How not to get sick

Faith is something that for many centuries helps everyone to keep in themselves the grains of humanity. In life, the white band sooner or later gives way to black, and in times of anxiety and despair, people always turn to higher forces for help.

There are many ways to convey your desire to God – these are prayers, and quiet conversations before bedtime, church services, confessions, and so on. Sorokoust about health – this is one of the most common and powerful ways to appeal to the Almighty, who enjoys the love of Orthodox people from time immemorial.

What means?

Sorokoust is a liturgy that is held by clergymen for forty days. This service is considered very strong, because with its help the name of the person to whom it is performed, every day appears before God. Hence, it is considered that those who ordered a church in the church have more chances to fulfill a cherished desire than the others.

How not to get sick

There are two kinds of sorokostov – the liturgy on health and the service of the repose of the dead. Nowadays, it is widely believed that about health is written only for the sick and those who cannot recover at all. This is a misconception.

According to the clergy Forty minutes of health is not only able to restore the physical and spiritual condition of a person, but also puts a powerful defense around him, through which no evil eye or damage can penetrate.

Sorokoust differs from the hymnal about health. Since sorokouk is a prayer commemoration that passes for 40 days, and the psalter is a service book, and during its reading people remember the health of those who served in the psalter.

When and what is needed?

A Forty-Tender about Health is a strong spiritual request for help addressed to God in order to solve existing problems, both physically and spiritually.. With the help of this ministry, a person can fully restore and establish his own life. Here are the most common cases when people order forty minutes of health:

  • Helps to to improve material well-being.
  • For recovery seriously ill person.
  • To strengthen the spirit people suffering from any addictions.
  • For job search assistance.
  • For help in heart matters.
  • Before any major event or deal, so it goes well.
  • For Successes in studies.
  • To restore emotional balance for those who suffer from anxiety and anxiety.
  • For the elderly to maintain health and good physical shape.
  • For, to cope with a difficult situation in life.
  • For good luck on a trip.

This is only a small part of those possible situations in which a person can turn to the Lord for help.. As a rule, the request of a true believer, backed up by a fortification of health, is never left unattended by higher powers, and very soon a person begins to notice certain changes in his life, and all the existing problems are solved in one way or another.

How to order, how many days are they reading?

Sorokoust can be ordered in any temple, monastery or church, whose doors are open to visitors, and where daily services are held. Upon entering the premises, you only need to find a church shop where the servants or nuns will write in the special book the names of the people for whom you want to order the service.

Or just say that you want to file a forty minutes and they will tell you what to write in the note.

The full name of the person given at baptism should be named.. Nowadays, many people have problems with this, because foreign names have become popular. As a rule, during the baptismal rite, the priest gives a child with a foreign name a second Orthodox name. For example, Oksana at baptism becomes Ksenia, Angela – Angelina, Ilona – Elena, Martha – Martha and so on.

Forty Health This service, which is held by a clergyman every day for forty days. The number forty for the Christian religion is very symbolic – the Bible often mentions important events that took place on earth during the stay of the Son of God on it precisely at this time:

  • 40 days Jesus is in the desert after the moment of baptism.
  • 40 days lasts the post of the prophet Moses.
  • 40 weeks proceeded pregnancy Mary Magdalena.
  • 40 days until the Ascension, Jesus is his disciples, and so on.

For those who want to submit a prayer for a longer amount of time, you can submit a commemoration of health for 1 month, 3 months, six months, 1 year, there is also an eternal commemoration.

Can I serve myself?

The most important thing to remember before going to church and ordering a service is that the service is conducted only on the baptized person. Employees of the church shop always clarify, before accepting an order for prayer, whether a person was baptized. As Orthodox priests explain, if a person is not baptized, then God simply does not see him and all his requests remain unheard.

How not to get sick

You can order forty days of health for yourself, a child, a pregnant woman and other people.. The main thing is to know their Orthodox names. There is an opinion that the most effective sorokosta for women – those that report to the nuns in convents, and for men, respectively, – in men.

You can order the service and the enemy. All the evil that he sends you is neutralized. This means that you will get rid of the negative influence of the enemy and he will leave your life.

