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Some celebrities flash in the news every day. And terribly bored. And other stars, on the contrary, do not share photos on Instagram for months, do not act in films, do not record new tracks. And we already started to miss them. But it seems they promise to return in 2019! Rihanna will finally release a new album. Angelina Jolie will return to the screens in the movie “Maleficent 2”. And Justin Bieber is distracted from romantic walks with Haley and will go on a tour that everyone was waiting for.

In late December, fans asked Rihanna when to wait for her new album. And she answered briefly in social networks: “2019”.

By the way, this summer, insiders said that the singer is working on two new albums at once – in the style of pop and reggae. And in an interview with Vogue, she said that lately she has often listened to Bob Marley. And music critics are counting on Rea going back to Caribbean roots.

Fox Studio Tour

The last studio album for today, the star Anti, was released in 2016. And everyone was already bored on the tracks of Ree. And now the fans are waiting!

Chloe Moretz

This year, Chloe Moretz was often discussed. At first, the tabloids wrote about the continuation of their love story with Brooklyn Beckham. Then everyone talked about their parting, and soon about the new romance of the actress. In the interim, journalists criticized Chloe’s style, which was simply terrible. And it seems that everyone forgot that the press once admired her work in the movies. And, probably, they will have a reason to do it again. In 2019, we will again see Chloe on the big screen in the thriller “Greta”, where she played with Isabelle Huppert.

Angelina Jolie

And this year we are bored by Angelina Jolie. No, in the press periodically flashed her photos on walks with children and scandalous statements about Brad Pitt, with whom they could not share custody of children. But we missed new films with the actress. Well, and, of course, on premieres and press tours, because on the red carpet, it always looks fantastic. And here’s a gift. In 2019 we will see Angelina Jolie in the film “Maleficent 2”. In the meantime, you can appreciate the best bows of the star.

Selena Gomez

This year was a difficult one for Selena Gomez. Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin’s wedding, health problems, another nervous breakdown. The singer rarely appeared at social events, almost threw her Instagram and almost did not please her fans with new tracks.

“I have been working on a new album for more than three years. Now I have something to say. I feel that I have matured. And I think you will notice it too, ”Selena said in an interview.

The new album of the singer is likely to be released in 2019.

Megan Fox

When Megan Fox got married, she decided to say goodbye not only to the cinema, but also to the high life. She stopped going to parties, abandoned all projects, and insiders claimed that she would no longer return to the set. Since 2011, she practically had no roles. And in December, the first episodes of her show “Lags Lost With Megan Fox” were released. And everyone is waiting for the release of new episodes, which are scheduled for 2019.

Will Smith will return, because he will appear at once in several high-profile projects in the cinema. “Gemini”, “I am a legend 2”, “Aladdin” … And also Martin Lawrence and Will Smith confirmed that they are working on the film “Bad Boys 3”.

“It’s official. The Bad Guys Are Forever, ”- signed a joint photo of Lawrence on Instagram.

Ian Semerholder

Some called Ian Somerhalder an actor in one role. He had many different films, but only a role in the Vampire Diaries brought him real popularity. And fans dreamed that someday he would declare himself again. And it seems that Santa Claus heard them. In 2019, Netflix will release the mini-series “Vampire Wars”, where the actor played a major role.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart once said in an interview that she was leaving the cinema. And her most loyal fans even began to sadly revise Twilight. But she decided to return. The actress got a role in the re-launch of Charlie’s Angels, which will be released as early as 2019.

Fox Studio Tour

Justin Bieber

This year, Justin Bieber’s name was regularly searched. “Justin and Hayley got married”, “When to wait for Justin Bieber’s wedding,” “Justin Bieber gave his beloved’s wedding ring.” But there was nothing about the singer’s new tracks. And at the end of the year it was reported that he had been working on a new album for a long time.

“His new album will consist of two parts. The first will be devoted to his separation from Selena Gomez. He wants to draw a line under this novel, which lasted for so many years. And the second part of the singer will devote to Haley Baldwin. He will tell them their love story, ”say the insiders.

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