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It is in the sleeping area that the need to create a cozy, comfortable and homely environment is especially acute. In the bedroom, we want to have a hard time sleeping, and get moral and physical relaxation, relax and gain strength, get peace. Of course, in the preparation of the interior room for sleeping and rest is important any detail. And the bed is the main, central element of the room design and its decoration acts as an important participant in the formation of the image of the entire space. Textile design of the bed – one of the most enjoyable activities for any hostess. When decorating the bedroom with fabrics, you can give free rein to your fantasies, express your attitude to beauty, aesthetics and the concept of comfort. But even such a pleasant activity requires a certain concentration, because, when choosing textiles for a bed, it is important to take into account several nuances.

Criteria for choosing bedspreads

Buying a bedspread can not be called small, because the created interior will serve you for several years, and the cost of many modern models of textile bedding is very high. That is why it is important to approach this issue with special care. When choosing a bedspread, you will need to consider the following factors:

  • first of all – the size of the bed (in some cases – the size of the mattress, depending on the design of the bed);
  • The design of the bed – basically the coverlet is purchased on the basis of the possibility of closing the entire bed frame, along with the legs. But some models of beds need short covers, tucked under the frame to showcase beautiful carvings or upholstery;
  • the choice of the color palette will depend on whether you want the bedcover to match the selected interior gamut or act as an accent spot;
  • Also, the choice of color of the bedspread depends on the location of your bedroom relative to the cardinal points – it will be necessary to add warmth to the room located on the north side of the building through color solutions; for the south side, you can choose cool shades;
  • the choice of bedspreads will also depend on other textile decisions made for the interior of the bedroom – draping windows, upholstery, such as armchairs, ottomans, footstools and small sofas;
  • The style of textiles for the bed will depend on the style of the design of the entire room (it is obvious that the bedspread with ruffles will look ridiculous in the minimalist bedroom, and in a girl’s room with a romantic interior you should not cover the bed with a monochromatic dull fabric);
  • even if your family does not have allergies, the bedspread must be chosen for reasons of comfort and safety – natural fabrics that are not able to collect static electricity;
  • if you have pets and small children in your house who can jump on the bed with a pack of cherry juice, it is better to give preference to inexpensive, practical textile options that can be washed not by hand or dry cleaning, but with the help of a washing machine;
  • the choice of purchasing a bedspread in a store or tailoring will depend on the bed model and your personal preferences (many firms sew bedspreads even on round beds, but choosing the right size can still be difficult – if you have a non-standard bed, then tailoring for her will be the best solution to the issue);
  • If you want to achieve the perfect combination of textiles in the decoration of the bed, draping windows or upholstering the upholstered furniture, then individual tailoring is your solution for decorating the bedroom.

Style of execution of the bedspread – design features

Some 15-20 years ago, our compatriots tried to choose a bedspread to match the color of the curtains. This is not to say that this unwritten rule has sunk irreversibly into oblivion, but it is no longer so strictly applied. It is not necessary to order tailoring from the same fabric that adorns the window openings, but it is advisable to select textiles in such a way that the drape is mutually compatible. For example, if the windows are draped with thick curtains, then on their background a thin lace cover for the bed will look out of place.

In drawing up a classic interior, it is still appropriate to use one textile for window and bed decoration. Most often for this design are selected dense, tapestry or velor fabrics. Textiles can be either monophonic or printed – it all depends on the other color and textile decisions made in the interior.

The choice of bedspread affects the dimension of the bed. On the double, large designs look luxurious bedspreads of thick fabrics that perfectly keep their shape. For a single bed, you can choose a lighter option – airy fabrics, flounces and folds will look appropriate, for example, in the bedroom of a teenage girl.

The original way to quickly change the image of the sleeping room – using double-sided bedspreads. If the decoration of the bedroom has a light tone, then the use of a bright bedspread will be a particularly effective way to create an accent. Just turn over the cover with the side you need and change the character of the interior.


There are many models of beds, for which the complementary decoration will not be a long cover to the floor, but a textile product, made in the form of a cover. For a bed of standard sizes, it will be easy to find such a cover on sale – the choice is made according to the size of the mattress (plus 5-10 cm for the placement of bed linen and blankets).

The cover, made in the form of a cover, looks quite strictly and is perfect for a bedroom decorated in a modern style. Both monophonic, and printed execution of a cover cover will harmoniously fit into a situation of “cozy minimalism”.

This model of bedspread is great for beds made of solid wood, decorated with carvings, all kinds of decor. Also cover-cover will be the optimal choice of textiles for a bed with a canopy design. This cover for a bed with soft upholstery, having strongly protruding elements of the frame at the bottom, will be organically written out into the overall picture of the bedroom.

Not a single centimeter of the original bed, made of woven rattan, I would not like to hide under the bedspread. For such cases, a textile product in the form of a bed cover will be a spectacular addition to the bed. Presented on the photo textured cover perfectly fit into the tropical style of the bedroom interior.

Covers with a valance

For high beds or models with a thick mattress, a choice of cover with valance can be a great way to drape. It can be strict or lush, airy or dense, quilted, textured, decorated with ruffles or ruffles – it all depends on your personal preferences and the choice of the overall style of the bedroom interior.

A veil with a valance always adds some solemnity to the interior. Notes of romanticism and at the same time festive mood will be provided to your bedroom when using a light (snow-white) bedspread with a similar tone.

