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Author: Kochetkova Evgenia Gennadievna

Location: Moscow region, Fr. Korolev

Objective: to consolidate the knowledge and skills of children obtained on the knowledge of FEMP

Objectives: to develop mental operations, attention, compare geometric objects.

Educative: to cultivate restraint, perseverance, goodwill, feelings of mutual assistance, a desire to help.

Developing: to develop social skills, skills to work in a group, as a couple; to find a solution and draw conclusions, to develop mental operations.

Educational: to promote the accumulation of skills to count to 10 and vice versa, the ability to relate the number of subjects with a number; knowledge of geometric shapes; the names of the days of the week and their sequence.

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Types of children’s activities: gaming, productive, musical and artistic.

Forms of organization: frontal, individual, group.

use of manuals, musical accompaniment, demonstration of illustrative manuals;

search and problematic issues for children, encouragement, clarification, summing up;

creation of game motivation, surprise moment, games, children’s activity, comparison, comparison.

Equipment: flying carpet, fabulous music, geometric shapes, geometric shapes with numbers.

Guys, I’m very glad to see you. Please stand in a circle.

All the children gathered in a circle,

I am your friend and you are my friend.

Hold hands

And we will smile each other

Guys, I am very glad to see you. Grasp the handles, give each other a smile. And now look at our guests, give them a smile.

Creating game motivation.

– Guys, a letter from the sorceress came to our group.

Today we are invited to our magical state by the Queen of Mathematics.

The Queen of Mathematics wants to check whether you are ready to go to the preparatory group. She issued a decree: prepare interesting tasks for you and test your knowledge. If you are brave, decisive, self-confident, then I am waiting for you on Thursday

Then hit the road.

Oh, guys, the castle at the gates of the kingdom is closed.

To open it, we need to solve one secret – to guess which of the figures is superfluous.

Guys, what geometric shapes do you see on the castle? Are there identical figures? Compare them, and tell them what they look like, what is common?

(comparison in shape, color, size)

How are the figures different? What do you think, what kind of figure is superfluous? (circle – has no corners)

Well done, the castle is open, we can enter the kingdom of mathematics.

– Guys, and today what day of the week? (Thursday.) So it’s time for us to go.

– But first tell me how many days are there in a week? (7)

– Guys, name the days of the week in order. (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.)

– What day of the week comes after Tuesday? thursday? Saturdays? (Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.)

– What day of the week is your account before Tuesday? Wednesday? sunday? (Monday, Tuesday, Saturday.)

– What day of the week is between Wednesday and Friday? Saturday and Monday? (Thursday, Sunday.)

Preparing to travel to a fabulous country – the choice of magical transport.

– Well done! And on what we will go to the kingdom of mathematics (Bus, train.) Guys, remember, if we go to a fabulous country, then our transport must also be fabulous and extraordinary. Want to fly on a flying carpet? (Yes.)

– Then take the tickets. Now we are taking seats on the plane carpet in accordance with the geometric figure on the ground in our transport.

Main part: we are met by an astrologer outside the gate.

Decree1 “Geometric figures”

Riddles about geometric shapes:

  1. I am a geometric figure. I have 4 sides and 4 corners. Who am I? (How can you call a rectangle and a square in one word? Quadrilaterals)
  2. I’m not a rectangle and not a square, can I roll?
  3. 3 vertices, 3 corners, 3 sides, here I am!

The game “wonderful bag”

Tangram game (by subgroups by 4 people)

Decree 2 “Repair of the bridge”

– Guys, look, we have a river in front of us, and the bridge has been dismantled. Let’s repair it. It is necessary to build a pattern of geometric shapes.

Questions to children: what is the figure on the account …?

Between the 3 and 5 figure, which figure in a row and

– Guys, our bridge is in order, go ahead.

Decree 3 “Entertaining tasks.”

Here we are waiting for a note with puzzles. We need to solve them.

