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We talk about prices in Vietnam in 2019 on the example of Nha Trang. We give information about how much food and food, fruit, clothes, rental housing, transport and much more cost in Nha Trang.

In the article, we compare the prices of meals at popular tourist restaurants in Vietnam and the cost of meals at local cafes. Let’s see how much it costs to get to Nha Trang on our own and on the tour, and find out the prices for accommodation.

In conclusion, it will be discussed when the prices for holidays in Nha Trang are the lowest.

At the time of updating the material (May 2019) the exchange rate is as follows:

  • 1 dollar = 67 rubles = 23400 Vietnamese dong
  • 100 rubles = 33900 Vietnamese dong
  • 1000 dong = 2.95 rubles

How easy is it to transfer dongs to rubles?

When you are in Vietnam and you see the price in dongs, it is very simple to convert it into rubles: just drop the zeros from thousands and multiply by 3.

For example, a bottle of water costs about 12,000 dong: 12 * 3

Detailed information on individual resorts:

Flight cost

What are the prices for a ticket to Vietnam?

In 2019, prices for flights from Moscow to Nha Trang start from 33,000 rubles for a return ticket. A ticket to Nha Trang in one direction will cost at least 24,600 rubles.

Profitable airline stocks are held from time to time when you can fly to Vietnam at a lower price. But such flights usually fly to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, and from there to Nha Trang you will have to travel independently.

According to statistics

To assess the situation with the prices of flights to Vietnam will help you calendar below:

Prices in Nha Trang for food and food – 2019

How much does it cost to eat in a restaurant

There are many restaurants and cafes in Nha Trang, especially in the city center and on the first line.

In popular restaurants, food prices are high for Vietnam – the average bill for dinner for two is around 1500-2000 rubles. In less well known establishments you can eat cheaper. At the same time, it is not so much the quality of the dishes that differs, but the atmosphere and service.

Almost all places now have seafood, and they are inexpensive. In an average restaurant, the cost of seafood dishes (shrimp / squid / eel / clams) will be around 65,000-90000 dong (200-270 rubles).

Sample prices for food in cafes and restaurants in Nha Trang are given below.

Example of prices for some exotic seafood dishes:

  • steamed octopus – 90000 dong
  • shark fin soup – 100000 dong
  • squid stuffed with meat – 130000 dong
  • turtle soup – 16000 dong

In cafes and restaurants on the waterfront, such delicacies can cost 2-4 times more expensive.

How much does it cost to eat at a local cafe

What are the prices for food in the institutions of Nha Trang, where the Vietnamese dine?

We ourselves prefer to eat at local cafes and diners: the food there is delicious, and the prices are lower. Soup and meat dishes in such cafes you can eat for 25000-40000 dong.

Approximate cost of food in local cafes in Vietnam:

  • French baguette with filling – 15000-20000
  • Fo soup with chicken or beef – 20000-30000
  • rice + grilled pork – 16000-20000

For more information about restaurants and prices in them in 2019 (with examples of the menu) you can read in the article Where to Eat Deliciously in Nha Trang.

Photo: restaurant in Vietnam

Prices in stores and supermarkets

In Vietnam, there are many good supermarkets where you can buy quality and inexpensive products. In Nyachang, this is Big C, CoopMart, MaxiMark.

In addition, there are smaller supermarkets – for example, on the third floor of the Nha Trang Center. Read the reviews of stores and see their location on the map in the article Shopping centers in Nha Trang.

On the first line of Nha Trang, there are several convenience stores, where food prices are too high several times – be careful not to spend a lot of money there.

Below are the average cost of food in supermarkets and shops in Nha Trang.

Quality videos with food prices at the Big C supermarket in Nha Trang:

Our tourists are often interested, what are the prices of alcohol in Nha Trang and Vietnam. We answer – the prices are low.

A can of Vietnamese beer 0.33 liters (brand Tiger or Saigon) costs 11000-13000 dong. A bottle of beer 0.5 of the same brands costs 16,000. Prices for foreign beer (Heineken) start at 35,000 for 0.33 liters.

