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Detailed descriptions of excursion programs and prices on the site “Excursions in Egypt” are grouped into three main resorts with international airports, Taba, Hurghada Sharm el-Sheikh.

Egypt Tours

On the main page of the resort you will see a list of excursions with photos by clicking on the name of the excursion you are interested in, after which you will be taken to a page with a detailed description and price.

You can also learn a lot of interesting information and learn the opinion of our customers by reading the blogs and questions / answers section.

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In connection with the improvement of the political situation in Egypt and the abolition of additional security measures in hotels with

Egypt Tours

In addition to stunning relaxation in the rays of the gentle sun and the gentle waves of the Red Sea, visiting our country you can take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to get in touch with the ancient history of mankind. After all, Egypt is a treasure trove of historical and architectural monuments of mankind. Visit the pyramids of Giza, Saqqara, the first Christian monasteries of Anthony and Paul, climb the mountain of Moses and meet the first rays of the sun there. Fly in the Dead Sea visiting Jerusalem and marvel at the beauties of the ancient city of Petra.

Egypt Tours

Excursions to this wonderful country rich in ancient monuments and natural wonders, whose name is Egypt.

We, the company Marwan Tours, offer you a wide selection of group and personal tours in Egypt at the lowest price of the highest quality in all resorts in the country as well as in Cairo. Representatives of the agency in Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh and Taba will always help you throughout your stay on vacation and satisfy your needs and demands for interesting and exciting excursions in Egypt.

The wonderful climate, warm sea, wide sandy beaches, high-quality hotels, a variety of excursions, exotic spirits and our impeccable service – all this will help make your holiday in Egypt unforgettable: and you will want to return here again and again. We are waiting for you in Egypt!

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