Great mini vacation

Adler, Krasnodar region, Russia

Beyond the season would come back again.

We decided to take a break from Moscow and relying on the reviews went to the pension sun. Tickets for the plane, insurance and booking purchased independently, it turned out cheaper than the tours offered.

From the airport close to 360 rubles., Back 255 rubles. Yandex taxi, go about 15 minutes.

Staff: responsive, met a good administrator settled immediately, offered a choice of 4 rooms. Cleaners are also very nice women.

Immediately you can note the cleanliness in the room and in the territory itself. No elevator, lived on the 3rd floor. The password from the Wi-Fi is written at the reception.

On the street there are places for smoking – this is a plus that they do not smoke everywhere.

Great mini vacation

A pleasant surprise was the heated outdoor pool, so take a swimsuit, slippers and towels. You can purchase a bathrobe at the reception 100 rubles. when leaving pass at the reception.

To the sea, literally 5 minutes from the hotel to the left, go under the railway and you are on the beach. In the summer as a beach holiday this place would not have chosen, and so distract and sit in the sun on the beach just fine. On one of the days they even swam – some water invigorates.) What can be noted on the beach did not see any garbage there, even cigarette butts.

Meals: once ordered breakfasts – 175 rubles. We didn’t like it very much, but it may be normal for someone, we just don’t eat porridge. What can be noted, my friend does not eat beef, and she was replaced with chicken without a problem. Eaten mainly in the dining room not far from the magnet store, if you leave the hotel to your right to the big road at the very end, to the right, there will be a dining room next to the store. Prices depend on how much and what you take from us came out at 200-300 rubles, a couple of times barely crawled_) very tasty.

Room: two beds at each bed on the bedside table with a desk lamp, both worked. Kettle, TV and fridge, also functioned. They slept very well under the sheets (there are three blankets in the closet, if someone does not have enough heat.) What is a minus is the pillows are very thin, the blankets are useful for giving height. And, perhaps, a little shower, I had to spin this way, this way.

The view from the windows: we went around 4 rooms, when we chose where to live, in two of them the windows face each other,

The bathroom had a shower gel, soap, shampoo, but we all carried with us. Toilet paper in the hotel is very thin, for a long time it is better to buy good in the store. The problem for girls with long hair turned out to be the absence of a hair dryer in the room, I had to wait until the hair dried out. Ironing board with iron is on each floor.

Excursions: we took from [deleted by moderator] drove for 300 rubles. per person Krasnaya Polyana (City Gorki, Rosa Khutor, Galaxy) + Olympus. a park. (add. fee climb to the City of the hill 800 rubles per person – optional; 150 rubles. electric car in Olympus Park and ordering in the cafe where dinner is held, also optional), if you go from the hotel to the right to the main street, then the second stall of the hotel (photo booklet attached). They also bring honey and wine for tasting, and you can buy them if you wish. Buses are comfortable with a guide.

On the last evening, we found a place with very tasty kebabs and vegetables on the grill. You leave the hotel to the left; the first fairly large street on the left side goes straight along it, without turning anywhere, you will see the very first ones on the right, the dining room is written there, there is a room inside, also with a kitchen and a shish kebab on the street. Prices are quite normal, they regretted that they found them only on the last evening, but there is a reason to return) (photo attached).

Great mini vacation

What to say at the end, out of season, we definitely want to return to Sunny again, or maybe more than one, and take a longer period of residence. Thank you for a great mini vacation.!

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