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In the process of planning a trip to Portugal, the question arose before me – how to get from Lisbon to Porto and back? And how much does it cost? In the forums and blogs, I met the minimum price of a ticket Lisbon Porto at 18 euros. But, having understood, I managed to buy a ticket for just

So, traditionally, there are four ways to get from Lisbon to Porto: by plane, by bus, by car, and by train. First I will describe all the ways briefly, and at the end I will describe in detail how to buy a ticket to Lisbon Porto for

How to get from Lisbon to Porto by plane?

You can buy a ticket to Lisbon Porto. This option can be convenient if you need to immediately fly somewhere further or move immediately upon arrival. In any case, this method takes place.

Portugal’s two main airports are Portela Airport in Lisbon and Francisco Sá Carneira in Porto.

The airline Ryanair will gladly take you from Lisbon to Porto in 1 hour, the price of the ticket today from

It is also worth adding the time spent on the road from / to the airports (but in Porto, and especially in Lisbon, the airports are close enough to the city), passing the inspection and waiting for boarding. Perhaps, in total, it will not turn out faster than the road from Lisbon to Porto would take on a bus or train.

How to get from Lisbon to Porto –

bus Lisbon Porto

From Lisbon to Porto and back can also be reached by bus company Rede Expressos (RENEX) – is the main intercity bus carrier Portugal. Lisbon Porto bus ticket can be purchased on their website no earlier than 30 days before the planned date.

If you are not able to print an electronic bus ticket, you can do this through the terminal at the station or show the ticket number at the ticket office.

Address of departure / arrival of the bus:

  • to Lisbon from Porto – Campo 24 de Agosto;
  • from Lisbon to Porto – at the Oriente train station (Gare do Oriente), platforms 46, 47, 48, 49 or from Sete Rios station near the Zoo.

The standard price of a ticket for the bus Lisbon Porto (and vice versa) in one direction – 18-20 euros.

If you take a ticket right back and forth, you can save about euro in each direction. For students from 13 to 29 years old (youth ticket) and people over 65 years old (senior ticket) there is a special price (cheaper than the main fare by about 3 euros). For children half ticket is provided – half of the standard cost.

The bus journey from Lisbon to Porto takes approximately

How to get from Lisbon to Porto by taxi

Of course, hardly anyone will choose this method of movement, but for the sake of completeness we will consider it. You can book a convenient transfer to KiwiTaxi, travel time is 3 hours, and such a trip will cost from 360 euros.

How to get from Lisbon to Porto by car?

Traveling in Portugal by car is quite convenient. But as in most places, you may face the problem of parking in large cities.

To rent a car in Portugal, you usually need to have a driving experience of at least a year, be at least 21 years old (sometimes – at least 25 years old), have a bank card or cash for collateral.

In Portugal, as in Russia, the right-hand traffic; Many high-speed and toll roads, children under 12 years old need to be transported in the back seat. In localities can not use the beep. Approximate prices for gasoline in Portugal: 95 – 1.55 euros, 98 – 1.68 euros, diesel – 1.33 euros.

You can rent a car in Portugal in advance from home on rentalcars. Rent a car in Lisbon for 3 days will cost from 22 euros.

By the way, if you take a car in Lisbon, and take it to Porto, then the cost of rent from this will increase, but not much.

Maps from Google offer 2 route options, and there and there on the way there are toll roads. Plus a trip by car is that the route can be adjusted for yourself and go to other interesting places on the way. If you go non-stop, the path will take

In addition to renting a car, you can try to find companions with the help of the popular BlaBlaCar application in Europe.

How to get from Lisbon to Porto by train?

And the most interesting. From Lisbon to Porto can be reached by train. Tickets for the Lisbon Porto train can be bought on the official website of the Portuguese railways 60 days before the trip. And, attention, the earlier – the cheaper.

For example, the standard fare for the train to Lisbon Porto (and vice versa) for a trip in 1/2 class, respectively:

  • Intercity train Lisbon Porto (Intercidades)
  • travel time 3 hours;
  • prices for the year 2018 € 36.90 / € 24.70.
  • Intercity train Lisbon Porto (Alfa Pendular)
    • modern high-speed magnetic train;
    • travel time will be 2:34 – 2:42, depending on the departure time;
    • prices for the year 2018 € 43.10 / € 30.80.
    • By the way, the difference in time and comfort between the Intercidades and Alfa Pendular trains is small.

      When buying in advance the cost of tickets significantly reduced and is:

      • € 22.00 / € 9.50 for IC;
      • € 25.50 /€ 11.00 for AP.

      Not bad, right? Lisbon Porto tickets at such prices can be snatched, if you buy much in advance. The closer to the date of the trip – the higher the promotional price.