In some churches, they specify how often the one for whom he will serve forty, confesses and communes. There are cases that the father refuses to serve for those who practically do not attend church. Also, one should not file co-tastes about health for sectarians, adherents of other religions, atheists and those who show their dislike for God.

What happens to the person after?

Usually, Changes in the life of a person who reads forty days of health begins to occur after two or three first services. And the worse his situation is – the more pronounced they will be. Remember that in order to enhance the effect of worship, you should every day, while it is being held, read prayers yourself.

How not to get sick

In many Orthodox divine books, it is said that those who order forty for themselves and other people declare open war unclean.. And to evil spirits, any prayer is like a knife to the heart. Therefore, do not be surprised if the unclean begin to avenge.

Small troubles, embarrassing situations and misunderstanding with others – this is what can also expect you at the beginning of the prayer. You can even get sick after this rite. However, almost always, all these confusions completely disappear after the first seven days of worship.

When and for what time is better to order?

You can order a health note on any day. The church does not have any specific restrictions associated with this worship service. If you feel that a person needs the help of higher powers, feel free to go to the temple and leave a request for prayer.

Sorocausts begin to report from the day after the submission. If a loved one is going on a long journey or for an important meeting, then it is better to book the service in five to seven days in advance. During this time, a person will recover physical and spiritual balance of energies, he will feel more confident and calm and will get much more chances for successful implementation of his own plans.

Prayer in three or seven churches

If a deplorable situation develops in life and the state of affairs seems almost hopeless, one can resort to an even more effective way of communicating our request to the Lord. In such cases, it is possible to file sorokosta about health in 3 or 7 churches at the same time. This is a very responsible ritual, before a person should spend it fasting for 9 days and live according to God’s commandments.

Sorocausts in several churches are most often ordered for seriously ill people or for those who want to get rid of a curse, damage or evil eye. According to the priests, the demand for such services should be made one day before sunset.

Otherwise, the result will be the same as if you ordered one forty minutes. In the 40 days that the service will be held, the reporting person can feel an unprecedented surge of energy, a feeling of joy and happiness..

What if they file a fornication about health, and a man dies?

If a note about health was ordered for an elderly or seriously ill person, and after a few days he dies, several rules should be remembered:

    As soon as the man died you should invite the priest to the house as soon as possible.

The father should read a special prayer “for the outcome of the soul” over the dead. This is a standard ritual that is performed on Orthodox people after their death.

Order the funeral of the deceased in the church. Currently, many funeral offices offer to conduct parting ceremonies with the dead in specially equipped mourning halls. Anyway, the funeral service in the church is much stronger than in an empty room, where services are conducted in the manner of a conveyor.

Follow up before the funeral that the Psalter be read over the dead.

  • On the day of death or the next day, if a person died in the evening or at night, go to the temple and order a prayer for the repose of the soul of the deceased.. It is important to do this immediately after death, since the early days are precisely the time when the soul of the deceased badly needs a prayer commemoration.
  • Give after service a small donation to the needs of the temple.

    You can order forcake about health with any frequency. The main thing to remember is that you should not order worship services if the previous one has not yet ended in this or another church.

    If you feel that you urgently need the help of the Lord – go to the temple and listen to the whole morning service, confess and take communion with the priest, put candles on the altar near the icons, pray, order a simple prayer service. Often it is already enough of all this – so that the situation in life begins to improve.

    During Lent

    In some churches do not take notes on sorokousta during Lent. On these days, full liturgy is held in churches much less often – only on Saturdays and Sundays.

    And because most orders for prayer is delayed until the completion of the post. But, during Lent there is a special practice – “commemoration for Lent”. During this service, all the notes are read in the altar by the priest, and only a few of them are selected at the liturgy at random.

    Prayer text

    In addition to sorokousta you can also read a prayer for health at home:

    O Most Holy Lady Lady of the Theotokos! Raise us, the servants of God (names) from the depths of sin, and deliver us from sudden death and from all evil. Give peace and health to us, Mistress, and enlighten us with the mind and eyes of the heart, hedgehog to salvation, and reward us, your sinful servants, the kingdom of your Son, our God of Christ: as His power blessed be with the Father and His Most Holy Spirit.

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