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“Israeli Riviera” – this is what the locals call the city of Netanya. A relatively young city, stretching along the coast of the Mediterranean, magnet attracts not only tourists from other countries, but also active young people permanently residing in Israel.

Netanya is the largest resort in Israel, in terms of attractiveness and entertainment, is not inferior even to Eilat with its underwater observatory and a host of other exciting adventures. And there is a logical explanation for this: firstly, the territorial location of the city in the very center of the country without effort and time-consuming allows you to visit the main religious sites of Israel, such as Galilee, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, visit the Church of the Nativity, Caesarea, and so on. Secondly, the length of its beach area, Netanya surpasses all other cities in the country (even Tel Aviv).

Thirdly, it is the largest center of the diamond industry. And finally, Netanya is full of sights of the most diverse nature and directions: from museums and memorials, to clubs, pubs and

French Riviera Tours

A huge number of bars, restaurants, pubs and cafes in Netanya, scattered throughout the city, sometimes confusing not only visiting tourists, but also the Israelis themselves, who come here to relax, have fun and have a good time.

And so, which restaurants in Netanya are worth visiting? What prices offer establishments in Netanya regarding other establishments in Israel? Anyway, where to eat in Netanya, after an active holiday or during the evening promenade?

Of course, each person has their own tastes and preferences, both in the form of recreation, and in the choice of cuisine. Restaurants in the Israeli Riviera are focused on a wide variety of culinary preferences of tourists.

And at the same time, the brightest representatives of the restaurant business deserve to pay special attention to them.

Restaurant “Pearl” located on 30 Khader Street treats its visitors with Caucasian and Oriental cuisine. “Pearl” has been working for more than ten years. Here you can just go and choose the amazing juiciness of the kebabs prepared by the chef according to a unique recipe from different sorts of meat, with a toasted crust and hot juice inside, or order a dish to your taste, as the chef performs almost every culinary whim of his guests. You can spend a memorable romantic date: the overall interior of the restaurant is made in very soft colors, and the atmosphere around you just breathes warmth. And you can order a banquet and celebrate any celebration in a big way, and be sure that this evening will be bright and memorable, with delicious food and an impressive show. You can make a reservation or book a table by calling +972 507157541 and count on an average bill of 60-70 dollars.

Exotic lovers will be pleasantly surprised by the famous restaurant “Canton”, which specializes in Chinese cuisine and offers a menu of the most unusual and sometimes unexpected dishes. Canton is located at the Promenade Hotel, located at Gad Machness St. 6. By the way, the experience of the location of restaurants in hotels is used not only in Netanya, but also in other cities. For example, in Eilat, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, there is a restaurant serving its guests delicious European dishes. Due to the special spices, meat and vegetables in “Canton”, have an extraordinary taste, in addition, the restaurant offers a separate menu for vegetarian lovers. In a first-class bar you can find almost any drink. And the view of the sea, opening from the window, enchants with its serenity and power. Dinner in the “Canton” will cost around 80-100 dollars.

Hotel Residence Beach Netanya, restaurant French restaurant, delights visitors with the delights of French national cuisine. Refined, pastel colors in which the interior of the restaurant is made create an atmosphere of festive solemnity and delight the eye of the most demanding aesthetes.

French Riviera Tours

A high-class chef can please even spoiled gourmets, and the fine aromas of wine delight both lovers and true connoisseurs. Visit this miracle at 16 Gad Machness St., Residence Beach Hotel, Netanya, and book a table by calling 830 – 11 – 11.

And in the very center of the city, near the famous fountain in the shape of Leah, in the former theater, the Russian restaurant Maestro opened its hospitable doors. For the “Maestro” built a special structure, where there is an atmosphere of “worship guests and pizza.” The traditional dishes of Russian cuisine, influenced by the French mood, have undergone some changes and appear to be demanding guests in a new light. A great backdrop for an unforgettable dinner is live music. However, it should be noted that the dress code is valid in the restaurant, and it is not possible to simply go to “Maestro” to have a snack, for this you need to be appropriately dressed.

Young people and partygoers will be impressed by Tamnun. This is not just a restaurant, it is the most prestigious nightclub, where party people from different countries strive to get. Actually, this is a whole network of institutions, which has Russian roots. Here they are looking not so much for a pleasant atmosphere and hearty cuisine, as for originality, exclusivity and exoticism. A chef working at Tamnun can surprise with unusual dishes from a wide variety of cuisines and fashion trends in the culinary arts. It is here that the stars, both local and world-wide, appear and rest. To rest and have a snack here you need at least 200 – 25-

Well, if the noisy atmosphere is weary, and there is a desire to eat deliciously in peace and tranquility, you can drive quite a bit (10 minutes) by taxi and get into the wonderful world of the first-class restaurant “Tulip” located high above the sea. Watching from the terrace behind the waves crashing at the foot of the rocks, listening to soft music, enjoying the delicacies prepared by chef Paul Assenham seafood, or fragrant Mediterranean cuisine … What could be better? Juicy, melting in the mouth fish, light salads, amazing pasta with magic drinks, leaving a rich soft aftertaste, remain in the memories with a warm feeling of peace and comfort. Such a pleasure costs an average of 60-70 dollars per person, which is quite affordable. The restaurant is located on Taelet Netanya (translated as Boulevard).

Basically, all the above-mentioned places are focused on a special visit, although, in some, during the day you can come and eat without ordering a table. If hunger found during a tour or a walk around the city, you can go into one of the many small and not expensive cafes. However, against the background of a large supply of road eateries, it is clearly distinguished by its originality “Jacko”. The restaurant is located on the territory of the Turkish market, so its menu is rich in variety, always fresh fish and seafood. Subtle flavors, exuded dishes, wake up an already played out appetite. Be sure to try the restaurant’s signature dish: grilled shrimps with fish, as well as gentle mullet and mezzes. The average bill per person in the institution of 15 – 20 US dollars, in Shekel equivalent. Jacko is located at 7 Giborei israel (Turkish market). Phone 865 28 78.

Of course, this is not a complete list of noteworthy institutions. And, despite the status of the resort, prices in restaurants and cafes of Netanya do not differ much from the prices of other institutions in Israel of a similar level, and all the variety of offers creates a sense of enchantment of the city, remaining for a long time in memory, a vivid illustration of the fairy tale called Israel.

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