Among Vietnamese alcohol, tourists speak well of the local wine produced in Dalat (the label says Vang Dalat). The cost of a bottle of such wine varies in the region of 70000-120000 dong.

In bars and restaurants in Nha Trang, the price of alcohol, of course, higher. Here are the approximate prices for alcohol in Vietnamese bars in 2019 (from the Cosmos bar drinks menu):

  • cocktails – from 65,000 (Mojito) to 100,000 (Long Island) – $ 2.9-4.4
  • Jack Daniels whiskey (50 ml glass) – 85,000 ($ 3.7)
  • Vietnamese vodka Ha Noi (50 ml) – 30,000 ($ 1.3)
  • Absolut Vodka (50 ml) – 50,000 ($ 2.2)
  • Bacardi Rum (50 ml) – 40,000 ($ 1.8)

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Fruit prices

How much do fruits in Nha Trang cost?

It is believed that the cheapest fruit in Vietnam can be bought on the local markets (in Nha Trang these are Cho Dam and Xom Moi markets) – but be prepared for the fact that sellers will raise prices for foreigners.

In large supermarkets like Big C, prices can be much higher.

Approximate cost of fruit in Nha Trang on the market (per 1 kilogram):

  • mango – $ 1-1.5 (20,000-30000 dong)
  • lychee – $ 0.9 (18000 dong)
  • apples – $ 2 (45000 dong)
  • bananas – $ 1 (20,000 dong)
  • watermelons – $ 0.5 (10,000 dong)
  • rambutan – $ 1 (20,000 dong)
  • dragon fruit (pitahaya) – $ 1 (20,000 dong)
  • durian – from $ 2 (40,000 dong). The best time for durians in Vietnam is from July to September.

From fruits that are sold by the piece:

  • coconut – $ 0.4 (8000 dong) – for 1 piece
  • peeled pineapple – $ 0.7 (14000 dong) – for 1 piece

The cost of clothing in Nha Trang

Cheap clothes can be bought at any Nha Trang clothing market, but I cannot say anything about the quality of such clothes. If someone bought – tell us in the comments.

In the city center and on the first line there are good and convenient brand shops, as well as the shopping center Nha Trang Center, but the prices for clothes there are about the same as in Russia. For example, sports sneakers popular firms (Nike, Adidas and

Inexpensive clothing store “Blue Exchange” is in the CoopMart and Big C shopping centers (stores on the map of Nha Trang). If I understand correctly, the store sells Vietnamese brand clothes, but according to reviews of tourists, the quality is good.

Sample prices for clothes in Nha Trang:

  • Women’s T-shirt – 70000 dong ($ 3.1)
  • Women’s T-shirt – 130,000 dong ($ 5.7)
  • Women’s short shorts – 180,000 ($ 7.9)
  • Men’s shorts – from 250000 dong ($ 11)
  • Men’s shirt with short sleeves – from 200,000 dongs ($ 8.8)
  • Summer dress in the store type H&M or Zara – 625,000 dong ($ 27.5)

Excursions and attractions

Nha Trang has many attractions and many travel agencies that organize excursions both around the city and in the neighboring regions.


  • Pagoda Longson, Cathedral – free
  • Museum of Oceanography – 15,000 dong ($ 0.7)
  • Towers On Nagar – 22000 Dong ($ 1)
  • procedures in the mud baths Thap Ba – 80000-600000 dong ($ 3.5-27)
  • Winperl Park in Nha Trang, Vietnam (all attractions, the price of the whole day) – 880000 dong ($ 38.6)

How much are popular tours Nha Trang (cost for adults):

  • southern islands – from $ 7
  • northern islands – from $ 26
  • Ba Ho or Yangbei waterfalls – from $ 24
  • snorkeling and diving – from $ 16
  • a trip to the city of Dalat for 1-2 days – from $ 18 / $ 77
  • a trip to Ho Chi Minh for 1-2 days – from $ 56 / $ 120

Children’s tickets are usually 20-30% cheaper.

