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Fjord is a narrow, deeply crashed into the land, winding sea bay with steep slopes. Many consider the fjords to be the symbol of Norway. This country truly contains some of the longest, deepest and most beautiful fjords in the world.

The length of fjords, as a rule, is tens of times longer than their width, and the banks are rocks and cliffs about 1000 meters high. Their origin is due to the glacial activity and movements of tectonic plates. North America, Chile, Norway, the South Island of New Zealand are the four most famous fjord destinations in the world. Fjords are also found in other countries, in particular in Iceland, on the island of Greenland, on the Arabian Peninsula, and even in Russia.

Fjords are very popular with tourists from all over the world. These are very picturesque and beautiful natural sights. Below you can see our selection with photos and see for yourself.

Fjords of norway

The most beautiful fjords – PHOTOS

1. Howe Sound, Canada

Strait Howe is essentially the southern fjord of North America located directly northwest of Vancouver. It is surrounded by high mountain peaks that rise straight from the sea. The fjord is a favorite destination of Vancouver residents for sailing, fishing, diving, camping and many other recreational activities. The fjord includes many interesting islands.

Kenai Fjords is more than 650,000 acres of the National Park on the Kenai Peninsula in the south of central Alaska. The dramatic landscapes of the park include mountains with huge glaciers sliding between them into the sea. As well as kilometer deep fjords that create habitat for thousands of nesting birds and small marine mammals, such as sea otters, seals and sea lions.

Lysefjord is a popular tourist destination in southwestern Norway. The fjord is very beautiful over the entire length, but two points are especially popular. Prekestulen or Pulpit Rock (Pulpit Rock) is a huge cliff with a height of over 600 meters. Its peak is about 25 by 25 meters, from which a magnificent panorama of the fjord and the surrounding mountain landscapes opens, almost always filled with tourists. The second most popular place is the Kjørag plateau, 1084 meters high, but it’s not taken for landscapes, but to see Kjøragbolton, the “pebble”, a huge cobblestone of about 5 square meters stuck between two vertical rock walls.

4. Aisén Fjords, Chile

The landscape of the Aisen region in southern Chile is marked by several glaciations, which have formed a large number of lakes, canals and beautiful fjords. Laguna San Rafael, part of the area of ​​the national park of the same name, which can only be reached by boat or plane is one of the most popular tourist destinations in this area. The park also includes some of the highest mountains of Patagonia.

5. Misty Fjords, USA

Misty fjords are located in a remote and wild nature reserve in southern Southeast Alaska. This area is often called the “Yosemite of the North” for similar geology. Unfortunately, cruise ships cannot always swim in narrow fjords surrounded by high granite rocks. But here are popular sightseeing tours on small planes, motorboats, and especially group tours in kayaks.

The fjord is located near the city of the same name on the west coast of Greenland, 250 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Filled with glaciers, the Ilulissat fjord stretches 40 kilometers from the Greenland ice sheet to Disco Bay. This area is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is an amazing place where the speed of icebergs is one of the largest in the world (19 meters per day). Constantly moving blocks of ice every day create incredible fantastic landscapes.

7. Doubtful Sound, New Zealand

Dautful Sound is a very large fjord located on the southwest corner of the South Island of New Zealand. The fjord is popular with tourists due to its nature, rich fauna, as well as numerous waterfalls, whose number rises to several hundred during the rainy season. Dautful Sound is the second largest among the many fjords of the Fiordland National Park.

8. Nерrøyfjord, Norway

Group tours in New Zealand

The largest fjord in Norway, and one of the most beautiful in the country. Its length is 17 kilometers, and the width at the narrowest point does not exceed 300 meters. On the banks of the fjord are small villages and farms. The height of the cliffs reaches 1700 meters, the passage between them on a cruise ship is one of the most memorable trips to Norway.

Milford Sound Fjord is one of the most famous tourist destinations in New Zealand. Located in the northern and well-accessible part of Fiordland National Park, Milford Sound is the epitome of the most stunning coastal landscapes with fantastic mountain peaks and deep blue waters. Frequent downpours occurring in this area only add to the beauty of the island, sending numerous waterfalls from the cliff tops.

Group tours in New Zealand

10. Geirangerfjord, Norway

Geiranger Fjord is the sparkling pearl of the Norwegian fjords – snow-capped mountain peaks, beautiful waterfalls, lush greenery and blue water. The fjord can be explored by visiting aboard one of the 130 cruise ships that come here every year. The small village of Geiranger, located at the base of the fjord, can also be reached by car ferry from the town of Hellesult.

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