European tour for older people

As I told you, the reputation of the resort for pensioners was firmly established for Fethiye. Indeed, the concentration of older people is much higher here than among tourists of other ages. This is especially noticeable on the Calis beach promenade, where 90 percent of grandparents are 90% of all the rest. From this we can conclude that young and active travelers have nothing to do in Fethiye, but this is certainly not the case. Let’s make a list of what you can do at this resort and what you need to see in Fethiye and its surroundings, if you can’t sit still (regardless of your age).

7 sights of Fethiye

1 Lycian tombs

Starting sightseeing Fethiye need, perhaps, from the Lycian tombs – this is what is called the local “must see”. Even if you are not very interested in history, it is necessary to see these buildings of the 4th century (!) BC at least with one eye. By the way, many tourists buy excursions to the Lycian tombs in Dalyan, and do not even know that they are in Fethiye right next to them. If you want to explore the most famous tomb of Fethiye – the burial place of the ruler Amintas – then prepare 5 lira for the entrance and strong legs for climbing steep steps.

2 Fethiye Castle

Opposite the Lycian tombs are the ruins of Fethiye Castle, so the inspection of these sights should be combined. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much left of the castle (unlike, for example, the stunningly preserved castle in Bodrum), but it offers a gorgeous view of the whole of Fethiye. By the way, a great place for a picnic – take a couple of kebabs, pomegranate juice, a blanket and go to admire the scenery. Here’s an idea of ​​what to do in Fethiye.

3 Embankment and Fethiye Center

Of course, you need to explore and Fethiye himself – for this go to the embankment and the port. This is a great place to stroll in the evening after a day at the beach, as well as book yourself a sea tour the next day. Here, a little further from the water and closer to the mountains, is a shopping street with small shops and high-grade boutiques, including famous local brands.

4 Ancient Amphitheater

The ancient Roman amphitheater looks very strange against the backdrop of modern yachts and cruise ships in the port of Fethiye. Unfortunately, we only saw the amphitheater in the picture, because we did not immediately find it on the moped, and then it was somehow not up to it. In the summer, concerts are held here, and it seems to me that such an unusual event is worth a visit if there is such an opportunity.

5 Fethiye Museum

If you are interested in history or you have absolutely nothing to do – visit the city archaeological museum. We also wanted to be not in the buildings, but to explore the resort and all that is close to it.

What to see around Fethiye

1 Calis Beach Embankment

When Fethiye studied, you can go to the neighborhood. Start from Calis Beach and the long promenade along it, which will take you half a day (with a stop for lunch or dinner in one of the cafes located here). Although I would recommend settling in the hotels of Calis, and from there explore Fethiye and other interesting places nearby (we did just that and walked along the embankment every evening). By the way, there are still amazing sunsets here and you should enjoy them at least once in a quiet romantic atmosphere, without any haste.

European tour for older people

2 Abandoned Village Kayakoy

I wrote a great article about the ghost town of Kayakoy, so I will not repeat it, but I’ll just say that you should definitely go there.

3 Oludeniz Beach

If you get to Fethiye, then you will not be able to see the stunningly beautiful Oludeniz Bay. Take advantage of local shuttles or rent your own transport, but be sure to spend at least a few hours on the local beach. I also recommend climbing into the mountains and taking a photograph of Oludeniz from a height.

4 Kidrak Beach

After Oludeniz, the next beach from Fethiye is Kidrak. The entrance there is paid, although we once arrived closer to sunset and nobody asked for money from us. The place is remarkable in that it is very poorly populated and almost wild. Anyone who, like me, loves quiet uninhabited beaches, Kidrac will love it.

5 Knight’s Island

This island is perfectly visible from the Fethiye waterfront, because it is located directly opposite the resort. Despite the tourist activity on the mainland, Knight Island retains its silence and island comfort. Apparently this explains the popularity of local real estate and the high cost of villas located here. Tourists can get to the island during a sea excursion or by water taxi, which runs from the mainland. Guides write that there are many wonderful wild beaches, but since we have not been there either to confirm or deny this information, I can not.

6 Saklikent gorge

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions, because in the gorge Saklikent from Fethiye carry organized tours. True, most vacationers speak of traveling as boring, and of the gorge itself as unworthy of attention. The problem, as always, is in mass. The gorge is best to inspect on their own, having time to visit it to numerous tourist groups. Depending on the level of your physical fitness, you can choose which route to take. You can read more about the gorge here.