Through the website

Massage and spa

The prices for massage in Nha Trang and in Vietnam as a whole are very democratic. In good massage parlors, prices for services start at $ 5 (100,000 Vietnamese dong) per hour. In this case, it is customary to give tip to masseurs.

Massage for large hotels or in the salons on the first line is usually more expensive: prices in the region of 15-20 dollars, but the furnishings and the interior are at a height.

Massage on the beach can cost less than $ 5 (you can bargain up to $ 1), but you cannot call it a real massage.

The cost of spa procedures in Nha Trang depends on the salon. For example, in the SPAixo center prices start at $ 8, and in the Nam Sao SPA salon it starts at $ 13.

Complex services, mud and hydromassage baths are provided in several large complexes:

  • Thap Ba mud springs
  • 100 eggs hospital
  • complex I-resort

Sun beds on the beach

The price of sun beds and umbrellas on the city beach of Nha Trang in 2019 depends on the part of the beach and varies from $ 1.5 to $ 3. Sometimes you can bargain for a lower price (about $ 1).

The most expensive sunbeds in Nyachang – on the beach next to Gorky Park. The cost of renting a sunbed + umbrella in the VIP area is 100,000 dong ($ 5). But in this price included the Internet.

Some hotels with a private beach (for example, Novotel Nha Trang) provide guests with access to sun beds for free.

Transport and rental

Bus fare

In Nha Trang, as in other cities in Vietnam, the bus network is well developed. There are 6 routes in the city (No. 1-6), there is also a bus to Cam Ranh Airport (No. 18) and to Doclet Beach (No. 3).

The cost of a ticket for the bus within the city – 7000 dong ($ 0.3). A monthly pass costs about $ 15.

The price of a trip to Doclet beach is 24,000 dong ($ 1.1). From the airport to Nha Trang and in the opposite direction you can get for 50,000 dong ($ 2.5).

Photo: chaotic Vietnamese movement

Taxi prices

Despite cheap buses, many tourists prefer to use taxi services in Nha Trang. This option is much more expensive, but more comfortable.

  • The initial price for a taxi in Nha Trang: 15,000 dong ($ 0.7);
  • cost per kilometer: 15,000 ($ 0.7)

These are average figures for Nyachang, the cost of landing and the price per kilometer may vary slightly for different companies.

If you are going to go to the neighborhood of Nha Trang or to another city, it is sometimes more convenient to order a transfer instead of a taxi.

The cost of renting bikes and bikes

Those who prefer to travel around Nha Trang on their own will be interested in how much a bike or moped rental costs – this type of transport is very common in Vietnam.

But keep in mind that in tourist-oriented stores, rental prices for a motorbike can be 2-3 times higher than in Vietnamese shops.

Prices for rental transport in Nha Trang:

  • bike in local stores: from 60000-80000 dong per day ($ 3-4);
  • travel companies: from 120000 dong a day ($ 6);
  • the cost of gasoline, 1 liter: 21,200 dong ($ 1);
  • bicycle rental: from 30000 dong a day ($ 1.5).

If you rent a bike for a longer period (two weeks or a month) – the price is usually lower, starting at 1600000 dong ($ 80).

Video about bike rental in Nha Trang:

Car rent

In the major cities of Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi – the movement is simply insane. In Nha Trang, the situation on the roads is calmer, but in the rush hour is also very dangerous. In this situation, I would advise to rent a motorbike in Nha Trang, not a car.

If you need a car (for example, you travel with a child), then in Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi you can rent it at about the same price – around 800,000 dong per day ($ 35).

Gasoline costs about 62 rubles per liter in Nha Trang.

Housing prices in Nha Trang in 2019

Hotels and hotels

How much does housing in Nha Trang in 2019 cost? There are many hotels and hotels in the city, the room rate depends on the area and conditions of accommodation.

