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It doesn’t matter how people manage to sell branded items at 40-70% cheaper. It is important – where to go. Outlets in Germany presented in the form of villages, and in the form of shopping centers. Shopping is nice to make both there and there. Besides, how pleasant is the realization that buying will give things from the last year’s collection a second life. Almost all outletlets in Germany are small villages that live by their own laws. As a rule, there is a central street and many cozy houses. Looking closely, it comes to the realization that not kindly inhabitants live in the houses, but fashion collections of brand clothes.

Famous metzingen

The motto of the center: “Everything is possible. Come, walk and enjoy. ” Around the boutiques, where global brands are sold, there is a wonderful world. There are unhurried walks diluted with frantic shopping. Or vice versa. In the center there are more than 70 boutiques. Adidas, BURBERRY, HUGO BOSS, LACOSTE, NIKE,

German Restaurant Names

Trading areas of the center are adjacent to the museum complex winemaking. Outlet building dates back to the XI century. You can buy your favorite wines with you. Visiting a museum and tasting is a pleasant end to a hard shopping day. Not all outlets in Germany can be said to be in the center of Europe. Metzingen is here. It is located close to Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich.

Frankfurt: Wertheim Village

“Village” -outlet opened in 2004. Became the first big outlet in Germany. And she can buy branded goods with excellent skids. Ride from the city of Frankfurt by car about an hour. Beautiful countryside outside the window brighten up the expectation of successful purchases. Presented more than a hundred international and national famous brands. Versace and Calvin Klein can be bought with a 40-60% sidka! The same discounts are provided on other branded clothing. Wertheim Village is part of the Chic Outlet Shopping Group. The company has two outlet centers in Germany, plus 7 more throughout Europe. All its outlets are designed in the architectural style inherent in the area where they are located. For example, Wertheim Village is created in the style of a typical Franconian village. Neat and simple – a good atmosphere for great shopping. By the way, the town of Würzburg, 30 minutes away from which the athlete is located, was the center of “witch hunts” in the 15th century. But after shopping, tourists love to visit another nearby city – Wertheim. Admire the picturesque landscapes, medieval castles and savor local wine. The city stands at the intersection of two rivers. Through it passes the path to the Romantic Road. This is the original holiday route in Germany through the valley of the Tauber River. The center is open to visitors from Monday to Saturday (from

Zweibrücken Designer Outlet

The name of the city means “two bridges”. It is located on the very border of Germany, Luxembourg and France. Nearby are curious tourist towns of Kaiserslautern and Saarbrücken. Outlet consists of more than 77 stores of famous brands. Prices are lower by 30-70% than in ordinary European stores. And if you get into this place in the sales season, you can buy things at 70% cheaper, but also at a discount. Outlets in Germany proud when they can give the buyer the maximum discount. In form, Zweibrucken Designer Outlet resembles a shoe. Inside the boot there are one and a half thousand parking spaces. Boutiques are also quite original. Someone focuses on everyday life, others stand out for originality, and still others use the storefront as a place to store clothes. Outlets are different from others in style. But it is just as bright, colorful and comfortable. There is a pedestrian area, restaurants and lounges. And in Zett-Vinothek you can taste delicious local wine. The total area of ​​the center is 15,000. So, here you have to thoughtful shopping, there is no need and there is no place to hurry. The atmosphere has a good shopping. The center is open to visitors from Monday to Saturday (from

Munich: Ingolstadt Village

An hour away from Munich, almost in the heart of Bavaria itself, is located the Ingolstadt Village outlet center. Get ready, because there are more than 110 boutiques. In addition to international brands, national brands are widely represented. Leather products Aigner, a popular German brand. Discounts in stores reach 60%. Since the Swiss and Austrian Alps are very close to the village, there is a fairly wide selection of sportswear in this town of shops. Sports brands Bogner, The North Face, Salomon and Helly Hansen are widely represented. In addition to shopping, you can take time to local attractions. Nearby is the beautiful Royal House, built in the XIX century, the monastic church and the Gothic Cathedral. By the way, the outlet center is located in close proximity to the busiest route in Germany. So, if a tourist gets tired of dazzling global brands, he may just go ahead. The center is open to customers from Monday to Saturday (from

Berlin: McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Berlin

The outlet center is considered the leader in the European market. Opened in 2009. Located 20 minutes north of Berlin. The center is not just built in the style of German cities, it reflects the spirit of Berlin as much as possible. The territory has more than 80 stores, where more than a hundred prestigious designer brands are represented. This jewelry, and accessories. But you can find everything up to household items. Discounts on all goods up to 70%. Wide streets enhance the mood of walking, and each store has its own charm. If it so happens that you need to take children on a shopping trip, you can always leave them in the Panda Kids Club. Fun programs are developed for children, there is a pool filled with balls. So, adults can safely replenish their wardrobe, while children are busy. By the way, children’s collections are widely represented in outlets. Dress up a little dandy (or a fashionista) can be from head to toe. And maybe even a few years ahead. For visitors the center is open from Monday to Thursday from

Interesting facts about outlets

The idea of ​​creating trade villages originated in the heart of a consumer society – in the USA. From there villages, where in one place you can buy the best clothes at reduced prices, came to Europe. At first, this culture spread rapidly in England and France. But today, outlets in Germany are opening especially fast. An impressive number of outlets are already operating on its territory. But this is not the limit. In the near future in Germany are planning to open another 11 athlete centers.

The idea to build exactly shopping towns, and not just to sell clothes with discounts in the city center, was not accidental. First, people spend money more willingly when they are in an unusual situation and in a good place. Therefore, the atmosphere in the outlet centers is always friendly and calm. Secondly, emphasis is placed on the collective factor. You must admit that when everybody around is doing what they are buying, one wants to buy something too. Third, a person goes to outlet centers for a specific purpose: to buy something. Therefore, he will buy something to morally justify the trip for himself.

You must purchase a branded bag or suitcase in the outlet. For a lady this is the first indicator of high style. But men need to look at the costumes. This Armani will cost only around 500 euros. Almost all the stores that are in the outlet centers are willing to pay tax free. Sellers in stores speak several languages. By the way, the origin of the name from the English word “outlet” – outlet, outlet, market.

Outlets in Germany is an opportunity to visit the world, which consists of shops, cafes and restaurants. A peculiar country of entertainment, only here they ride not on a swing-roundabout, but on the crest of world fashion. And the most attractive – affordable price. Visiting outlet centers is also an opportunity to see Germany, small cities and local sights. It remains only to save the required amount, and forward. Save time, save money and buy the most fashionable product, even last year’s collections.

Addresses of outlets in Germany:

German Restaurant Names

  • McArthurGlen Designer Outlets D-14641 Wustermark OT Elstal Alter Spandauer Weg 1
  • Wertheim village D-97877 Wertheim Almosenberg
  • Ingolstadt Village D-85055 Ingolstadt Otto-Hahn-Straße 1

Metzingen Outlet D-72555 Metzingen Reutlinger Str. 63

  • Zweibrücken The Style Outlets D-66482 Zweibrücken Londoner Bogen 10-90
  • Wertheim Village

    Wertheim VillageAlmosenbergD-97877 Wertheim

    Zweibrücken Style Outlets

    German Restaurant Names

    Zweibrücken The Style OutletsLondoner Bogen 10-90D-66482 Zweibrücken

    Ingolstadt Village

    Otto-Hahn-Straße 1 D-85055 Ingolstadt

    MacArthur Glen Designer Outlet Berlin

    Alter Spandauer Weg 1 D-14641 Wustermark OT Elstal

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