1. Grandmother’s granddaughter Masha, cat Fluffy, dog Friend. How many grandchildren have a grandmother?

2. Birds flew over the river: pigeon, pike and tit. How many birds flew 7

3. A rooster laid one egg. Who will get it7

Children: no one, because the roosters do not carry eggs.

4. On the table were 4 apples. One apple fell. How many apples are left on the table7

Kids: Three apples.

5. The duck has two legs. How many paws have a duckling7

Children: Also two legs.

6. How much water can be applied sieve?

Children: Not at all, because the sieve is full of holes.

Gave the brothers a warm home,

To live with five.

Big brother did not agree

And settled separately. (Mitten)

1. What are the numbers in this puzzle? (5, 1)

2. How many fingers a mitten lives apart from a large one (1)

3. How many mittens do you take for a walk? (2)

Who, turning his mustache,

You can eat! It’s time to walk!

Wash and bed! (Clock)

1. Why do I need a watch? (to know the time)

2. How many numbers are drawn on the clock? (12)

3. Can the clock show the day of the week? (not)

Teacher: Well done, guys, coped with the tasks

And now, guys, let’s get some rest.

Get up from the tables and come out to me.

We are waiting for physical exercises.

On Monday I went swimming (we depict swimming)

And on Tuesday I drew (izob. Drawing any)

Wednesday washed a long time (“wash”)

And on Thursday I played football (running on the spot)

On Friday, I was jumping, running (jumping on the spot)

Danced for a very long time (spinning around)

And on Saturday, Sunday (clapping)

I rested all day (children squat, hands under cheek and fall asleep)

We are waiting for physical exercises.

Get up quickly, smile,

Pull higher

Well, straighten your shoulders

Turn left and right

Floor handles tap

Sat down, stand up, sit down – stand up

And rode on the spot.

Decree 4 “True-false.”

We need to correct mistakes. If you hear what you think is right, clap your hands; if what you think is wrong, shake your head.

– in the morning the sun rises;

– do exercises in the morning

– you can not wash in the morning

– in the afternoon the moon shines brightly


– at night people have lunch


– In week 7 days

– Monday is Wednesday

– after saturday comes sunday

– Thursday is Friday

– only 5 seasons

– Spring comes after summer

Decree 5 “pick up glasses for the stargazer” (search for the ninth)

They helped the astrologer, and he prepared another assignment for us, “Change the quantity.”

Tutor You guys will need to increase and decrease the numbers. The winner is the one who did not miss a single measurement and by the end of the game came with the correct result – the number of toys.

1. Count off 6 items. Task: increase this amount by 1, increase again by 1; increase again the quantity by 1; Reduce the quantity by 1. Indicate the result. What is the result (8)

2. Count off 5 items. Task: increase this quantity by 1, increase this quantity by 2, decrease the quantity by 1. Indicate the result. What result? (7)

3. Count 7 items. Task: increase this amount by 1, increase it again by 1, decrease quantity by 1, decrease it again by 1, decrease by 2. Mark the result with a number. What is the result (5)

4. Count down 4 items. Task: increase this quantity by 1, increase it again by 1, decrease quantity by 1, decrease by 2. Mark the result with a number. What is the result (3)

Decree 6 The task in the form of presentation “orientation in space”

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Guys, and let the queen and her assistant make a gift. You have colored circles on the tables – divide your circle into 2 equal parts. How to add to the parts were the same? (combine edges) How can you name each of the parts? ½ And now fold again in half? What is the name of the received part of the circle now? ¼.

And now from the received parts we will make beautiful colorful

Astrologer: Guys, you have done well the tasks were very difficult, you coped with them and everyone deserves to go to the preparatory group. Congratulations! I have to check with the other children how they prepared for the next year.

Guys, did you enjoy our journey test? (who liked to take the box with a smile) that you liked the most?

What was especially easy for you, what seemed difficult?

Today, all the children worked well, but were especially active …

And the queen of mathematics, in gratitude for your help, left this little chest. Look into it? Look, these are sweet hotels!

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