In the European quarter of Nha Trang there are many cheap hotels of 2-3 stars with good conditions. Prices start at 500 rubles., but on average they fluctuate around 800-1500 rubles for a double room (for example, good reviews from tourists receive the White Lion Nha Trang and La Suisse Hotel).

Separately, I would like to mention the Mojzo Inn hostel, which is highly praised by travelers (rating 9.9 / 10). In the common room you can stay for 460 rubles / night, and the cost of a double room starts from 1060 rubles.

There are fewer hotels in the northern part of the city, and their prices are slightly higher – around 1300-2200 rubles per night (a good example is The World Hotel).

Near the sea there are a lot of 4-5 * high-class hotels, the cost of a room in them starts from 4500 rubles per day (especially they praise the Michelia Hotel). Intercontinental Nha Trang hotel has an average rating of 9.8 / 10 and is one of the best in Vietnam. Prices per night start at 8,000 rubles.

These articles will help you choose housing in Nha Trang:

Apartments for rent in Nha Trang

Those who are going to Vietnam for a long time will be interested to know how much rental housing in Nha Trang costs in 2019.

Now in Nha Trang rented a lot of good apartments and apartments. As a rule, new housing – with the repair and all the necessary furniture.

The cost of rent depends on the length of stay – the longer, the cheaper. Utility payments are usually paid separately.

Average prices for rental apartments in Nha Trang in 2019:

  • accommodation for a year – from $ 300 per month
  • accommodation for 4-6 months – from $ 350 per month
  • accommodation for up to 3 months – from $ 400 per month

Prices for renting an apartment with a view of the sea and the city beach of Nha Trang start at $ 500-550 per month.

For a higher price ($ 1000-2000) in Nha Trang, you can rent luxury apartments on the upper floors of new buildings or rent a luxury villa in the vicinity of the city.

To navigate through the prices of rental housing in Nha Trang and see the current offers on the real estate market, look at this group of Vkontakte or channel on Youtube.

Video apartments for rent from $ 350:

Prices for tours to Nha Trang and Vietnam

The cost of tours to Nha Trang is still relatively low due to the popularity of this resort and low prices in Vietnam itself.

Prices for tours to Vietnam in the spring, summer and autumn of 2019 start from 36,900 rubles per person (for 11 nights). In June and July, vouchers in Vietnam are a bit more expensive (from 40000-50000 rubles), in August and September – cheaper.

For example, a tour from Moscow for two in September 2019 (Dai Duong 2 * hotel in Nyachang) for 11 nights costs 75,602 rubles.

We recommend to look for cheap tours through sites.

If you get to the action from the tour operator, you can find tours even cheaper. For example, in May 2019, the cost of a trip to Nha Trang for 5 days from the tour operator Anex Tour is 22,150 rubles per person.

The cost of tours to hotels of 4-5 stars, taking into account discounts, starts from 29,000 rubles for one.

Prices for tours in Vietnam category “all inclusive” start at 46,000 rubles per person. For example, a tour for 5 nights to the famous Dessole Sea Lion hotel for two people in May 2019 costs 92435 rubles (resort Mui Ne) or 96387 rubles (Nha Trang).

If you are planning to go on vacation in the near future, check out the best deals in the category of last minute tours.

These articles will help to relax cheaper:

Seasonality of prices in Nha Trang

As in other tourist locations, prices in Nha Trang may depend on the season.

In high season, when there are many tourists in Vietnam, housing prices and entertainment are rising. In the low season and the rainy season – they fall: hotels and agencies make discounts, hold special promotions to attract customers.

Read more about weather and seasons:

In general, the situation is this: in March and April, with the beginning of good weather, prices in Nha Trang rise and stay at this level until September / October. In December, the season of rains and winds begins, tourists become few, and prices are falling.

Note that this section is relevant only for Nha Trang due to its particular climate. In other areas of Vietnam, the weather and tourist seasons may differ, and price fluctuations will be different there.

Useful information for the traveler

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