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I ordered jeans, I knew my size, I only chose a model. I paid the order by prepayment, I received a discount. An hour later, I received a receipt that the jeans went to me. Two weeks later, I already measured the new thing, everything came up. Thanks for the promptness and attentiveness to the client.

Delivery in Voronezh 12 hours

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Delivery throughout RUSSIA

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Direct shipments from Europe

The Jeans MARKET online clothing store offers a wide range of high-quality and fashionable clothing from European brands. The JEMS MARKET chain of stores works directly with major clothing suppliers from Italy, Germany and Turkey. All new collections are available on pre-orders made a few months before the start of the season. This gives our products uniqueness and uniqueness. At the same time, we constantly cooperate with large Turkish factories, which have gained popularity throughout Europe in the production of denim clothing and textile products. High-quality Turkish jeans are distinguished from cheaper Chinese counterparts not only by a more stylish appearance and rich colors, but also by the fabric texture, which gives them much greater comfort and practicality.

Delivery with fitting

For residents of Voronezh, we provide an additional service for the delivery of goods within the city. Shipping cost is 100 rubles on the Right Bank and 200 rubles on the Left.

When ordering in the amount of 990 rubles delivery in Voronezh is free. At the same time, if the client is not sure of the correctness of the choice of size, then at his additional request we can provide him with one or two adjacent sizes for fitting. Payment is made only for selected items.

For residents from other regions, after receiving the order at the request of the client, we can send additional information about the ordered product by e-mail: photos, dimensions, characterizing the product in more detail.

Particular attention is being paid to the quality of goods in the JEANS MARKET stores. Before entering stores, all goods pass a pre-sale check for the quality of tailoring and clothing material.

Before sending orders to customers, the goods are additionally inspected, the completeness and quality of tailoring is checked. However, we guarantee the return or exchange of goods in accordance with the law on consumer protection, if the goods have not matched in color, size and have not been used.

In the event of a factory defect, we guarantee to return the full value of the goods, as well as transportation costs.

Where to buy quality jeans at a reasonable price? If the choice of jeans to proceed from the considerations of fashion and practicality, it is best suited for this jeans, sewn on one of the famous Turkish factories. Back in the early 90s of the last century, Turkish jeans and denim jackets proved to be very durable and practical due to the quality of denim. For 20 years, in a competitive struggle for the sales market, factories turned out to be in an advantageous position. They were able to raise the quality of tailoring to the highest level, preserved the tradition of using only the best fabrics for this and were not afraid to experiment in search of the most popular models and methods of fabric processing. High-quality Turkish jeans can be bought in jeans stores, the average price in 2014 for them ranges from 2500 to 3500 rubles, depending on the processing of the fabric in accordance with the requirements of fashion. In our online store for all jeans up to 20% discount from retail prices. This will be 500-700 rubles savings with each pair of jeans! And if you follow our actions, you can save even more, for example, by purchasing the latest size or by selling shares.

How to choose jeans in size in the online store? Before buying, we advise you to decide on what shoes you will wear jeans. Jeans models are different in width, flare and leg length, so they look different with different shoes. – Men and women with full figures are advised to choose for themselves comfortable jeans with free space in the area of ​​the buttocks and hips. -High and slim girls most go jeans, tight-fitting shape, with narrowed hips and narrowed belt. -Legs look longer in jeans that are tapered to the bottom. -Choosing flared jeans, remember the effect of the pyramid. A wide bottom requires a narrow top and shoes or high platform boots. The dimensions of most jeans are denoted in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm) according to two main criteria: W and L (Waist – waist, Long – length). In our size chart, we also specify the size of the hips for a more accurate selection of the right size.

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