Famous shoulder bags

The fact that any image must be complemented with an unusual and stylish accessory, representatives of the fair sex understood a long time ago.

Women’s fashion handbags [Y] of the year will bring a bit of originality into the appearance of modern ladies.

They surprise with a variety of shapes and sizes, they are pleased with the brightness of colors and unusual prints.

Famous shoulder bags

But, most importantly, every model of a fashionable bag nowadays is not at all like the other, and this means that lovers will stand out from the crowd for sure to find a suitable accessory for themselves.

Those who follow the fashion, just remember last year’s rush to the classic models of bags that keep their shape.

This season they are still popular, but there are other, more unusual models.

Fashion trends of 2016

Bags of square and rectangular shape are designed for admirers of classic and business style.

Famous shoulder bags

This season, classic bag models are not made to give strict geometric outlines, so you can easily find trapezoid, semicircular and even round specimens.

Fans of elegant and discreet models will be able to complement their image with a classic bag with rounded edges – this model is now at the peak of popularity.

Famous shoulder bags

Well, concise retro.

Fashion is cyclical in everything and once popular handbags, and the cases came back to us in the collections of fashion designers in a slightly modernized manner.

Young girls tend to love for the extraordinary, so miniature clutches and cylindrical bags created this season especially for them.

Accessories with a semicircular bottom,

As well as the classic Coco Chanel style chain bags, this will be a great addition to a feminine light look.

For confident young ladies, bags of unexpected designs will fit – in the form of a whirligig, guitar, apple, bear or cube – Rubik.

Interestingly, fashionable experts advise wearing models of currently relevant bags exclusively in their hands, well, or at least, over the shoulder. But what really amazes models of currently popular bags is the variety of types.


As you know, modern handbags can be completely different and this is their main charm. The fashion season 2016 does not limit the selection of shapes, sizes, textures and colors, so you can safely experiment with the image and pleasantly surprise those around you. The only thing that should be considered when selecting an accessory is its compatibility with the elements of clothing, style and its own build.

Basket bags

Original wicker bags are a kind of echo of such a popular now retro style. Last season, models woven from natural wicker, fashion designers supplemented with leather ribbons, giving them even more distinctiveness. This season, the wicker accessory was shaped into the shape of a real basket. The classic tough design was supplemented with leather handles, straps and fittings in the Michael Kors collections. This slightly modernized the classic Slavic design, so that such handbags will be a great addition not only to the summer beach look, but also to a light casual casual style.

Coco-style miniature handbags are synonymous with femininity, so there are always collections of fashion designers. They are given original forms, decorated with sturdy buckles and decorative elements, made from materials of various colors. But still, this accessory does not really fit into the lifestyle of a modern young lady, because nothing fits into it except a cosmetic bag. The season autumn-winter 2016 – 2017 pleased with the increased models of clutches from Mulberry, Chanel, Bottega Veneta and others. Their style is practically no different from the standard, but the spaciousness is really impressive. Wearing them, as before, made exclusively in the hands.


It would seem that it can be feminine in a shapeless leather bag, but the creations of Marni, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce&Gabbana and Ralph Lauren, presented in the summer collections of 2016, proved the opposite to the young ladies. A stylish lemon bag will be a great helper during your shopping trip, and a patchwork fabric bag with leather handles will perfectly complement the light casual style.

Originally look shapeless bags, decorated with summer prints in the form of images of the sea, ships, seagulls. They, as well as possible, adjust on easy summer mood.

Shopper Bags

The constant attribute of fashion collections for several years. Modern women of fashion appreciate this accessory for its unsurpassed capacity, but not often chosen because of a rather ridiculous shape. Season autumn – winter 2016 – 2017 will please even the most indecisive representatives of the fair sex. Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton gave the shapeless accessory more familiar outlines and painted in classic fashionable shades.

Valentino decorated their copies with a scattering of beads and rivets, and as an unexpected addition, they painted images of African animals.

Bags – Backpacks

From now on, you will no longer associate a backpack exclusively with a school. The autumn-winter season has pleased this year with quite original copies of backpacks from Louis Vuitton, Versace, Dasha Gauser, Michael Kors Collection and others. They are full of a variety of animal prints, shrouded in natural furs and delight with an unusual combination of colors.

Who said that the backpack should be worn only on the shoulders? A comfortable leather handle transforms a classic accessory into a rather unusual handbag, which is able to decorate absolutely any look.

Shoulder and waist bags

They can not be called a new trend of the current season, because such models were presented in numerous collections of past years. Modern women of fashion appreciate such handbags for practicality, because they absolutely do not constrain the movements. And eminent designers appreciate the preferences of the fair sex, so the new collections of bags with long straps complement the original elements.

Classic leather handbags from Proenza Schouler and Maison Martin Margiela look very stylish. The famous brand Chanel surprised the fashionistas very much by attaching a belt clip to the miniature model of his accessory.

This element of fashion designers paid special attention to traditional leather models, which undoubtedly emphasized the status and exceptional taste of the woman last winter, to the fashionable collections of the spring-winter season of this year, textile, suede, knitted and even fur bags were also added. The original effect creates patent leather, as well as combinations of several materials in one model.

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