      When buying in advance, the cost of tickets decreases significantly and amounts to: € 22.00 / € 9.50 for IC and € 25.50 / € 11.00 for AP

      Below I will provide detailed instructions on how to buy a train ticket in Portugal using the example of a ticket from Porto to Lisbon. I hope this guide will help you get from Lisbon to Porto on your own and cheap.

      Registration on the site of the railway of Portugal

      For a start, I advise you to register on the website of the railways of Portugal. You can do this later, at the stage of buying tickets. Then skip this step and go to step 2.

      So, in order to register on the site, click on this link and get directly to the registration form.

      Fill in the fields marked with * as in the international passport !:

      Hotels in Lisbon

      • Name – last name and first name,
      • Date of birth – choose a date of birth
      • Gender – gender (masculino – male, feminino – female),
      • Mobile phone – a phone number (according to readers’ information, you need to enter in 8, not +7),
      • Town – Your city,
      • Email – email address, tickets will come to it,
      • Password – password and next password again.

      Evening Lisbon to the sounds of fado If you plan to travel with someone else, then you can immediately add data about other passengers. To do this, click Add Passengers to the Trips and fill in the fields by analogy. If you still need a passenger, simply click again Add Passengers to the Trips.

      After all the data is filled, click Next. Then you will be notified of the successful registration (if all the required fields are filled in correctly).

      2. Buy a ticket to Lisbon-Porto –

      Search for train tickets in Portugal

      Next, proceed to the search for train tickets. To do this, click on the Buy tickets button at the top or simply follow this link.

      Hotels in Lisbon

      In the From field we write the city from which we are going (Porto), in the To field we write where (Lisbon).

      It is worth noting that the cities we need are connected with Oriente train stations in Lisbon and Campania in Porto. If you choose other stations, you will be offered options for tickets with transfers.

      Choose a date for the trip. If you need a return ticket right away, fill in also the Return date. Below you can choose the class of tickets (the default is 2 class) and the number of passengers. After entering the necessary information, click Submit.

      After that you will be taken to a page with a list of all possible travel options.

      3. Buy a ticket to Lisbon-Porto –

      Buying train tickets in Portugal

      In the window with the proposed options, we check the option that suits us, also put a tick below, confirming that we have read and accept the conditions of transportation and click Continue.

      We fall into the window where the selected flight is indicated, price, passenger data.

      • In field Passenger name – the name and surname of the passenger, as in the passport.
      • Type of document in the field Type choose Passport.
      • In field Identification Enter the series and passport number.
      • In field Discount default is Full price.
      • Next choose With special offer and click Recalculate price.

      Immerse yourself in the lights and atmosphere of the old districts of Lisbon after sunset and visit local places If the passenger belongs to the preferential category, change the value in the Discount field: choose Youth (students under 30) or Senior (over 65), Half – fare for children. But, pay attention, the attitude to the preferential category will need to be confirmed by certificates (I cannot say how this procedure goes, I have not had such experience).

      Attention! To get a ticket at a discount on promotional fares, as in the picture above, you need to select With special offer in the last window opposite the passenger’s name and then press the Recalculate Price button! As a result, the standard price under this button will change to the promotional price.

      After checking all the data, click Continue. We proceed to the choice of places.

      The system will assign you places by default (highlighted in gray). Occupied places – red, free – white. To change places, you must first click on the selected gray place in order to “pick it up” :), and then click on the desired one.

      Note that the moving direction indicates the direction the train will go. If everything is already taken in the car, you can see other cars using the Previous carriage and Next carriage arrows. After selecting the places, click Continue.

      Non-touristic Lisbon There will be a warning that the seats in the car can be changed only once and we have just used this opportunity, we agree by clicking Yes.

      Pay for train tickets in Portugal

      Next, go to the payment of tickets from Porto to Lisbon. In the window that opens, choose a payment method (I have a card payment), enter the email address and phone number (if we want to receive an SMS confirmation, which, by the way, did not come to me … maybe because I entered the phone in + 7).

      Next, a warning will be issued that we have not filled in the tax data, agree to Yes.

      Go to the payment. Enter the number and map information.

      Click Validate. If, for security reasons, the bank sends you a code, enter it as usual. As a result of successful payment, the following window should appear with a green tick “Success”.

      In the Tickets section in the lower left corner you can download your train tickets. Tickets must also come to your email address. With this printed ticket you can ride the train.

      Recently, I came across a service of selecting options for moving between European cities – it searches and compares prices for buses, trains, and airplanes. For Portugal, unfortunately, while looking for only airplanes. But, the site may be useful to you for other European travel!

      In this way, the cheapest way to get from Lisbon to Porto is the train, if you know the exact date of travel and you can buy tickets in advance.

      I hope the information was useful and with the help of this article you managed to buy train tickets from Lisbon to Porto.

      If the information was helpful, please share this instruction in social networks (using the buttons below).

      Ask questions about buying tickets from Lisbon to Porto and vice versa in the comments, I will try to answer.

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