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Seychelles is a mysterious and distant world that most people could see only in pictures. The road there is not close, so our tourists often ask how much to fly to the Seychelles from Moscow? Let’s see.

Particularly relevant is the question of how much to fly to Seychelles, if you go on a trip with small children. It is difficult for kids to endure such a long flight. And adults are no better: the child must be constantly entertained and distracted, he must fight his disturbed sleep pattern with all the ensuing consequences.

How to fly to Seychelles from Moscow fastest?

If you want to reduce the flight time to Seychelles from Moscow, use the direct flight. This is the easiest, but quite expensive way. Periodically direct flight from Moscow to the Seychelles is carried out by the domestic company Transaero. Flight time is 9.5 hours. The financial part of the issue is regulated by the players of the tourist market, who offer only full packages of services.

Frankfurt Airport Tour

Foreign carriers

Three major airlines act as the main transit carriers to the Seychelles: Air France, Emirates and Qatar Airways. They offer comfortable flights with a single connecting flight and various transit breaks.

The most comfortable journey can be made with Qatar Airlines with a short transfer in the city of Doha. Many are interested in how much fly to Seychelles from Moscow with the help of these airlines. This flight takes about 12-15 hours. If you have a short docking and the second flight is delayed, be prepared that the total flight time “Moscow-Seychelles” will increase.

Another Arab airline, the Emirates company, delivers to the Seychelles in 15-19 hours, with a transfer in the city of Dubai. Tickets are more expensive than Qatar Airlines, but you get a more comfortable flight and the highest level of service.

Frankfurt Airport Tour

Finally, the third option is how to get to the Seychelles from Moscow: the airline Air France and the flight with a transfer in Paris. This flight will take about 15 hours.

There is another Lufthansa flight with a rather long transfer in Frankfurt. It is the longest in time, since the plane from Moscow to Germany arrives in the evening, and the plane to the Seychelles takes off from Frankfurt only in the morning.

As you know, spending the night in the city can not be avoided. This is not a problem if you have a Schengen visa. In this case, you can walk around Frankfurt, where life is in full swing at night. If there is no visa, you can book a hotel in the transit zone of the airport and relax before continuing the journey.

Tickets must be taken care of in advance, during special promotions or sales. On the airline’s website, you will find out exactly how much it will take to fly to Seychelles from St. Petersburg, Moscow or another city.

Frankfurt Airport Tour

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