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Dolores Cannon (Dolores Cannon, 1931 – October 18, 2014) is a specialist who studies past life regressions to extract the important knowledge that our civilization lost in the distant past.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, where she graduated from high school and lived until 1951, when, at the age of 20, she married a naval officer. The next 20 years were spent in constant travels around the world — a life typical of a naval officer’s wife — and in the care of children.

In 1968, Dolores first encountered the concept of reincarnation, when her husband, an amateur hypnotist, who at the time was working with one woman, whom he plunged into a state of regressive hypnosis, suddenly began to receive information from her about her past life. (This experience is described by Dolores in the book Remembering Past Lives.)

In 1970, when her husband retired after years of service, the family settled in Arkansas. From this time Dolores began his writing career: she wrote thematic articles that she published in newspapers and magazines. When the children grew up and became independent, she again awoke an interest in regressive hypnosis and reincarnation. Studying various methods of hypnosis, she eventually developed her own unique technique, thanks to which she manages to receive from subjects who are in a state of regression, very valuable and useful information of a historical and spiritual nature. Since 1979, she has been collecting and systematizing such information from hundreds of volunteers. She calls herself “a regression hypnotist and a research psychologist” who “records and restores” lost knowledge. In addition to purely research work, Dolores worked for several years in the organization MUFON (American Association of UFO Research).

Among the books she published, special attention should be paid to “Dialogues with Nostradamus” (I, I, III), “Keepers of Eden” and “Christ and Essenes” (published in English publishing house Gateway Books). In addition, she wrote several books describing the most interesting cases from her own practice, some of which have already been published or are being prepared for publication.

Dolores has four children and twelve grandchildren, which is why she has to constantly balance between the “real” world of the family and the “invisible” world of the subjects with whom she worked.

“Conversations with Nostradamus” is the first book of the trilogy. In it, the author introduces his many years of hard work, sessions on “regressive hypnosis”. As a result of these studies, Dolores Cannon received unique information from the Great Prophet – Nostradamus, who helped to decipher their predictions. Today, there are a huge number of options for deciphering predictions, and not everything is understood correctly. Who can better know about the predictions of Nostradamus, if not himself?

Dolores Cannon managed to give the most accurate interpretation of about 1000 undeciphered predictions displayed in her three-volume bestseller “Conversations with Nostradamus”.

The second volume of the famous bestseller Dolores Cannon “Conversations with Nostradamus” is a continuation of the exciting story about a series of unusual contacts with the Great Predictor.

Tom contains 143 quatrains, decoded by Nostradamus: about the horoscope of the Antichrist and its relationship with the Pope; about the relationship of the number 666 (mark of the beast) and computer systems; about the third world war and the countries that will be affected in it; Secret Government and their plans; on hazardous technologies related to weather and earthquake management, glaciers and climate change; estimated date of the Earth axis shift; maps of the continents after the displacement of the axis; the role of alien civilizations in the period of cataclysms.

This is an amazing book. Is it evidence of past lives? Was the “subject” of the study, Katie, once an Essen by the name of Saddy, a teacher of Christ and John the Baptist? Or, perhaps, Kathy, under hypnosis, joined the collective unconscious, the Akashic Records of humanity and brought us invaluable information about the Essenic community in Qumran, about Jesus learning from the Essenes, about His life, death and Resurrection?

The book contains documentary materials research “kingdom of the dead.” Continuing and developing the great tradition of the clergyman of Swedenborg, Dolores Cannon for twenty-five years has studied with the help of hypnosis the device of the invisible world, lying outside of human perception.

This book was made up of authentic recordings of conversations with people who, thanks to the original technique of regressive hypnosis, managed to cross the threshold of death and come back to tell us what awaits us on that side of life. What happens to the soul after it leaves the body, why earthly life is given to a person, what role spiritual patrons play in our life, where ghosts come from and what are the laws for soul’s return to the body – these are just some of the secrets that the author reveals this book.

Humanity is on the verge of understanding and accepting the fact of the existence of other civilizations in our Universe. Some of the topics studied in the books are MULTIDIMENSIONAL UNIVERSE: the origin, knowledge and destruction of Atlantis; Earth secrets explanations: Pyramids, Easter Island, the Bermuda Triangle, the Ark of the Covenant, the Loch Ness Monster, and others; life on other planets; various forms of life; and much more.

These books are intended for readers whose minds are ready to accept complex Metaphysical concepts that border on Quantum Physics.

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This book contains more complex metaphysical concepts that Dolores Cannon discovered during the twenty years of her research using the method of regressive therapy.

Some of the topics covered are: parallel universes. How they are formed relative to us and our choice. What we notice, but do not pay attention to it; other measurements; work with energies: use and manipulation; transformation of the body and DNA; Divine Source; aspects of the soul; various forms of life; multiple individuals; about the return of Jesus; and much more.

Humanity is on the verge of understanding and accepting the fact of the existence of other civilizations in our Universe.

Some of the topics studied in the book are: – The presence of the Creator Entity on Earth is the transmission of the Law of One; – Sphinx – to whom this building was dedicated; – underground civilizations and hollow Earth; – Isis – after the flood of Atlantis; – Creatures carrying the energy of Christ – Love; – and much more.

In many of his studies, Dolores Cannon encountered those who lived in an interesting period of time or were familiar with a famous person. Thus, books were written about these exciting events: the trilogy “Conversations with Nostradamus”, “Jesus and Essenes”, “They walked with Jesus”, “Between death and life”, and “Soul remembers Hiroshima”. Then there were people who had contacts with UFOs and aliens: as a result, the books “Keepers of the Garden”, “The Legend of the Star Catastrophe”, “Inheritance from the Stars”, “Keepers”, and the advanced metaphysical series: “Curvilinear Universe” were written.

Over time, she developed her own technique, allowing people to be cured with the help of her mind and Higher Self. This method Dolores Cannon teaches all over the world and still writes new books.

What has been researched forever changed the view of life and death.

In 1945, atomic bombs were dropped during World War II. Our “defenders” and “rangers” in space saw that the Earth was on the verge of disaster. They could not intervene “from the outside,” but they had a chance to influence “from the inside.”

People living on Earth for millions of years, stuck in the wheel of karma. The only way out is pure souls who were not caught in the karmic cycle. Thus, a recruitment of volunteers was announced who wanted to come to the aid of the Earth.

In her hypnotherapy practice, Dolores discovered three waves of these volunteers. Some of them came directly from the “Source” and never before lived in a physical body. Some lived as cosmic beings on other planets and in other dimensions, but these souls embodied in human bodies should play an important role in the transition to New Earth.

What is beyond the mysterious kidnapping of UFOs.

From this book you will learn about cases of time lapses, about spacecraft from other dimensions, about compression or time distortion, about the differences and functions of various alien systems, and much more.

What is beyond the mysterious kidnapping of UFOs.

The book is a continuation of the book “Keepers” by Dolores Cannon.

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Dolores is a world renowned hypnotherapist who uses regressive hypnosis to extract important knowledge that our civilization lost in the distant past. Familiar to the Russian reader on bestsellers “Between Life and Death”, “Jesus and Essenes” and “Conversations with Nostradamus”.

For the past 20 years, Dolores has been an active UFO researcher, author of many books based on reliable information from volunteers immersed in a deep hypnotic dream and having contact with representatives of other civilizations.

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