Fireworks in disney world

Kung Fu games were presented to gamers even on consoles, allowing you to control the characters together. Now that technology allows you to play for free online, you can not be limited to one fun, and try everything that is presented in the category. You are familiar with the panda. By – a plump bear, who suddenly turned from a noodle seller into a fighter. Sometimes he is a little awkward, but it does not bother him. You will also learn about the fighting style of the wild monkey, the Bengal tiger and other Kung Fu manners. Choose the vending option and enter the ring to win the champion title.

Fireworks in disney world

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Kung Fu Games – Chinese Traditions

In our country, kungfu is not otherwise associated with martial art, hand-to-hand combat. And therefore for sure you will be surprised by the fact that "kung Fu" or "kung fu"means "mastery", and at home applies not only to the fistfight, but also to the cook, dancer, musician, tailor, that is, to people involved in a certain craft, sports or art of the highest degree of skill. Another interesting news is that kung fu and wushu are synonymous when it comes to martial arts. If you translate the hieroglyphs wushu, you get "martial (or military) art".

Fireworks in disney world

Kung Fu styles (or wushu) there is a huge variety. They are even trying to classify them, but this is definitely difficult to do, since there are no clear boundaries. And yet we define these types:

  • According to principle "North South". Northern style stands out for active movements, kicks. Southern – the exact opposite. There is an emphasis on work with hands and inactivity.
  • On the river valleys: Yellow River, Zhujiang, Yangtze.
  • According to the centers of origin: the Shaolin Buddhist monastery, Wudan Taoist temples and Taoist temples with Buddhist monasteries in the Emei Mountains.
  • Changquan – styles in which preference is given to fights at long distances.
  • Dwanda – fighting style at short distances.

The place of kung fu in life and cinema

Kung Fu is a very beautiful kind of wrestling. It can be compared to a dance with acrobatic elements. Due to the variety of styles, it always looks original, unique. Even during the competition, marks are given for the complexity of the elements, the accuracy of movements, and theatricality. Thanks to the acting skills of Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, as well as trilogies: "Shaolin’s children", "Martial arts of shaolin" and "Shaolin Temple" Many viewers have become kung fu fans.

Fireworks in disney world

Skill is the result of long workouts, when all free time is devoted to hand-to-hand combat, honing the elements of movements, strengthening strength and dexterity. The training platform for you will be free kung fu games, where fun, excitement and entertainment are guaranteed.

Kung Fu in the virtual world

The most famous fighter was the panda Po. At first he was a simple noodle trader, a lazy glutton. It so happened that he became a Dragon Warrior, but before that he would have exhausting training in the Jade Palace. Even having mastered all the tricks, he remains clumsy, and during fights he turns the territory into a disaster ground, turning furniture over, stepping on everyone’s feet, breaking and breaking everything around.

In Kung Fu, the main weapon is your own body, but you can also use various objects. If you watched movies with Jackie Chan, you remember how deftly he turns mops, vases, chairs and other items into weapons. During the battle, it is important to be able to turn obstacles into helpers, and the tables will become springboards, and the sheds will be trampolines.

Playing kung fu games for free, you can continue to communicate with kung fu panda, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and also find that pretty girls are interested in hand-to-hand combat along with powerful jocks, old grandparents and young people.

Bright puzzles, platform games have been created on this topic, and for girls, dress up games in which the heroes need to come up with a distinctive, recognizable outfit before the fight. A kung fu legend game will open the doors of the most famous schools of martial art to teach you its different types. Through rigorous training, you will become a true master who has achieved harmony of the inner world with the outer path of meditation and exercise. Having mastered the secret weapon and ancient knowledge, you will become invincible.

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