Gifts for her amazon

What gift to make a girl’s birthday? Every young person necessarily thinks about this question on the eve of a significant event. Not a bad idea – to present the original and useful thing bought in the store – the girl, of course, will be grateful for her. But still the best for her will be a gift made by hand. Fantasize, and come up with some original idea, and try to implement it.

Gifts for her amazon

Depending on the budget, age, hobbies and preferences of the birthday girl, it can be jewelry, sweets, household items and interior.

And also – for a birthday you can time a trip to the recreation center, invite a girl to a romantic evening in a cafe or restaurant, present a gift certificate for entertainment and impressions. To surprise really pleasant, think over and organize everything in advance.

Gifts for her amazon

What can you do with your own hands? Men have their own kinds of handicrafts, from simple materials at hand, with ordinary tools, they work wonders and real masterpieces that you cannot buy in the store.

Practical gifts

Photoframe from puzzles – perhaps, this is the simplest idea of ​​a gift if you don’t know what to give to a girl for her birthday, one of those that you can do with your own hands. Take a thick cardboard, cut a heart out of it. Inside the received figure, draw one more heart, smaller sizes and cut it out as well – as a result you should have a heart of cardboard strips. This will be the basis for creativity. Cover the frame with a layer of acrylic paint of the desired color, when the paint is dry, stick puzzles to it in a chaotic manner. Puzzles paint in the same color as the frame, or in another, suitable for the tone, you can, on the contrary – in contrast. Frame your girl’s photo and go on a visit.

Products made of plywood or plastic – for the work you need a manual or electric jigsaw, skills in working with wood and special tools. The list of beautiful, practical and original things sawn with a jigsaw is quite extensive:

Original panel, napkin holder, candlestick, photo frame, console stand, jewelry stand, shelf, key holder, cool toys, figurines of swans and doves.

If you still have little experience in working with a jigsaw – find a simple, easy-to-follow idea, a girl in any case will appreciate your efforts.

Funny gift ideas with photos

Panel of photo frames – take a few frames for photos, different in shape, but approximately the same size. Collect them in the original composition and connect them with ribbons, chains or decorative ropes – you will get an inexpensive but original gift.

Biofireplace – a warm gift to the beloved girl for Birthday, and a successful option of a fireplace in the city apartment or a small room. Models of biofireplaces can be found on the Internet. But this is not all – with drywall, wooden slats and tile, with your own hands make an imitation of a real fireplace, in which a warming gift will be installed. Your girl will be delighted with such a present!

Glasses with illumination with your own hands – the gift will turn out to be inexpensive, but creative and cool, especially if you use LEDs of various colors in your work. The main thing here – skillful hands. Instead of disposable thin cups, you can take more durable and dense – plastic.

Mini fonder box for chocolate from tin beer cans. Cool option for a gift, make two such things – it will allow you to enjoy chocolate and fruit, comfortably sitting on the couch, or on the balcony. In addition, these products can be taken with you to nature or to the park. Actually, a miniature fondue box can hardly be called a full-fledged gift, but it is these little things that adorn our life, make the rest more comfortable and enjoyable. The jar can be used to warm a cup of tea or coffee. To make the burner look more presentable – wrap it with foil.

The cactus stash is a wonderful gift and a cool stash for storing valuables and money. To do this, take a case from photographic film or from effervescent tablets, and glue a pebble to the lid, and bury it in a flower pot under the cactus. You can also put 2-3 pebbles under the flower so that a lonely stone will not attract attention. When you give – put in a case jewelry, or inexpensive jewelry, made with your own hands, and ask the girl to find them. And even a capsule you can put a flash drive with the recording of wishes to the girl, with her favorite song, photo presentation. Cactus with its thorns will securely keep your secrets and jewels!

“Gold” stand for pens – made of PVC pipes, cut into small pieces. On the one hand, the pipes need to be cut exactly, and on the other – from different angles. Use a glue gun to place the tube on the flat side and attach it to the computer disk. Paint the finished product with golden paint – the gold stand is ready! A handmade product can be used as an independent gift, or with jewelry as a stand.

