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From the designer Lego, you can build an incredible world, inhabit it with inhabitants, create vehicles and buildings, unleash Lego war and defeat the dragon. Impossible is simply not there, because you are the creator of a new legend. Start free to play online Lego games and find out which series are offered by the creators of the country, assembled from bricks and details. In each you will meet a fascinating story, full of events, fantasy, magic, endless possibilities. Become a knight, archer, superhero or vampire fighter.

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Lego games are based on the well-known children’s designer.

The story of the creation of Lego

In childhood we all played with designers, which are produced by manufacturers in a variety of ways, but the most entertaining is Lego. This toy appeared back in 1932 in Denmark. Its author was a carpenter, but in his heart he was a real artist who always made interesting crafts.

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The first Lego of the designer was also made of wood and represented the bricks that interlocked with each other. Since 1949, they began to make toys from plastic and this has a beneficial effect on its durability. But the most surprising is that the early and recent versions of Lego are ideally sized to fit each other.

Lego games in the computer

Lego games are small bricks that are interconnected and you can build anything you want from them. Using your own fantasy, build a house with columns, arches, turrets, windows and doors. When the creative process is overwhelming, you do not have time to look back, as the excitement has spread to large-scale structures and new bridges, buildings like palaces and towers are already seen, and trees, bus stops have grown around them, a car and a yacht have appeared in the garage. Fragment after fragment of Lego grows streets, and even entire busy neighborhoods, like Legoland – Lego countries on the Jutland peninsula.

We invite games to Lego to play without leaving the limits of your apartment, since the plastic country of multicolored bricks settled on our game portal and welcomes everyone who wants to build their own territory in it. All Lego games look the same as the designer himself. Knights and their horses are collected from separate fragments in order to fight Lego monsters, ride along the path past Lego Castle and collect all the coins on their way. Heats on the boats also occur in this entertaining country, and the ship is sailing along the blue waves, ready to overcome the elements and sail to the finish line first. Even princesses live happily in their cubes and treat horses with sweet carrots. But in order to catch the delicacy in the air, you need to help the horse to jump with the keyboard keys. You will see robots walking along the paved streets, and the astronauts are getting ready to go on their flight. Cars are being refueled near the columns in order to set off along the busy highway for the next minute. The Coast Guard patrols the coastal waters, while space rangers are fighting on lightsabers. In the country of Legoland, life is stormy, and you can take an active part in it by starting to play Lego right now. In fact, little that radical will offer you the plots of such unusual fun. You will still be:

  • to ride;
  • run;
  • jump;
  • overcome obstacles;
  • fight enemies;
  • collect bonuses.

Free stopovers

But since everything is done in a non-trivial Lego style, you will feel the novelty of the gameplay and even more like to build a new civilization. Undoubtedly, Lego games online, this is something new for us in the world of gaming business, but as an original idea, it has the right to be presented to your judgment. We are sure that you will certainly like the plots of fun, and you will repeatedly refer to this rubric to discover an unusual, new world of entertainment, performed in multi-colored plastics, but seeming so alive, tangible, diverse. We are pleased to realize that many fans of the Lego game have already appeared, who see it as an opportunity to visit the virtual Legolandia, where all the wonders are collected and various aspects of the life of its inhabitants, so different, but always original, are displayed.

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