Field of dreams field

After the words of Elder White and a woman in a veil, Lin Ming changed his face.

Zenith Palace was almost “destroyed” the Universe of the Dream Akasic?

Then could people looking for a hornless ice dragon be ghosts or something like that?

Naturally, none of this made sense, but the more Lin Min listened, the more he had to guess. These guesses forced his heart to rise straight to his throat. He anxiously wanted to confirm them.

“Hey, you, make sure you don’t let your eyes wander mindlessly.” You are going to see the direct disciple of our Palace Master, the Elder Sister of the Jade River: someone who has a postnatal spiritual icy body. Although the Elder Sister Jade River currently has a student status, she is already treated the same as Elder. In the future, she may even become the next Master of the Zenith Palace. Do you have any idea about the Zenith Palace?

The young maid looked at Lin Ming’s expressionless face. She was afraid that by his appearance he would accidentally cause noise in the ranks of the high-level figures of the Palace, so she warned him.

Lin Ming could not be distracted by the words of this maid. His eyebrows arched, and he asked: – Is the Zenith Palace a sect of the level of the King of the World?

Field of dreams field

After studying the cultivation of Elder White, he found out that the old man was half a step from the area of ​​the King of Peace. And if so, he could have concluded that the Master of the Palace, most likely, was the King of the World. Moreover, it is quite possible that there were more than one King of Peace in the Zenith Palace. In the great world, such a sect was considered not too low.

The young maid looked at Lin Ming in surprise. She did not expect this guy to guess that.

“Miss, I brought a man to you,” another maid informed a woman in a veil.

The woman in the veil paused in conversation with the old man.

“You already saved this man, but instead of letting him go, did you call him here?” Are you hoping to learn from him about the hornless ice dragon? “Elder White shook his head, clearly not thinking that Lin Ming would have any valuable information.

– Not only this. I just think that this person has a formidable vitality of blood, and his inner world is also unusual. It’s a bit strange. Perhaps he is some amazing character …

The old man was going to answer, but in the end, he did not do this and only shook his head.

By this time, Lin Ming had already entered the room.

The room was not too big, but the decor was extremely unique and beautiful. There were ice crystals around, and powerful spiritual energy raged in the room. The chairs, on which there was a woman and an elder, were made of icy jade. From them came a faint mist. It was clear that these are not ordinary treasures.

When Lin Ming entered the room, the woman offered the maid to treat Lin Ming with a cup of spiritual tea, and then waved him to sit down.

– Sir, can I get your name?

– My name is Lin Mook.

Lin Ming called the first name that came to mind.

“Ah, so Sir Lin.” Sir Lin, for what reason did you come to the Great Desert Glacier? And why were you injured?

When a woman in a veil asked this question, her eyes stared at Lin Ming, as if she wanted to see all the secrets of his cultivation.

While Lin Ming was badly wounded, his cultivation seemed to lie between the region of the Divine Sea and the Divine Supreme.

Lin Ming answered: – I will answer all the miss questions, but before that I have my own questions, which I hope the miss can answer.

– Mm? What questions does Sir Lin have?

And Lin Ming answered: – I am from wild places. I studied with my master from childhood and only recently got out of his care, so I know nothing about the outside world. When I traveled the world, I heard someone mentioning the Battlefield of Dreams, Akasic, and that the sects of the World of the Soul are occupied by the wars of the sects in this place. May I ask what the Battlefield of Dreams Akasic is?

Lin Ming guessed that his question sounded very stupid and could even arouse suspicion of this miss. In the end, if even a young maid knew about this, then it should be well-known information.

However, he could not worry about it. In the end, a simple sect of the King of the World like this was not worth thinking too much about.

With his regenerative abilities, although his current wounds were serious, it would not take him long to recover.

And indeed, this woman in a veil looked at Lin Ming with surprise: – You have not heard of the Universe Grez Akashich?

Lin Ming shook his head.

“Your master never really told you about it …” the woman thought it was strange. Although Lin Ming said that he lived in the wild mountains and had never left them before, his teacher should have taught him such general knowledge.

– The Universe of Dreams Akashich is the universe of the world of dreams, shared by all the people of the Soul World. There all exist in the form of soul energy. This universe is vast and limitless and encompasses all seven Heavens that make up the World of Soul. From any place in the seven universes of the Soul World, you can connect to the Akasic Universe using only your own spiritual sea.

– In the Universe of Dreams Akashich, cultivation, power, Laws – everything will be copied in the same way as it actually is, even including weapons and pills. If two masters fight in the Universe of Akzic Grez, this battle will be no different from their battle in the outside world …

From these explanations, Lin Ming’s heart trembled.

Field of dreams field

In truth, he had little idea what was going on.

This Universe of Dreams Akashich was truly similar to the World of Divine Dream, which the Divine Dream organized at the First Military Meeting of the Kingdom of Gods.

Field of dreams field

But the Universe of Dreams Akashich was many times larger than the World of Divine Dream!

The number of masters that the Universe of Dreams Akasic could support was trillions and quadrillions more times than the World of Divine Dreams!

– The soul makers really have such a place …

Lin Ming sucked in the cold air. He well knew how significant the event for the whole race was the fact of owning this type of universe!

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