Greek island travel

Mykonos Island has long been one of the favorite vacation spots of many travelers. The bright sun, clear clean Aegean Sea and delicious Greek cuisine attract tourists from all over the world.

How to get to the island of Mykonos

The island is located 140 kilometers from Athens at the intersection of cruise liners, stopping at this pearl of the Cyclades archipelago.

From Athens to Mykonos is easily accessible by plane or ferry. From Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, named after the Prime Minister who founded the Ministry of Aviation of Greece, planes of several airlines fly, including the local Aegean airlines and the Irish company Ryanair. Travel time is 25-30 minutes. Economy class tickets cost from 30 euros. On Irish airplanes, the transportation of baggage and the choice of a seat in the cabin are considered additional paid services. It is better to pay for luggage on these flights when booking tickets, as it will cost twice as much when checking in for a flight.

Another way to get from Athens to Mykonos is by ferries, which depart from two seaports – Piraeus and Rafina.

Greek island travel

Piraeus is considered a more convenient port, as it is located near the airport and you can get there by subway, bus or taxi. But it happens that there are no free ferry tickets from the port of Piraeus, and then the tourists go to the port of Rafina, located 30 kilometers from the center of Athens. The bus to the port of Rafina leaves from the city center (near the metro station Omonia). The bus fare is about one and a half euros and takes about 30-40 minutes.

Rafina is a small port town with representative offices of several transport companies selling ferry tickets. The cost of one ticket in economy class for a passenger with luggage – from 29 euros.

Travel time is 4 and a half hours with several stops on other islands. Time on the road flies by unnoticed, as the ferries plying between the islands are modern, comfortable, with spacious lounges and high folding chairs, like on an airplane, so passengers can get comfortable. If the purchased tickets do not indicate the places, then there is a free seat in the common lounge or, if desired, you can stay on the open deck. On the ferry there is a cafe and souvenir kiosks.

Ferries and cruise liners arrive at one of the ports of the island. Old and new ports are located three kilometers from each other. A regular bus or boat will take tourists to the Old Town, from where you can reach on foot the hotel or the guest house.

Where to stay

When booking a room in the city center, you need to consider not only the good location, but also the inconvenience associated with it. For example, in a studio in the central part of the city, there will most likely be boiler water heating, and if there are tenants in the neighboring rooms, you run the risk of being left without a hot shower in the morning: the one who got up first would take a shower and those who overslept would wash cold water The second trouble – noisy tourists coming for the weekend from Athens. They can sing, scream, sort things out all night and ring the bells hanging above the shops’ entrances under the windows of your room. And early in the morning motorcycles and small cars start to drive around, delivering food to restaurants and shops. It may be worth staying at a more comfortable hotel with a pool off the center, near the beach. The choice is yours.

The minimum cost of a room in Mykonos is from 40 euros for a small studio in the city center to several hundred euros for a room in a good hotel with a private pool.

Sights of Mykonos

Mykonos can be called a city of boutiques and restaurants. In the first half of the day, the town seems sleepy and only waiters and restaurant owners bustle in the streets, setting up tables for new guests. In the afternoon, the shutters open, and it turns out that there are a lot of expensive boutiques of famous brands, such as Lui Vuitton, Chopard and many others. Mykonos comes to life when cruise liners approach it and hundreds of tourists go shopping and dining in the town. Until late evening, the narrow streets are lit up with glittering shop windows.

An integral part of the town are its restaurants. It should be noted that any food on the island is more expensive than on the mainland. Well, judge for yourself: if you take the standard tourist set for a measure – a glass of orange juice and a portion of Greek musaka, the price of juice in Athens is 1.8 euros versus 4-6 euros in Mykonos, the price of musaks 8-9 euros in Athens versus 14 euros in Mykonos. Although it is necessary to recognize that food is cooked deliciously in all restaurants, and any traveler will find here both pasta, and seafood, and wine to his taste.

If you are interested in the antiquities and history of Greece, then you can go on an excursion to the island of Dilos, famous for its archaeological monuments and where according to myths the gods Apollo and Artemis were born. This ferry tour starts several times a day from the city’s waterfront. The price of a trip with a guide is 50 euros per person, self-guided tour, without a guide, about 30 euros.

Mykonos beaches

The beaches on the island are small pebbled, there are many sea urchins in the water, so you should wear coral slippers before entering the water. Already in May, although the water is still cool, and the sun is already hot, some brave souls are trying to make short-lived swims in clear, transparent water. Lovers of tanning and parties can be advised to go to the most popular beaches – Paradise, Super Paradise and Platis Yalos. You can get there by bus from the Old Port. Many vacationers rent and move around the island on quad bikes and motorcycles. Remember that not all beaches are worth visiting for families with children. Some of them are especially popular among adults with a non-traditional orientation.

In the island’s advertisement, there is a reference to surfing Ano Mera in the north of the island. You can get there by bus for 20 minutes. But he is not constantly active, in any case, in May he was completely deserted without any signs of surfers. Most likely, you need to carefully choose the time, or to agree on a visit in advance.

In general, the island of Mykonos is hardly suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. But lovers of shopping, restaurants and bronze tan, he obviously will like.

Greek island travel

If you like walking, then you can walk not only on the beaches, but also along the rocky coast of the island. There are absolutely unique places where a far-reaching cape divides the sea into two parts and on the one side of the cape is windy and waves, and on the other hand there is absolute calm and you can sunbathe and bathe in perfectly clean transparent water.

In the evenings, tourists are in great demand on the restaurants on the embankment and in Little Venice. In addition to a delicious dinner there you can enjoy a romantic view of the sea sunset, a cozy atmosphere and a beautiful view of the ancient windmills – the symbol of the island of Mykonos.

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