Family Summer Holidays

“We, rural boys and girls, began to work at the collective farm from the age of 8 during the school holidays, and sometimes after school. Tell us how these periods are counted in the seniority. Is it possible to confirm the work by testimony, if archival documents are not preserved? ”This is one of many letters (by the way, it is collective, from Krasnoarmeysky district) whose authors are interested in calculating pensions for work on a collective farm during school holidays. Questions (from Tsivilsky and Cheboksary districts, from the capital of the republic and Novocheboksarsk) sound differently, but the essence is the same. Therefore, the answer is one. Agricultural artels and collective farms operated in accordance with the Model Charter of the collective farm of November 28, 1969, and the Model Charter of the agricultural cooperative of February 17, 1935, explained in the Republican branch of the Pension Fund. Based on these documents, citizens of the generally established working age could be accepted as members of a collective farm (artel), that is, for full-time work, as provided for by labor legislation. Children under the age of 16 could not work as collective farmers on a permanent basis, because they were in school. Therefore, their work on the collective farm up to 16 years is counted in the length of service only during the summer holidays. However, the period of employment in the collective farm of a teenager who has been hired for up to 16 years may be included in the length of service depending on the actual circumstances. Thus, it is necessary to document that workdays were written directly to children and that they received the appropriate payment for the work (in cash or in kind). The main supporting documents are the work record book and the work record book of the collective farmer with records drawn up in accordance with the labor legislation in force on the day they were made. If there is no employment record or it contains incorrect and inaccurate entries, then in confirmation of work periods, references, extracts from orders, personal accounts and payroll lists are accepted. In the event that archival documents are not preserved, and it is impossible to document work on a collective farm as a teenager due to a natural disaster (fire, flood) or for other reasons, it can be confirmed by testimony. Please note, testimony can be confirmed to work as a member of a collective farm from the age of 16. In this case, two or more witnesses who know the applicant for joint work must have relevant documents on the collective farm experience. For periods prior to 1965, the joint work document is optional. Thus, if there are unrecorded periods of work on the collective farm during school and summer holidays, you can apply with a statement and supporting documents to the Pension Fund at your place of residence – recalculation of labor pension will be made from next month.

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when we worked every day, almost all the time, the haycoat potato flax was recorded in the parent’s workbook, usually my mother’s way to be? because at that time all rural children worked

Family Summer Holidays

I also worked on a collective farm in the summer and winter holidays from 9 years

In 1967-1970, we were young boys working in the fields and farms-barns of the Ilishevsky district of the collective farm “Bazytamak”, then the collective farm was separated and the collective farm “Igencha” became

Family Summer Holidays

Our children and I, including working on a collective farm from 8-10 years to 4 hours, received a salary at the cash desk of the collective farm.

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