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Gifts and preparation for the holidays do it yourself

Good day. This site is about the ideas of original gifts that you can do yourself. There are not only hand-made master-classes, but also concepts and scenarios of holidays, spiritual family traditions and ideas of unusual greetings. If you are looking for: how to congratulate the director, what to give to men at work, how to surprise for an anniversary or make happy for a birthday, then this site will definitely come in handy for you &# 128578; I really hope that the articles will be useful and make your life more interesting and joyful. I wish you inspiration.

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  • Order an original gift – a portrait – a mosaic of photos. This is your portrait, which consists of many of your other photos.
  • Portrait-Mosaic of flowers or hearts. This is your portrait, made up of many photos of hearts / flowers / landscapes to choose from.

Made 5 poster options for mom. You can download for free. This is a good gift for March 8 or addition to the gift. Print on a4, insert into the frame and donate.

It is possible to print A3 and more, but here I laid out some small options. if you need a larger poster, write in the comments, send you by mail. There in the form there is a line for the mail, only I will see it.

Poster Mom – the most beautiful word.

Who said that angels do not exist? Just on Earth they are called moms.

Gift Ideas for Mom

Home is where mom is.

Mom will replace everyone, but no one will replace her.

If the previous posters were suitable for any occasion, both for the birthday of the mother and for the 8th of March. This one is made for March 8th.

In addition to the poster, you can make 100 reasons to love your mother. Here with the templates.

On February 14, you can give your loved ones chocolates, decorated in shockbox. If desired, in any editor, you can add a personalized label. And you can insert a photo. Prints all borderless on glossy photo paper. A4 format. Print in the photo of the lab or at home if there is a color printer. Biguya all from the inside. If something is not clear, ask in the comments.

Shockbox template for February 14 for free: a box here, labels here.

Mini Valentino on 1 candy "Atag" or heart "Victory". Heart-pattern here, and here the labels if needed.

Calendar 2019 templates: download free

Wall calendar can be done independently, if you know how to insert a photo into a Photoshop template. Well, this can be learned by entering a query in Yandex. And here I will place the most beautiful, in my opinion, calendar templates for 2019.

Calendars all with the ability to insert photos. Well, the text, but not all. Well, the text can be in the top of the text to impose. Very stylish calendar with two photos. Golden, with stars)

Calendar for 2019 – tetraidr! With pigs. Very cool. You can print on A4, then the size is about 8 by 10 cm. And it is possible on a larger format. The template is not for sale. for personal use.

5 more beautiful templates below Read full story →

By the New Year shockbox can be a great gift. He collects quickly enough, and the gift turns out original. Prints a shockbox on photo paper. Labels on paper thinner. Glue pencil with Eric Krauser or transparent moment. Well, this is based on my experience. We cut along the contour, and the places of the fold are prefixed — we pass through them with a non-writing pen, for example. This is so that the fold is even. Bigam need from the reverse side. Here are 10 of the most beautiful free New Year templates.

If something is not clear, ask in the comments. You can add a name and a greeting on the box and the gift will be personalized. This can be done in Peinte, if you do not own Photoshop.

Here are such interesting New Year’s pigs – templates for a candy bird. Templates here and here.

Candy bird – a candy bird milk, square. The pictures show how they look. Sold a lot where. Price about 450 p kg. Delicious. You can use other candies, but the size should be the same. There are fine chocolates. The size is about the same, but not so tasty. Can three tiles thin

chocolates instead of the birds laid. Box with New Year’s pig. Template for a box of 9 candies. And here are the labels. And the bottom 1 and 2.

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