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On the one hand, today there is a huge demand for massage services. On the other hand, a large number of courses, free schedule, good pay and usefulness of the case create a tough competition among private masters. In this market, great demand and great supply. Competently create selling texts for advertising massage – this is to build a springboard for the dizzying take-off sales of your office or studio.

The content of the article

Price issue. There are only 2 possible answers, orYes“, or “Not“. To increase the probability of a correct answer, experienced copywriters write several packages of tariff plans.

  • The first package is the cheapest. It has a number of shortcomings with which a person is forced to put up.
  • Second – the most optimal, brings 80% of profit and it is allocated as a hit of sales.
  • The third is the most expensive, but is comparable in value to the second. His main task is to show the contrast that the optimal package is not so expensive.
Consider how to write beautiful texts for massage advertising with examples taken from real advertisements in newspapers and the Internet. For clarity, I exaggerate a little. So,
  • Make a short text for a massage without water master. Otherwise, it loses its meaning.

poorly A: Our skilled craftsmen will provide you with professional assistance. You will be pleased with the beneficial result.

Good : We specialize in anti-cellulite massage. The skin gains tone, elasticity and rejuvenates, and the fat layer becomes thinner.

  • Do not tell about yourself, tell about benefits.. Nobody likes narcissism, but everyone likes the result. Here is a beautiful example:

Hawaiian for you, welcome

poorly : Our masters are constantly improving their skills and winning regional competitions.

Good : Our therapeutic massage at home perfectly helps with diseases of the musculoskeletal system: osteochondrosis, arthritis, radiculitis, paralysis of the limbs and recovery from injuries. As well as with diseases of the intestines, respiratory tract and problems with blood circulation.

  • Empty words. Avoid stamps and stationery without confirming the facts: “you will receive the necessary highly qualified professional help from us”, “we are happy to offer you services”, “we hope for fruitful cooperation”. Water is poured by exchange copywriters who write text for the text of 30 rubles per kilo. Be natural. Here is a competent sample:

poorly : We do massage cheap. The price for professional massage performed by our specialists depends on various factors.

Good : The cost of a general massage at home … rubles per hour session. The price of express massage is … rubles in 10 minutes.

  • “Creative” design. Exaggerate for clarity.

poorly : Usl Ugi m a s saj ish ta.

Good : Massage services.

  • Headline. This is a showcase of text. I wrote on this topic in more detail in the article about the 4U headline article.

poorly : Massage is a real panacea for stress, tension and the best armor from the unfavorable environment.

Good : Rejuvenating sculptural facial massage in the salon or at home in Moscow.

Texts for advertising massage pictures

Let us now turn to examples of texts for invitations to massage.

An example of advertising a massage on the radio (Timing 1 minute 20 seconds)

(Plays relaxation music) Relaxing after a hard day’s work, putting yourself in order for an important meeting, relieving stress after an intense workout, and recovering from an illness will help you with the magic hands of Zebra massage therapists.

Careful medical and sports massages. Massage almost any part of the body:

From back pain, heavy legs, aching neck, buzzing in head. Thermal wrap, canned massage, vacuum, lymphatic drainage, swelling, stiffness and hernia, hydromassage, anti-cellulite massage of the buttocks, thighs, barrels, stomach, sculptural face massage. Against salt deposits, osteochondrosis, scoliosis with elements of manual techniques. With nutritious oils and creams. Massage of internal organs, with needles, stone massage, Chinese, traditional Thai massage …

Do not list everything! I can only say that there are deep hour massages, and express programs for a few minutes for the most busy. For details and personal selection of massages, feel free to go to the girls and guys at the reception. The most difficult thing is to relax. We are located at: Moscow, ––. Phone: 000 000, again 000-000.

10 secrets of how to write the best texts for massage (based on non-dying classics):

  1. Proceed to the most important thing first. The best advertisement for a massage parlor or private master at home should be short. The first 3 paragraphs of the text should be maximally loaded with interesting (advantageous) information. And if you want to create a competent advertisement for massage services in Yandex.Direct or AdWords, then you need to fit everything into 70 characters. Is this not art?
  2. Be specific. The six faithful servants of Kipling will always work – What, Where, When, Who, How, and Why. They will help to close all objections of the client and convince him of the need for a high-quality session of medical therapy. That is why advertising in the format of “Question-Answer” is so popular. The more you can describe the service, the more you sell.
  3. And God loves a trinity. Repeat the most important point in advertising 3 times in different formulations. So surely it was clear to everyone.
  4. Write in the present tense. As if you are already conducting a session.
  5. Specify the price! A buyer who does not know the price tends to exaggerate it.
  6. Stock “Order a back massage and get a neck massage as a gift” will be much better than “half-price back massage”. Since the greatest attendance of lovers to improve their health at weekends and in the evening, it is best to hold promotions on weekdays. Even the wealthiest customer hears about the discount. Although it is like a rug to him when buying an apartment.
  7. Gift certificates and promotional codes also increases the effectiveness of ads, increasing the volume of the word of mouth several times.
  8. Write about yourself only towards the end of the story. When you have already interested a person enough.
  9. It doesn’t matter how long the announcement will be.. The main thing is to be read simply, freely and clearly.
  10. Call to action. This is the culmination of selling text. Give the visitor a clear installation, answering the question: “What next?”.

Example: texts for advertising massage on the Internet and social networks

Sitting work in one position? Muscles beat after intense workouts? Or does your back just hurt? Welcome to my table!

Hawaiian for you, welcome

Therapeutic massage is the best tool for a good mood, positive attitude and well-being. Improve muscle tone, accelerate lymph or lactic acid, adjust the joint, remove spasms, remove salts, toxins, slags and excess fluid, get rid of spasms, swelling, adhesions, scars and seals, improve the flexibility of ligaments, recover from injuries.

Without bruises, stretch marks and rupture of blood vessels (blood mesh). Order a back massage and get a massage for your hands as a gift. Book an appointment now!

Hawaiian for you, welcome

For the repost – from me personally, sincere thanks and pluses in karma, and from my cat – affectionate murmurmur &# 128578;

Order texts for advertising massage with a copywriter

Some beautiful words can not do. The main income comes from regular customers, not one-time pass-by. A little surpass the expectations – people feel when they genuinely care about them. Hacking is a punched coupon, and a second time to ride it through the tram of successful sales is pretty silly. And ordering texts for advertising massage from a copywriter means to talk about the service beautifully, briefly, honestly and clearly.

You spend on copywriting once – and it will work for months and years on any media. The earlier you apply to order text for a massage – the faster the flow of customers will increase.

PS: Yes, and do not forget about the keys. Old-fashioned SEO and new-fangled LSI have not been canceled yet.

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Good day! I have a massage room in Krasnoyarsk, I need to increase the flow of clients. I need competent writing of advertising posts and announcements. Please write whether cooperation is possible.

Catherine, responded to the mail.

Hello. I do massages in Belgorod, created a site and I need texts on the site and advertising post in VK for publication in other groups. How much will you take to work?

Cyril Lavrov, responded to the mail.

I wonder how you wrote? On Avito block ads on massage for 2 years.

Apparently not all block, today I went and saw a lot of announcements about the services of a massage room.

I do massage: in beauty salons on Mayakovskaya, Novoslobodskaya, Schelkovskaya and departure for

Fully agree with the author. With quality text you can achieve a lot. But it is also important to choose the right audience and set up advertising.

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