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Dear guests! From January 1, 2019, a resort fee was introduced at the Belokurikha resort, which is 50 rubles per day. According to the Federal Law №214 from

The cost of medical vouchers “all inclusive”


settlement by cards, cash settlement, payment through a bank

Category of residence

Price 1 day for a room

Restaurant “Altai”

Restaurant “Budapest”

  • for the treatment and prevention of diseases regularly undergo a health course of sanatorium procedures;
  • choose a spa stay with a minimum duration of 14 days to achieve the maximum health effect.

After passing the spa treatment:

  • there is a lasting effect to physical and emotional stress;
  • prolonged remission;
  • improving the quality of life.

Microclimate Belokurikha accelerates the regenerative processes in the body by 25%.

The price includes:

  • Accommodation in a room of the selected category
  • Three meals a day in the restaurant “Altai” or in the restaurant “Budapest”
  • Complex medical procedures.
  • Excursion and entertainment program.

About prices for vouchers for 2019 in the sanatorium Belokurikha

Buying a ticket to the resort Belokurikha in the resort you like, you want to know what the price of the ticket is made of, and for what we pay money. Guests visiting the resorts of Altai, in particular, in Belokurikha, may get the impression that they pay for the room, depending on its category. We want to tell you what makes up the cost of a trip to Belokurikha.

Conventionally, in Belokurikha the cost of the voucher can be divided into three components: treatment, accommodation and meals. It is very important to know that buying a ticket, you get a range of services. All Belokurikha sanatoria have their own websites, so you can find out the prices for the 2019 vouchers on the official website of any Belokurikha sanatorium and also read in detail what is included in the range of services.

What are the prices formed in the sanatorium Belokuriha?

So, let’s start with the most important thing in the voucher – treatment. If you are interested in a sanatorium in Altai in Belokurikha and the price of a voucher, for example, for 2019 with treatment, then you should choose a medical voucher. Scientists-balneologists proved that the best effect during the passage of a sanatorium-resort treatment is achieved with a trip duration of at least 12 days. Or you just want to relax and enjoy the nature of Belokurikha. Therefore, when you choose a sanatorium or boarding house and consider the cost of trips to the resort Belokurikha, you should take this into account. Within twelve days, it becomes possible to optimally distribute the procedures, combining them with climate treatment.

Health resorts

What is included in the cost of vouchers resort in the resort Belokurikha?

The procedures included in the price will depend on your basic diagnosis and associated diseases. The attending physician personally selects a set of procedures that contribute to the speedy rehabilitation and recovery. It should be remembered that the Altai resort Belokurikha is the famous resort complex of sanatoriums in Russia, where the main therapeutic factor is radon water. You can read about the benefits of Belokurikha’s radon waters and the features of their use on our official website, and also find out about the price of a medical voucher.

Belokurikha resort prices for additional services

In addition to the main courses, the sanatorium offers its clients a wide range of additional medical procedures, including: hirudotherapy, thermotherapy, pantopara mini-saunas, cedar phyto barrels, peeling, and much more. For example, for guests with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, we offer a shock-wave therapy procedure, and an ozone therapy room is open to solve problems with the cardiovascular system in the sanatorium. The cost of additional procedures can be found on the official website of the Altai-West sanatorium in Belokurikha in the Prices section for 2019.

What is special about the resort of the Altai Territory in Belokurikha and at what prices?

Altai-West was one of the first sanatoriums in Altai in Belokurikha to introduce wellness programs for men and women from 10 days based on a combination of physical activity, diet and SPA programs and determined the prices for these programs. The programs allow in a short time to strengthen the hidden potentials of the body and are created with the aim of strengthening physical and reproductive health, body shaping and rejuvenation. Our guests have the opportunity not only to buy a wellness package, but also receive separate procedures included in the program. The climate of the Altai Territory and especially Belokurikha is an ideal place for going through wellness programs, because here all the processes in the body are accelerated by 30%, on our official website you can find out the prices for programs and individual procedures.

Prices in the resort of Altai in the sanatorium Belokurikha to rest with treatment and accommodation in 2019.

If you just want to relax in Belokurikha, then the price of the voucher will include only accommodation in the room of the chosen category and meals. Vouchers for holidays in Belokurikha suggest being in a sanatorium from the 1st day.

The second component of the voucher is accommodation in a room of the chosen category. In the Altai-West sanatorium, as well as in other sanatoriums in the Altai resort Belokurikha, there are quite a large number of rooms of different categories at different prices for 2019. If you come with children, then a family room or suite will suit you, a couple without children will be comfortable to feel in the room of the “studio” category, and the one who came to rest alone will be satisfied with a single room.

Looking for prices on the best resort in Russia in Belokurikha for 2019? Price lists.

There are price lists with a detailed description of the rooms and rates on all the official websites of the resorts in the Belokurikha resort in the Altai Territory. Most resorts in the Belokurikha resort such as Altai-West, Russia, Siberia, Katun and Belokurikha offer approximately the same prices for 2019 on their official websites. The choice is yours!

Catering in the sanatorium is carried out in two restaurants on the systems “buffet” and a custom menu in the restaurant “Altai” and on the system of the custom menu in the restaurant “Budapest”. From the selected type of food and will depend on the cost.

Looking for where to find out how much is a ticket to the resort Belokurikha?

Go to the price section on the official website of the sanatorium in Belokurikha. Here you can easily and quickly find out for yourself how much a ticket costs for a particular period using an online calculator. Usually, most people watch the cost of a trip to Belokurikha for 10-14 days.

It is also possible to download the price list in PDF format and print it if necessary.

Prices for trips to Belokurikha without intermediaries

It should be noted that prices without intermediaries in the sanatorium and Belokurikha boarding houses can be specified on the official sites of the city and sanatoriums.

For any questions, you can always contact the free hotline of the sanatorium 8-800-250-6767.

* – The cost of the voucher is calculated according to the current price list on the date of arrival. If the voucher covers different price periods, no recalculation is made.

Partners of the sanatorium "Altai-West" transport companies Ltd. "Belokurikha – Tour", LLC Alfa + and SP "Resort Taxi" offer services of individual and group transfer – meeting / seeing-off clients at the airport, railway or auto station. More details on the link

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