Coconut box – sandpaper remove coconut from fibers, and cut it into two parts. Remove milk and pulp, rinse thoroughly. Hot-melt glue glue-lock on the inside of the nut. Paint the inside of the coconut with acrylic paint. In a slightly open form, a coconut box resembles a sea shell – all that remains is to put a pearl necklace in it!

A fountain, an artificial waterfall is another creative gift idea for a girl. This simple model is easy to do by hand from ceramic tiles.

House for the animal – for your girl’s pet – cats, dogs, hamster, guinea pig.

A bicycle exercise bike is a great idea for a birthday present for a girl who is not difficult to do with your own hands.

Products from the vine – you can make unusual, creative and practical things from this natural material, but only if you have the skills to work with the vine or your ideas can be implemented by an experienced master.

Beauty Gifts

A house of beads – who said that weaving of beads is exclusively female occupation? It’s not like that at all! Suffice it to recall that all famous jewelers were men. And in this case, in general, we are talking about a genuinely male occupation – “building a house”, even if it is made of beads. Learn a new kind of creativity for yourself, and for the cause – the gift will be original and creative.

Bead jewelery is something that can be put into a box made with coconut.

Figurines and seashell panels are a great example of how creative things can be created from natural material.

The heart of the photo – cut the heart of a large size from any dense material – fiberboard, plywood, plastic, cardboard. Paint it and stick photos of your sweetheart, or your shared photos. Inexpensive, but the original gift is ready.

Make a photo collage using graphics programs. Process the photo of the girl, changing the background and clothes, any creative ideas will be useful. Picture it as an Amazon on a horse, in the form of a biker, a princess, a queen surrounded by flowers and fans. Come up and implement some kind of own idea. Print the composition and insert it into the original frame – the girl’s birthday gift is ready.

And as a birthday present for a girl, you can make minor repairs to home appliances, put the computer and other gadgets in order, if you didn’t have enough time for it.

Gifts with taste

Delight and surprise your girlfriend with interesting and tasty pastry made with your own hands.

Raffaello at home make just enough of condensed milk, coconut chips and almonds. Combine the condensed milk and coconut chips together and mix. You should have a thick mass. Put the mixture in small tartlets and place one almond nut on top of each – the exclusive treat is ready. Candies can be packed in a beautiful box and go to visit!

Do-it-yourself ice cream made from bananas, vanilla and pineapple gelatin. Bananas are better to take soft, overripe. Dissolve gelatin in warm water, grind bananas in a blender. Mix the products, add a pinch of vanilla and put in a mold or in a cup for dessert, and send in the freezer.

Chocolate figurines – can be of various forms from black, milk or white chocolate. As a surprise, you can put a capsule or a bag with a ring, pendant or earrings. If there is no form for sale to implement your creative idea, make a form yourself.

It is easy to make a nominal chocolate, if instead of the usual wrapper on a computer, print a sheet from a photo of the birthday girl. In addition to the portrait on paper, you can write the girl’s name and your wishes.

Transparent multicolored cookies – from regular cookies and Gummi bears. The most inexperienced cook will easily cope with this dish.

Impression Gifts

Massage and chocolate wrapping – a somewhat unusual phrase, a procedure that has recently become fashionable. And you can easily make these gifts at home with your own hands, no matter how unusual they sound. Wrapping is good because cocoa nourishes the skin with useful microelements and makes it supple and silky.

A trip to the recreation center – select the appropriate option, and go this weekend. The trip will be for you both a bright, unforgettable gift and a good rest from work.

Romantic dinner in a restaurant, or at home by candlelight – fun and affordable entertainment. If you decide to stay at home – order food in the restaurant so that the birthday girl does not have to work in the kitchen. As an option – at home, you yourself can make kebabs in the yard or on the balcony.

And yet, together you can make a balloon flight, a walk on a yacht or a boat. Ride on horseback, jump with a parachute, visit an amusement park.

Try to make a beautiful, festive packaging for any gift, present it with smiles, a bouquet of flowers and sweets, with kisses and good wishes!

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