Foldable rain jacket

Military, tactical jacket – outerwear, which is designed to be worn in extreme conditions. Models have a large variety of colors, allowing to get a good masking in any conditions. These military jackets have different pockets for wearing essentials. This outerwear creates a comfortable environment for a long stay on the street at any time of the year.

Buy a park, M65 jacket or Alaska-jacket can be in the size range from S to XXL. For their tailoring using polyester, cotton, fleece, membrane materials, characterized by increased moisture, windscreen. They will suit fishermen, hunters, sportsmen of extreme sports, active people.

Buy a tactical jacket: the main types

The military jacket is known for a wide variety of models that were developed for use by the armies of various countries and special forces. Today its following types are popular:

  • Jacket M65 – designed for the US Army back in 1950. It is designed for an average temperature (up to –10 °). It is made of thick cotton with special protective impregnation.
  • N3B jacket – designed for winter. The model is designed for pilots of the US Army, for its tailoring use flight nylon. It is also called “Park”, “Alaska.”
  • Softshel jacket – outerwear that protects from wind, high humidity. The fabric remains soft under any circumstances. It can be used alone or put on top of another jacket.
  • Anorak – in its cut it resembles a jacket, with a lock of ¼ length, worn over his head. Designed for medium-low temperatures. Processed by teflon coating that repels dirt and moisture.
  • Pea jacket – military-style jacket, made of wool. The style corresponds to the outer clothing of the US Navy.
  • Windbreaker – a type of tactical jacket that protects from rain, wind. It is also called “storm”. It is made of polyester, providing water and dirt resistance.
  • Tactical jacket – Military jacket is designed for demi-season socks, but with a warm undercoat you can walk in the winter.
  • Fleece jacket – a great choice for tourists, hunters, fishermen and just active people who often spend time in the fresh air.

Foldable rain jacket

You can buy a park, Softshel jacket, other types of military outerwear from us. They are produced by famous brands.

How to choose and buy a tactical jacket?

When choosing a jacket, you need to take into account at what time of year it will be used, in what weather conditions. This allows you to choose the right clothes. The color of the jacket is determined by the terrain in which the person will be located, because camouflaging is among its functions.

Online store “Viking”: 5 main advantages of shopping

Alaska-jacket, Parka, windbreakers and jackets are models that can be bought in the Wiking online store. Each customer receives the following benefits:

Foldable rain jacket

  • Free shipping with an order amount of 800 UAH.
  • Receipt of goods in the office of “New Mail” on the day after the order.
  • Return is not approached goods.
  • Consultation with experienced managers before purchasing.
  • The possibility of obtaining discounts for members of the ATO.

Foldable rain jacket

You will be able to buy a jacket from us, which will perfectly serve in urban conditions, during a long stay outdoors.

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