Harry Potter Beer

Ah, this magical world of Harry Potter, with all its wonders, creamy beer, Quidditch and chocolate frogs! This work, created for children, fell in love with many adults. But some things in books and movies make attentive fans think. Which ones?

No one objects to slavery

House elves, these touching big-eyed and larger-winged creatures, are technically slaves. Apparently, none of the wizards are embarrassed by this barbaric practice. But it’s not at all clear why such servants are needed in a world where you can easily wash dishes and do things with magic, like the Weasley family, for example. While Harry and Hermione did not start the fight against this lawlessness, it never occurred to anyone that such treatment with magical creatures is not appropriate.

Animals like people

Many people treat their pets like fluffy babies. And in the Harry Potter universe, animals are endowed with a multitude of human traits that, for example, the main character found out after talking to a bored boa constrictor at the zoo.

So, we have the giant spider Aragog, which is experiencing true devotion and friendship towards Hagrid. There is a fire-breathing dragon, who carried out on his back the trinity of main characters from the Gringotts bank, which means that he probably intuitively recognizes good people. We have a Buckl owl who cannot speak, but understands all of Harry’s verbal commands (however, other owls also have this skill). A strange situation turns out: animals look more like people, and wizards still treat them like animals, and the good-natured Hagrid is considered eccentric for his sympathies with them.

Dumbledore – Sociopath

Perhaps the most revered director of Hogwarts, who became almost the father of the main character, still clearly has some oddities.

Dumbledore knew from the very beginning that Harry was doomed to die fighting the Voldemort. However, this did not prevent the director from constantly exposing the boy’s life to danger. Trial of punishment in a dangerous forest, dementors at a Quidditch match, Tournament of the Three Wizards, search for baptismals. Finally, he also forced Harry to look at the death of his own director. In most of the troubles, the main character got involved himself, but still from Dumbledore’s side it was somehow strange to be so inattentive to his main ward.

Poisoning is not a big deal

In the ordinary world, pouring in a substance that can lead to behavioral changes without someone’s drinking is a crime. But for some reason, in the Potterians, drugging someone with a love potion is a relatively normal practice (Ron Weasley would clearly disagree with this point of view). Moreover, in the shop of the Weasley twins a love potion could be easily purchased into the property – I didn’t even have to remember the Potions lessons. In general, the magical community is clearly worth exploring the issue of free consent.

Crybaby Myrtle is a preoccupied poltergeist

The story of the Moaning Myrtle is tragic, of course. But this is still not an excuse for how she treated the living. Yes, she was lonely in her toilet, as the students did not seek to look for her company. But go to the bathroom of the headman and pry the bathing young men ?! This is too much. And even the fact that she helped both Cedric and Harry to unravel the mystery of the golden egg does not save the situation. And yes, it is still a children’s book.

School is a very dangerous place.

When parents send their children to school, they usually want them to be safe. But Hogwarts can’t be called a safe place. At any moment a troll, a hippogryph, a giant spider can attack you … Well, well, those were all unlucky coincidences. But the school of magic and more legitimate ways exposes the lives of students at risk. Take this Tournament of three wizards, where students become baits for fire-breathing dragons and disgruntled mermaids.

Harry Potter Beer

Soul drain as capital punishment

So, the wizards in the Potterians possess empirical evidence of the existence of the soul. And what do they do with this knowledge? They designate prison guards of creatures that can completely destroy this soul. Don’t you think this punishment is more terrible than life imprisonment and even the death penalty? And they call themselves good guys.

Hogwarts is not interested in past teachers

Werewolves, murderers, sadists, impassable fools … It’s not about death eaters, but about ordinary teachers of the magic school. Dumbledore makes one mistake after another, hiring not quite suitable personalities for the position of professor of protection from the dark arts, just to fill the vacant position. Well, Lupine, we will forgive him. But Lokons and others?

The unobservability of the Weasley twins

The twins knew the Marauder’s map so well that without regret they presented it to Harry in the third book. Obviously, they spent a lot of time studying it. How did it happen that they never noticed a strange companion in the bed of their younger brother? Even Harry noticed him, and very quickly.

Ministry of Magic – Orwellian nightmare

Forget about Big Brother, watching you: thanks to the magic of technology, surveillance has reached unprecedented development. Each step of the wizards comes into the view of the ministry. Suffice it to recall how in a few minutes after applying the spell, Harry received the inevitable letter with threats. A map of the Marauders? And people who can apparate to your bedroom at any moment? No, in the world of Harry Potter about privacy is better to forget.

Sexual overtones

Children’s book makes adults think about some aspects of life. To begin with: how did it happen that Hagrid’s father was able to get in touch with his giantess mother? Possibly, the Enchanting spell came to the rescue. The next point: why in Horvarts completely absent sexual education of adolescents? Pupils finish school at 17-18, it is difficult to expect that until this time they all live immaculate. And the fact that the thoughts of the children clearly took an intimate direction, proves not only Easter eggs in the map of Marauders, but also a very frank episode in the film “Deathly Hallows. Part One, ”namely, the scene of the destruction of Ron by the medallion (for the sake of justice – there is no such spicy moment in the book)

The world of missed opportunities

Rowling’s work is very thorough and elaborate. But still many details defy logical explanation. For example, Snape possessed the gift of legilimentia — mind reading. But he never used it, and in fact he could have known that it was Barty Crouch Jr. who was hiding behind the guise of Moody. Hermione’s flywheel could be used for more serious purposes than to help a student in attending classes. Potion Felix Felicis could be useful to Harry in the fight against Voldemort. Finally, one should not forget how lightly Dumbledore presented Harry with one of the three most important magical artifacts – the invisibility cloak. The fact that the 11-year-old wizard has managed to appreciate its value and use it to fight evil is, rather, a lucky coincidence.

Enterprising potter

We won’t go into how friendly Harry was going to be to see Ron’s sister. But his decisive attack on Zhou Chang in the fifth book raises questions. The girl sheds tears for her dead boyfriend. How can she be comforted? That’s right, kiss! Well, she did have feelings for Harry, but nevertheless many consider that kiss to be superfluous.

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