the forum to present their projects, directions and ideas, to find the resources necessary for their implementation.

PRO participants and guests.Forum speakers are representatives of parenting and education systems that have proven their effectiveness, leaders of successful and most well-known family and private schools, children’s centers, leaders of children’s and youth projects, analysts, scientists, educators, psychologists, physiologists, conscious parents and large families. the best representatives of the educational community from different regions of Russia gather, all those who are working today to create a system of upbringing and education of the present and the future. We invite everyone to participate in the forum who has interesting practical developments in the field of education and upbringing, representatives of scientific groups and methodological associations, parents who are thinking about effective education and upbringing of the present and future for their children.

Among the expected guests of the forum (currently the list is supplemented and specified): Anatoly Alexandrovich Wasserman, Tutta Larsen, Sergey Nikolaevich Budkov, Mikhail Viktorovich Velichko, Vladimir Filippovich Bazarny, Natalya Vladimirovna Maslova, Yuri Dmitrievich Kuklachev, Oleg Alexandrovich Chagin, Kirill Evgenievich Lebedev, Robert Ramilevich Tuikin, Olga Nikolaevna Chetverika, Anatoly Storozhev, Tatyana Anatolyevna Altushkina, Andrei Arkadyevich Ivanov, Natalia Sergeyevna Manezheva, Maria Bruce, Oleg Nikolaevich Vereshchagin, Alexander Valentinov ich Musienko, Dmitry Taran, Elena Nikolaevna Dubrovskaya, Alexei Mikhailovich Kushnir, the Nikitins family, and others.

The most interesting and relevant presentations of the forum participants will be presented in the form of videos, articles and printed reports on various Internet resources.

The forum will be attended by representatives of the media.

PRO focus.The forum is aimed at: reviewing and evaluating key trends, and actualizing significant changes in the field of education, which most concern the parent-pedagogical community, searching for successful and promising systems and models of upbringing and education (family, private, public schools, children’s camps, etc. .), which can be considered landmarks; definition of systemic approaches in the preparation of personnel pedagogical staff, improving the professionalism of teachers involved in teaching in family, private and public schools, parents who have decided to teach their children independently; presentation of educational and educational projects that can benefit parents, teachers, heads of family, private and public schools; identifying active public associations and organizations, parent committees, fathers’ unions that implement constructive ideas and projects aimed at improving the education system and their support, creating conditions for attracting the resources necessary for the implementation of promising projects in the field of education.

PRO format.The forum involves live communication in an informal setting in a natural environment. There will be an opportunity to ask the guests of the forum questions of interest, find like-minded people and partners, the education and training system that you and your child need (school, kindergarten, development center, children’s camp, mentor and

The forum will also include a number of events: the Nikitin Family Festival (May 19); Parent meeting of the project “Skill Camp” with answers to questions and acquaintance with the staff of the summer programs; Training camps on military-applied disciplines among the military-patriotic clubs of the Central Federal District; Meeting of the Public Association “Project Management of Public Development” Noosphere “; Summing up of intensive training courses for teachers and others (the list is being specified).

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PRO organizers and partners.The forum is organized by joint efforts, with the support of the Administration of the Pushkin District and the settlement of Lesnoy, IOO VOO “Russian Geographical Society”, Social educational project “We need a different school”, Family School “Space”, Training company “Performer”, Project “Skill Camp”, Project “School of Kindness”

PRO registration and additional informationFor any questions, please contact the organizing committee of the forum by phone: +7 (495) 740-07-56 or 8 (977) 920-97-95e-mail: forumprostranstvo @

Applications for participation in the forum are accepted until 15 May 2019. Registration is possible via email or form on the site. Additional information on the site

Raising a viable generation by means of youth tourism. This report was presented at a retreat of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on February 26, 2019 at the All-Russia Exhibition Center.

Alexander V. Musienko, Program Manager of the project “Skill Camp”, colonel of GRU special forces.

We live in a very troubled World. Russia, inhabited by 1.5 percent of the world’s population, which has up to 40 percent of the world’s reserves of some minerals and is leading in fresh water, will not leave economic competitors alone … And such a competitive struggle will only increase, regardless of our political system, nationality and family name President. I didn’t just mention freshwater. According to many experts, it will be the most sought-after product in 20-30 years. A commodity that has no alternative, in contrast to the energy carriers on which the world economy is based the last half century. Already, fresh water is the cause of the wars and armed conflicts that I witnessed personally in Afghanistan, Ethiopia and on the border of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. The ecological situation on the planet is such that fresh water is drastically reduced, and its population is growing. A person can do without most consumer goods, but will not live without water for more than a week … Only on this basis, we must clearly realize that the threat to the integrity of Russia and its existence as a state will only increase. Who will protect our country in five, ten or twenty years? Our children and grandchildren. As her interests in the mountains of Afghanistan were protected by the grandchildren of the participants of the Great Patriotic War, a generation that grew up in the 1960s – 1970s. I, like most of those present in the hall, also treat him. The viability of the state directly depends on how viable the country’s population is. As mentioned above, I happened to be a direct participant in the hostilities in Afghanistan in special units in the position of the group commander and deputy commander of the special forces company.

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