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For many, traveling by plane is a very difficult journey. Someone suffers from aerophobia. Someone does not carry closed spaces. Someone is just not afraid to fly an airplane. To make your flight as comfortable as possible, you need to choose the places that suit you. And for this it is best to get acquainted in advance with the scheme of the cabin of the aircraft in which you fly.

Since S7 Airlines offers more than the best options for tickets, many people prefer to buy them from this airline. In the Navy, S7 Airlines has both Airbus and Boeing. Among the latter – the Boeing 737-800. What is the Boeing 737-800 S7 cabin layout and the best places there? And what is the Boeing 737-800 itself?

Voeing 737-800 – summary

It belongs to the Next Generation generation, the glorious family of the Boeing 737. Initially, this type was designed to Change Boeing 737-400. Unlike the latter, it has advanced engines, a digital cockpit, tail, and a new wing. Differences between them and in the number of places – the first has 170, while the second has 20 more.

Another goal is to create this model in competitiveness with the Airbus A320.

Voeing 737-800 refers to narrow-body types of aircraft. It was developed for flights medium and short range. He has two engines – turbofan, dual circuit CFM International CFM56-7B24s.

Work on creating this type has begun in 1994, but The first flight on it was made in 1997. The first company that acquired such Boeing became German “Hapag-Lloyd Flug”. Most of all, this type of Boeing today Irish Company – Ryanair299 pieces in picking in 189 seats only economy class.

This model has two other modifications – one for administrative and the other for military purposes.

This is one of the most popular worldwide Boeing models. It is not planned to remove it from production. On the contrary, work on its improvement continues to this day. This is what the 737-800 S7 Airplane is.

Вoeing 737-800 S7 – interior layout and best places

Total company 10 aircraft of this series. They have 160 beds – 12 – Business class and 148 – Economy. Total counted 28 rows, of which first three for Business Class passengers.

At the first row of Business Immediately you can see one major drawback. He is in in close proximity with toilets and kitchen, which are located immediately in front of him. Noise and odors can interfere with your flight. But there is an advantage – The reclining neighbor’s front seat will definitely not hurt you.

Boeing 737-800 S7 Airlines cabin layout.

Places in the third row are comfortable, but have one minus. From the housekeeper it is separated only by a small, thin screen., so the fuss and talk of passengers of this class can interfere with your quiet pastime on the plane.

From the 4th to the 28th row there are Economy Class seats.

The fourth row is convenient because it is served first when distributing lunch or dinner, that is, you can safely choose the hot dish you want. Cons are as follows. Ahead of you will be a curtain separating Economy from Business, therefore legs stretch or somehow easier to put them fail. In addition, there are hanging cradles for passengers with children, and this is another source of discomfort.

Places from the 5th to the 8th are quite standard. But 9th has one feature. Depending on the layout of the salons, the windows there may or may not be there. Therefore, check this item with the airline.

The cabin of the aircraft Boeing 737-800 S7 Airlines.

12th row – at all close to emergency exits, therefore, it is impossible to recline the seat backs.

13th row located just near emergency exits, so again, the back of the chairs here will not fold. But there is plenty of legroom. It consists of two seats on each side, so it is convenient to sit there if you are flying together.

However, here you can not put hand luggage or other things, so as not to block the passage in case of an emergency landing. Passengers with children or a dog, as well as disabled people and elderly people will not be given a place here.

Following him The 14th row is one of the most comfortable in all Economy. There is and lot of space, where you can put the legs. You can also quietly recline the chair. Just do not choose places A or F – chairs there are sloping, and one armrest is not enough.

Penultimate 27th row, namely C and D places are not very comfortable there., as they are right by the aisle, which means that you will constantly be disturbed by the queues in the toilets.

Flight passage

The 28th row is the latest, which means that the toilets are right behind it. The discomfort that is associated with the choice of seats there is obvious – smells and noises will be a source of concern throughout the flight.

A couple of tips on choosing a place

We have considered the best places in the Boeing 737-800 S7, and finally, here are some tips on how to choose the right place for you.

If you suffer from aerophobia, that avoid windows. You will also have to wake up the neighbors or disturb them when you need to go to the toilet.

The aisle seats are more comfortable for this reason., but then you can be touched and disturbed by other passengers. In the case of a flight with children, or if you don’t tolerate flying on an airplane, choose chairs close to the toilet.

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