7 Uzumlu Village

Located about 40 kilometers from Fethiye, which means it is a great destination if you rented a moped (although you can also take a shuttle bus here). It is a quiet, pretty place with its historical monuments. Nearby is the settlement of Dzhadiand with a whole complex of ancient Roman-Lycian ruins, which certainly deserve special attention. And since the village is located in the mountains, it offers a great view of Fethiye.

8 Xantos, Tlos, Dalyan, Patara, Kalkan, Kaputash, etc.

All of these are villages and towns known far beyond Turkey, either because of their natural landscapes, or because of their historical value. You can examine them on your own or as part of an excursion group.

Things to do in Fethiye

1 Rent a moped

All that I wrote about renting a moped in Oludeniz is equivalent to Fethiye. If you know how to manage two-wheeled transport – do not miss such an elegant opportunity to study the local resorts and everything that will be within your reach.

2 Ride a boat to the Valley of the Butterflies

We drove to the Butterfly Valley on a moped, but only took a picture of it from above, did not go down to the beach itself. You can take the boat and get to this picturesque place and even stay there for several hours (until the arrival of the next boat).

3 Take a sea tour of 12 islands.

If you are more favorable to sea trips than we are, take a popular local excursion – a tour of 12 islands (there still seems to be tours of 18, 20 and

4. Go on excursions

We do not really like organized trips, but for many it is a great opportunity to diversify the rest without any problems. I photographed for you the cost of excursions in the agency Hanibal tours, which is located in Oludeniz, as well as in Hisaronu. It was here that we took the moped and the car, so the agency is more or less verified. Here you can organize your paragliding flight – a popular local entertainment.

5 Go to the local market

Every Tuesday and Friday a large market opens in Fethiye. Find it is not difficult – it is located along the river near the main street of the resort. You will notice that in the late afternoon, awnings appear there, which are not available on other days of the week. If you have difficulty finding a market, ask the local people, they will definitely direct you in the right direction. The range on the market is chic – olives, fruits, vegetables, nuts – all this in a wide variety and at very attractive prices. We scored there 2 bags of all goodies)

On the other days of the week shopping in Fethiye is also possible. We don’t really like to go to the malls on vacation (although we sometimes get a break), but we rarely walk past supermarkets. It is very interesting to walk along the grocery lines and find something tasty and unusual. Often it is in large supermarkets that we find gifts for friends and relatives, because we love to delight them with tasty items, and not with banal magnets. In Fethiye, we often visited big Migros (you can easily find it on any city map). In addition, in the center of Fethiye opposite the waterfront there are a large number of shops with clothes, souvenirs, jewelry, appliances and other things. Also, if you go to Oludeniz, you will see a large shopping center on the way. In it you can find both international and well-known local brands of clothing.

7 Take a water taxi from the center to Calis or vice versa.

I enjoyed this entertainment so much that I rode the boat three times) In my opinion, this is the perfect way to get from Fethiye to Calis and vice versa. It is such a boat trip 6 lire. In Fethiye, boats depart from the embankment (where there are many excursion ships), and in Calis from the canal, which you can easily find if you turn from the embankment to the side of the road. And if you don’t find it, ask the locals.

8 Rent a car

And so I got to one memorable day, which I will tell you in detail. On this trip we first rented a car. As we dreamed of once, we rode with an open roof along the blue sea along the ideal mountain serpentine. True, our car was killed completely Suzuki Samurai, but it did not spoil the impression (although I had to be nervous, because the machine turned out to be with character). We chose the Fethiye-Kaputash-Kas city beach, but you can go to any nearby town I mentioned above in paragraph 8 “What to see in the vicinity of Fethiye”. In general, Turkey is an ideal country for traveling by car, and I hope someday to travel between small towns, staying in each for a few days. But this is another story altogether)

Very unprofessionally written, all the advice comes down to asking the way from the locals. Or it is located where there are many excursion ships. Where is there? And this is where the main road is. Where is this road? Why write in general if there is no specifics, you would spare your time and ours

This article is about what to see in Fethiye, and not the exact route with coordinates. I always recommend now before you go download maps to your phone.

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