Knitted and woven products

For the interior, made in the style of Provence, shebbi chic or vintage organic knitted blanket will be an organic addition to the drapery of the bed. Snow-white lace patterns, fringe and embroidery are the elements that can bring beauty to the image of the room, but make the atmosphere more homely, cozy, comfortable.

Crocheted lace looks great on a dark or bright background. If you want all the decorative details of your man-made cover (which will certainly be expensive at the individual order) clearly visible, then either use monochromatic bed linen of a colorful tone, or use a lining in the design itself

Ruffles, flounces and ruffles for the original decoration of the bed

Bedspread with ruffles and assemblies visually increases the size of the bed. This effect must be considered when planning the interior. If your bedroom is a modest-sized room with a large bed, then a blanket with an abundance of ruches can make the main piece of furniture simply immense, flooded with all the space. In a room of medium and large sizes, such decoration of the bed will look appropriate, bringing a touch of romanticism to the interior.

Hammock whirlpool

A veil with frills and ruffles is an ideal option to complement the textile decoration of the girl’s room. Complement the romantic style of draping the bed with several decorative pillows and the bedroom decor will be incredibly sweet, cozy and girlishly delicate.

A snow-white bedspread is a universal option for those who do not want to puzzle over color combinations, combinatorics of prints and ornaments. White color is always refreshing, giving lightness to especially large-scale facilities – king-size beds. And at the same time, a white bedspread is a boring option. But if to decorate a textile product with folds, drapery, original clips and interceptions, even a fabric without a pattern will play with new faces.

Quilted patchwork – highlight interior

Quilted bedspreads, especially with patterns made in patchwork style, will look particularly impressive in vintage style, romantic interiors and eclectic decorated bedrooms. From such products and breathes the warmth of human hands, comfort, comfort and originality.

Color solutions for bedroom textiles

The choice of bed color textile palette is an important point in shaping the image of the room. One of the variants of color solutions for bedspreads – matching the color scheme of the interior. For example, for a bedroom located on the north side of a building, the use of a warm, beige palette that can bring comfort to a room would be favorable. It will be logical to use one of the shades (darker, brighter or, on the contrary, light than the main background of the finish) of the main color of the interior for the performance of textiles for the bed.

If your bedroom is a neutrally decorated room with a predominantly light finish and a similar choice of furniture, then the bedspread can become the color accent that is so necessary when creating a harmonious interior. In addition, with such a combinatorial, to create a new image of the room is not difficult – just replace the veil.

The color of the bedspread can be combined with the coloring of the wallpaper on the walls. For example, when finishing the room with the help of wallpaper with a print, you can choose the color of the pattern as the main background for bedding textiles. The interior as a result will turn out harmonious, balanced, but at the same time it will not seem motley, coarse.

Another way to combine textiles in the decoration of the bed – a combination of bedspread fabrics and headboard upholstery. You can use the same fabric or combine the main background and the color of the pattern, ornament. But such a composition will need to be “diluted” with decorative pillows. If the fabric of the headboard and the cover are printed, then for pillows it is better to choose a one-color version and vice versa.

For anyone who would like to use a print performed by a bedspread for the bed, but does not want to use bright colors and colorful ornaments, the acquisition may be the acquisition of black and white textiles. Bedspread with black and white pattern can organically fit not only into the modern style of the bedroom – depending on the theme of the ornament (geometric pattern, floral, animalistic or abstraction), you can create original compositions together with decorative pillows.

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Coloring bedspreads can be used to underline the chosen style of the room. For example, in the children’s room, decorated on the theme of comic characters, you can use textiles with drawings from cartoons, images of heroes. In the bedroom, executed in a nautical style, it would be logical to use striped fabric for bedspreads or textiles with a print on the subject – an image of anchors, sailboats, sea creatures.

One of the options for choosing colors for bedspreads is combinatorics with the rest of the bedding items – decorative pillows, rollers, pillows. Many bedspreads are sold with one or two pillowcases for decorative pillows made from similar fabric. You can vary such a set with matching fabrics, but with a different pattern, or use one of the colors of the ornament of the cover to make the pillow covers.

You can combine the colors of the bedspreads not only with pillows, but also the so-called decorative path. As a rule, when choosing a track, an unspoken rule is used: if the bedspread is colorful and bright, then it is better to choose a neutral accessory, a monochromatic accessory. And vice versa – with the help of a decorative track, you can add brightness to the textile design of the bed. The decorative walkway can also act as a textured accent – be fur, decorated with ruffles, sequins, embroidery.

The cover sewn from the fabric used for upholstering the additional furnishing of the bedroom interior will be organically integrated into the image of the room. Dense monophonic fabric or textiles with a non-motley ornament will decorate the bedroom design.

To create a color accent with the help of sleeping textiles, bedspreads with ethnic patterns are perfect. The original, bright ornament can not easily act as an accent spot, but to give the interior a completely unique charm, original character. Such a decoration of the bed will organically fit into a room with a monotonous finish, neutral colors of the room.

Bedspread for the bed, located in the children’s bedroom, you can choose a color is not easy, but very bright. Provided that the finishing of the room is done in bright, neutral colors, the colorful decoration of the bed will look accentuated, advantageous. Children are much more important than adults to be able to focus their gaze on bright details, to receive a charge of vigor from the colorful color spots.

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