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Murderers, especially serial ones, like to keep “original” trophies “for memory”: it can be a part of the victim’s body, a piece of clothing or a personal thing. Some people document the murder process with the help of photos: in the past century they were Polaroid pictures, in our time – photos and videos on the phone and even selfies. Here are some of the horrific trophies that criminals have chosen to preserve in memory of their atrocities.

Polaroid shot under unknown circumstances

On September 20, 1988, Tara Kaliko, a young resident of New Mexico, left her home, her whereabouts are unknown to this day. This picture was found in the parking lot a year later, and depicts Tara and a little boy. Despite the wide publicity of the event, the fate of Tara Kaliko remains unsolved mystery.

1 psycho, 1 ice ax

Luka Manotta, nee Eric Newman – Canadian actor gay porn. Even in his adolescence, Manotta showed brutal inclinations – he posted videos on the Internet in which he tortures animals or performs plastic operations. In May 2012, he posted the video “1 psycho, 1 ice ax”, where for 11 minutes he kills and mocks the body of his lover, a Chinese exchange student Lin Zun (on the photo). Manotta was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Facebook killer

An elderly man in a blue shirt is the victim of Steve Stevens. On April 26, 2017, Stevens shot a man for no apparent reason from the window of his car, and filmed what was happening on camera. The day after the video was posted to Facebook, Stevens committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Crime scene selfie

16-year-old Maxwell Morton, a teenager from Pennsylvania, published a selfie on the background of his classmate Ryan Mangan killed. The victim was in a black chair behind the killer. In February 2017, Morton was convicted, but the punishment was light – according to witnesses, because of his allegations that this was an alleged accident.

Dnipropetrovsk maniacs

In 2007, the news of the appearance of maniacs horrified residents of all Ukraine. Two 19-year-old men, Viktor Saenko and Igor Suprunyuk, were arrested and charged with a series of murders. The process of killing maniacs was filmed on a cell phone camera, they used a hammer as a tool. Later, the killers were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Hammer dog

Derek Medina killed his wife, and said goodbye to her post on Facebook

Derek Medina shot his wife, Jennifer Alfonso, during a family conflict. Medina published a photo of the murdered wife with the caption “Rest in peace, Jennifer Alfonso”. In February 2016, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The girl was killed by adoptive parents

In 2001, a rich, childless family from Spain adopted a Chinese girl named Asunta. Lawyer Rosario Porto and journalist Alfonso Basterra were convicted of murdering a girl in 2015. An autopsy showed that for some time before the murder, the child took sleeping pills (apparently, not without the help of the parents). A picture of the sleeping Asunta was found in the phone of her adoptive father.

The killer “VTK”

Dennis Raider, an American serial killer, coined his nickname “BTK”, indicating his method of murder – bind (“bind”), torture (“torture”) and kill (“kill”). The raider took trophy snapshots of his victims before and after the killings, which in his account were about ten.

The guy was beaten for theft

Delvin Mendoza-Chaparro was killed by two buddies – a boy and a girl. The conflict began with the fact that they accused Delvin of stealing grass. A video of the brutal beating of the killer guy was posted on his account in the Snapchat app.

Hammer dog

The death photo of a girl in Snapchat

13-year-old Abigail Williams and her friend, Liberty, disappeared immediately after this mysterious snapshot appeared on their Snapchat tape. The bodies of the girls were discovered on February 14, 2017. Suspect number one is the man in the photo who was at the crime scene.

Lonely hearts killer

Harvey Glatman is an American serial killer. Even in adolescence, he began to show sexual deviations. Glatmen invented whole scenarios for murder: for example, he seemed to potential victims to be a photographer looking for models. Before the start of bullying, Glatmen often tied the girls hand and foot. He also had an unhealthy sense of humor – in the police, he claimed that the girls themselves asked him to kill them. Glatmen was sentenced to death.

Akademovskie maniacs

Better known as “academic maniacs” and “Irkutsk molotochnik”, two young people committed a series of murders and attacks in the Irkutsk Academgorodok in 2010-2011. Among their victims were women, homeless people, intoxicated people. Hammers and knives were used as the killer’s tool, while filming the process on camera.

These pictures were the last for them.

Back in the 1980s, William Richard Bradford killed his 15-year-old neighbor Tracy Campbell, as well as barmaid Cherie Miller. Under the pretext of holding a photo session and making a portfolio, he drove the girls into the desert, fulfilling a promise – taking pictures, but then brutally killing the victims.

54 Bradford’s innocent victims

In 2006, in addition to pictures from the desert, in the course of the investigation, more than 50 girls’ photos were found in the apartment of William Richard Bradford. The identities of some of the victims have been established, but the fate of most of them is still unknown.

Hammer dog

Robert Berdella and his medical experiments

Bob Berdella is a homosexual serial killer from Kansas. He was convicted of murdering 6 men. All murders Berdella documented, taking photos before and after. Sekret also kept victims in captivity: conducting pseudoscientific experiments on them was also part of his repertoire.

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