Holidays in Greece and Italy

Yacht Club "12 Nodes" – meeting place for all sail lovers

We share our impressions and information, help you organize a sailing holiday in different parts of the world, rent yachts for you and provide a skipper for hire.

Yacht School"12 Nodes" – your confident step into the world of sea travel! Yacht School"12 knots" offers training from the entry level Sailor (Competent Crew) to Yacht Captain Ocean (Yachtmaster Ocean). Training is conducted according to the standards of the American School of Yachting IYT (International Yacht Training). As a result of training, an internationally issued license is issued, which gives the right to operate your own yacht or take a yacht to charter anywhere on the world map! With us your swimming will be reliable!

Yachting School "12 Nodes"

For centuries the sea has attracted its freedom, mystery, beauty and temperament. That is why yachting in recent centuries is a popular and respectable type of outdoor activities. But in order to fulfill your dream and go to sea on your own or rented yacht, you will need not only the knowledge and skills that will allow you to independently manage the sailing yacht and feel confident in any situation, but also the rights to the yacht. The mediator between your desire to spend your holidays, surfing the sea, and the company that provides you with the board, is definitely a sailing school, confirming your training.

Holidays in Greece and Italy

Today, thanks to the yacht schools in Moscow, almost everyone can get the necessary knowledge and go to sea as a captain-skipper. But at the initial stage it is very important to make the right choice of the yacht school. Moscow Yacht School “12 Knots” provides training in accordance with international standards IYT, according to the results of yacht training issues documents for managing sailing or motor yacht in any part of the world. In a yachting school with a good reputation, professional yacht captains will work with you.

Yacht management courses include a theoretical and practical part under the guidance of instructors and instructors.

The sea does not like to joke. And in order to rest on a yacht in Croatia, Greece, Italy brought only positive emotions, it is necessary to complete full yachting courses.

Professional school yacht steering

The 12 Node Yachting School offers a variety of training programs. It offers beginners introductory courses on the management of the yacht. For those who have decided to go to sea on their own, the school of skippers, after which you receive the rights to operate the yacht. For more experienced sailors – courses captains of the open sea.

Yacht captain school is the most reasonable and guaranteed way to make your dreams come true. The diploma of the yacht captain will allow you not only to operate the yacht independently, but also to rent the vessel in any country of the world. The school of yacht captains “12 Knots” is your confident step towards freedom in movement.

Sailing in Russia

Just a few years ago, yachting was perceived in our country as a privilege of the elect, accessible only to very rich people. Sailing is indeed an expensive hobby. However, today it has become more accessible due to increasing popularity. The number of yachts imported into Russia is measured in thousands every year. Yacht schools open their doors to new yachting lovers. And, in general, the school of captains, representing yachting in Moscow, is perceived as the initial stage in the world of sea travel.

Holidays in Greece and Italy

The 12 Knots Yachting School is much more than just a yacht school in the usual sense. “12 Knots” is a real yachting club, providing opportunities for training and participation in sailing and regattas around the world, from sailing centers to exclusive places with amazing sailing conditions.

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