How to get a job stewardess

Looking at carefree playful flight attendants, you do not always think that their main task is to take care not only of your comfort, but also of safety. This means that their work requires appropriate training and skills. It is not so easy to become a “heavenly angel”, and at the same time the face of the national carrier of Belarus “Belavia”. Such a chance falls out infrequently – only when the company announces a recruitment to the position of “flight attendant”. To do this, you will have to constantly monitor the site, in particular the section “Jobs”. Unfortunately, there is no such position today, but not the fact that it will not appear tomorrow. In the meantime, you wait, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the basic requirements for candidates. Good looks, excellent health, excellent knowledge of English, stress resistance – we understand what else you need to know in order to get a job as a steward / stewardess.

Steward / stewardess – the face of the company, so special attention is paid to the appearance of the recruitment. The first thing that applicants pay attention to is age. It is advisable that you were over 20 years old. As a rule, the growth of candidates for girls should be not less than 165 cm, for guys – not less than 170 cm. It is easy to explain: it will be more difficult for a flight attendant to reach the upper shelves too low, and too high – it is inconvenient to move around the cabin (constantly bending down is not such so enjoyable and unhealthy).

The candidate (s) must receive at least a full secondary education, full-time students are not taken. Men must provide a military card.

How to get a job stewardess

The special signs of the flight attendant (s) should not include tattoos or piercings. Welcome tidiness, neatness and prettiness. As you can see, no model appearance is needed, but the ability to serve yourself will undoubtedly help.

Also, the candidate (s) should have a competent speech without any defects, and the voice should be pleasant and sonorous.

If you are embarrassed to talk to strangers in a non-native language or think that “language with a dictionary” is enough, then you will have to forget about working on board. For flight attendants it is important to know English – both verbal and written – not lower than Intermediate. An additional advantage will be the knowledge of the second and third languages.

And the most important requirement is good health. Flight expert medical board for flight attendants – a separate stage, which includes an ultrasound of all organs. Special attention is paid to the cardiovascular system, mental health and vision. Nasal curvature or vascular dystonia can be the main cause of failure. And you will be seated on a special chair where the vestibular apparatus will be checked. So be ready to learn everything about your health and even more. You can go to the medical examination in Minsk at ul. Korotkevich 7a.

Another requirement is the ability to swim.

On the first passenger flights the clients were co-pilot, which was a bit risky. Therefore, in 1928, stewards appeared in the German crews. It is not surprising that the idea of ​​bringing young attractive girls to work as flight attendants appeared in the United States. This happened in 1930 and should have been a good advertisement for passenger traffic. In addition, the girls weighed less, and any extra kilogram mattered.

Nurse Ellen Church from Iowa is believed to be the first flight attendant. She persuaded the management of Boeing Air Transport (now known as United Airlines) to recruit eight more medical women.

Interviewing is a separate stress test. Candidates love to provoke tricky questions. Do you think you are beautiful for this job? What will you do if the passenger (s) wanted to leave the plane? How would you react if a passenger (s) spilled his drink on you?

During the conversation, HR will inform you about the processing, occupational diseases (chronic fatigue, varicose veins, sleep disorders, problems with the spine), stress, how to calm the fight on board. From the side of such stories may look like cautions to go into the profession. Experienced candidates are advised to come in for an interview, given the dress code of the airlines – forget about jeans and T-shirts and put on a business suit, put on light makeup, do a neat (soft) manicure and brush your hair.

After you have passed all the tests, the airline will send you to study – a three-month course. There is practice and theory, but the main classes concern emergency rescue training of passengers and behavior during an emergency, as well as first aid. You will learn about the structure of the aircraft, learn how to put out fires and even determine the psychological state of passengers. Additional training and exams pass and further – throughout the work. The more hours the flight attendant (s) spent in the sky, the higher the qualification.

In Belavia, all training takes place at the expense of the company. If you do not want to wait when you are invited to the course, then you can independently take it at the Flight Attendant School in Russia – in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Krasnodar or remotely.

Flight attendants are also trained in Kiev at the Main Training and Certification Center for Civil Aviation of Ukraine (GUSTSGAU) and the International Aviation Training Center. Programs, in principle, are the same everywhere. As in Belarus, here they will teach behavior in case of accidents and an emergency, and at the same time they will tighten aviation technical English, geography, psychology and job descriptions.

Is it possible to get a flight attendant (-cey) in a foreign company?

It is possible, but in the case of European companies, everything depends on the labor laws of those countries in which a particular carrier is registered. To work in them, you will need European citizenship or, at a minimum, a work permit in the carrier’s “home” country.

How to get a job stewardess

Fortunately, the Arab airlines are a little easier. Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines recruit citizens from all over the world. Take into account that the competition in the selection of these companies will be very high (you will need not only fluent English, but also a second foreign language), and if you succeed, you will have to move to Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, respectively.

For a list of all companies with minimum requirements, search here.

4 random facts

85% of Belavia flight attendants are women. Most often, the flight attendants are graduates of Iyaz.

Flight attendant (s) salary depends on work experience, flight hours and other factors. On average, in Belavia it is $ 600-650 per month.

Stewards (sessors) retire at 45 years old.

Most often, the stewards (-theses) have to solve problems with smoking passengers in the Georgian direction.

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