Instagram Signatures

Almost everyone who has an Instagram account is interested in learning how to view a closed Instagram.

Instagram Signatures

The fact is that many users specifically make it so that other users cannot see photos and personal information if they do not subscribe to them. The closed profile looks as shown in Figure 1.

Fig. №1. Appearance of the closed account in Instagram

At the same time, there is no official way to open such a profile.

Attention! On the Internet, you can find offers for downloading programs that supposedly allow you to view closed accounts. But they are all disguised viruses. Do not download them.

There are several ways that make it possible to see the data of a closed record without a subscription from your Instagram.


Instagram Signatures

Method number 1. “Linden” account

This method consists in the fact that you create an Instagram post and browse the desired one, not subscribing from your account, but subscribing from a “fake” one. This can be done both from a computer and from a smartphone / tablet.

Let us say at once that on the same day the task will not be completed, it will be necessary to try a little.

Step by step this process is as follows:

  • Sign up for Instagram. Add to it some photos with a theme that is interesting to your “victim”. That is, if the person whose profile you want to see, and he is closed, is interested, for example, in football, make a purely football account.
  • Add as many subscribers as possible. Of course, ordinary people will not subscribe. But there is a page on this social network with a “mutual subscription” tag. That is, if you add them, they add you. To find them, go to the search page (magnifying glass icon below), go to the “Tags” group and enter the above query in the line. Add as many people as you can.

Fig. №2. Search accounts with the label “mutual subscription”

Instagram Signatures

  • When you have enough subscribers, you can try to add a “victim”. Most likely, she will kindly agree to your proposal and you can view the page that is closed to others.

Method number 2. Other social networks

The most common profile on Instagram is linked to other social networks, 90% of the likelihood of Facebook.

Therefore, if a person posts his photos with an Instagram link in other social services. networks, you can easily follow this link and see the closed page. Of course, all the data from it cannot be viewed anyway, but at least some of it will become open, and this is already something.

For example, on Twitter, a person can make a post with a link to a photo on Instagram. It looks like the one shown in figure №3. You can follow the link.

Fig. Number 3. Posts with Instagram links on Twitter

The main thing is to find accounts on other networks.

Method number 3. Likes

This method consists in subscribing not to the “victim”, but to his friends. After that, when they will like the person, you will see it.

It is important to find a subscriber who likes and comments almost everything. This may be some kind of young lady, most likely a girl.

Usually such people behave this way, because they spend most of their time on social networks. In addition, they are happy to accept requests from any users, so they have hundreds of subscribers.

And to see likes, you need to go to the “Subscriptions” tab.

Fig. №4. “Subscriptions” tab, where the likes of others are displayed

So it’s impossible to completely hide your account on Instagram, experienced users can still access your photos, albeit partial ones.

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