Green beaches Hawaii

For a long time in Russia there has been a curious process, when people, including very wealthy ones, quite consciously refuse from the benefits of civilization and move to a permanent place of residence in remote villages or farms. Here they build good-quality houses or thoroughly restore purchased old ones, acquire subsistence farming, raising livestock, vegetables and fruits, and even working with their children instead of teachers. On the question of what caused such a strange migration, they answer, they say, fed up with artificial habitat in the metropolis, and they want to live closer to nature as they consider themselves to be children.

Approximately the same reason and nudists. Adam and Eve went without clothes, and they liked it. What are they ashamed of their nakedness – because it is so natural, so natural. Especially in nature – by the sea, under the sun. You want to get a chocolate tan – so turn your whole body under the gentle rays, without a bikini or swimming trunks, without bathing suits and other beach accessories. Nudist – literally translated as naked. But in our country and in other countries there are unwritten moral norms. Try to appear naked on the Central Beach of Anapa – you immediately, firmly holding the handles, will take the smallest to the police station. And so twist two fingers to the temple – that’s for sure.

Remember the unsurpassed pet of the entire world public Louis de Funes – a small but very mobile little man, with his unique, causing homeic laughter, with grimaces, roguish manners. You again and again went to the cinema or put a disc in your home cinema with the participation of the great French artist, famous all over the planet, in the role of the gendarme Krushau from Saint Tropez or Commissioner Juve from the same popular series. Remember how hilariously they hunted for nudists on one of the remote beaches!

Indeed – and want and bite. For the most part, the nudist stay at the sea waves and under the sun’s rays is securely covered from prying eyes. However, not everywhere. Freely nudists feel in America. Here they number almost forty million. Their most popular places are Maudi Island, Hawaii, Miami, Florida, and the Sandy Hook Peninsula, next to New Jersey. There are nudist beaches in Canada – Vancouver, British Columbia. In the same France – on its Mediterranean.

But in England for nudists even built a special, very popular at the same time, a hotel in Erdington near Birmingham – with a swimming pool, sauna, other amenities, where you can get a massage if you wish.

Green beaches Hawaii

Muscovites and guests of the capital in the favorable summer weather can soak up the sun, as they say, "in the buff" in Serebryany Bor. There is a beach for nudists at Divnomorsk near Gelendzhik.

Well, and our, known to the whole country and the near and far abroad Anapa? Can they "straights", nudists seem in their nakedness somewhere on its coast? They can! And they do it from year to year, from summer to summer, or even in late spring or early autumn. Away from the bulk of the holidaymakers, of course. The most popular place for their rest is between Bolshoy and Maly Utrish on the side of Novorossiysk. By the way, to say, Big and Small Utrish themselves are fabulous corners and in the resort people are the most popular. The beginning of the Great Caucasian Range. Green hills, overgrown with health, especially respiratory, juniper forests. Here there is a dolphinarium, and numerous cafes and restaurants, and rest houses and boarding houses. Hills abruptly break off to the sea, to which you can descend from either the Small or the Big Utrish. It is between them in a remote place near the blue lagoon and there is a nudist beach. You will hurt your legs while walking to get to it – boulders, large and small pebbles, slightly in the distance (the width of the beach is one hundred meters or less) pristine rocks hang, to one of which Thunder Zeus chained the legendary Prometheus, who gave people fire and past which they sailed on the ancient galleys myth argonauts.

Green beaches Hawaii


Throw off clothes everyone entering here!

The conditional entrance to the beach is marked with a catchy inscription on a large stone with an urgent appeal: "Throw off clothes everyone entering here!". The beach is used by whole families who stay here for a week or two or three, depending on their free time, in a tent camp. Most often nudists are well acquainted with each other. Here they sleep and spend the night, here they prepare food for themselves, tidy up their clothes in case of cool evenings. At their disposal – a stream with fresh water, falling from the rocks of a mini-waterfall. You need to take the rest of the food with you: you will not find a cafe or a shop near the beach, you cannot climb up, except to go uncomfortable in stones and other obstacles on the way back and in the village to replenish food supplies or deliver to a hidden place by sea .

Though the place is wild and distant from civilization, nudists have been chosen for a reason. Here is the cleanest sea water on the Anapa coast – through it you can see every pebble on the bottom, every fish that feeds, every small and big crab that instantly disappears in crevices, as soon as your shadow falls on them.

Nudists do not like hustle and bustle. They use the rest in Anapa with maximum benefit, and they leave here, sunburnt from head to toe, noticeably refreshed, to once again come back here again and again. Nobody bothers them, except that annoying amateur photographers perched somewhere in a secluded place at the top are fiddled with lenses or someone is shooting the action on the beach on camera. Going online and looking for a nudist beach, you will find on the sites hundreds of photos with naked young people and their older people, boys and girls – their children and grandchildren. Nudists nudity and do not consider something shameful, it is natural for them and quite acceptable. And from the side it does not look vulgar: some naked bodies are simply masterpieces of Mother Nature. Remember the ancient Greeks, the sculptures of the heroes of Hellas, various ancient Greek myths. After all, we do not turn away from them, do not be shy of them. On the contrary, they are fascinated by their external perfection. Why should the graceful figures of many nudists have to protest us ?!

The nudist beach between Small and Big Utrish in Anapa is not the only one. If you are afraid of inaccessibility "Blue lagoon", you can take the path of least resistance. Nudists have chosen for their solitude and other nooks. For example, on the Bugaz Spit of the Blagoveshchensk. Instead of stones and pebbles there is sand. The sea is also clean and warm. And you can also put up a tent. As for food and fresh water, it’s not too far to follow them. In short, the convenience is there and do not go against your own will – sunbathing and swimming "in the buff".

Nudists have chosen a beach for themselves and on the spit near Vityazevo. He is also behind Sukko, but stony and on the way to the Beacon. Which of the above to choose is a personal or family affair. At least there is such an opportunity in Anapa. And we did not notice any special persecution of nudists.

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