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The most distant island in the world is located in the Pacific Ocean, at a distance of almost 4000 km from South America. it Easter Island (Easter island, Isla de Pascua, Rapa Nui) – amazing place, homeland moai. Who has ever dreamed of going there? It seems to me that everyone ever thinks about going on a tour to Easter Island and feeling like Tour Heyerdal. At least in dreams. For some reason, this volcanic island in the middle of the ocean has become a symbol of a mysterious place, native to everyone, but equally incomprehensible. And I do not exaggerate when I say that we can call the distant Rapa Nui to our relatives. But to find out for sure, you need to find out how to get there in the most budgetary way.

Easter Island

Think about this place. A small piece of land formed by three volcanoes somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Its nearest neighbors are at a distance of more than 3,700 km — this is Chile — and 4,000 km, if you like. get to the idols of Easter Island from another beautiful place on Earth, from Tahiti. Although, to be honest, Pitkairn Island is closer, but there is no air communication with it. As you can see, all this way is not close. So the preparation for this journey must begin from afar.

What kind of people live there, how did they find themselves on an island in the middle of the ocean, and who controls them? Why and how did they make idols like that which are nowhere else in the world? The greatest traveler of our time tried to find the answers to these very interesting questions. Thor Heyerdahl. We also wanted to take a closer look at the island, which the language does not turn to be called Chilean, and its population. Yes, legally, Easter Island is part of Chile, and in fact its residents do not even pay taxes, that’s it! And almost all of their income associated with tourists visiting the island in limited groups. Every day they fly and flies as much as the only airline that flies here from the mainland. So let’s begin, of course, with the purchase of tickets in order to be among the lucky ones who have visited Easter Island and who have seen stone idols.

Easter Island Ticket

As mentioned above, the road to Easter Island starts from the airport in Chile or Tahiti. On a visit to the moai, the idols of the island, two LAN aircraft arrive – from Santiago at 12 noon every day, and from Papeete (Tahiti) – once a week. A couple of years ago, they introduced an additional flight from Lima, but it didn’t justify itself for some reason, so still – the easiest way is to fly from the Chilean capital.

But this does not mean that it is imperative to come to Santiago in order to fly to Rapa Nui. For example, we flew from Bogota (Colombia) with a transfer to Santiago, which was convenient for us, since in Colombia our journey to South America ended, and we wanted to leave Easter Island for the last, as the sweetest. There are similar flights from Lima airport and, for sure, other cities where the LAN flies. At the price of such a flight, it turned out to be even slightly cheaper than the cost of tickets only the second segment of Sanyago – Easter Island on the same day.

So you need to look for tickets in advance – from Santiago or another city. Now prices – from $ 650 to $ 3,000. This is if you are tied to dates at least a little. Usually the cheapest flight option island with idols went out with departures on Fridays. In any case, you need to play with dates and check where it is cheaper and more convenient. We first looked at the planes from Lima, knowing that around December we will again be in the Peruvian capital. They also searched for directs, assuming that at the end of November we would be able to travel from San Pedro de Atacama to Santiago if necessary. Then there was a New Year boom in prices, and by the end of January reasonable prices from Bogota appeared, where we planned to be at that time.

If you order exclusively Easter Island Tour, then your journey will be incredibly expensive, and the flights will exhaust you. Therefore, if you are going to fly there from Europe, then it is better to dilute this trip by visiting one of the capitals of South America – Bogota, Lima, Quito or Santiago de Chile. So you can get cheaper tickets to pick up, and take a break from long flights, diversifying your cultural program.

We paid $ 740 for Easter Island ticket and back to Santiago de Chile. This is not the cheapest option, but the best that we could find with strict binding to the route and dates for two months. If you want your vacation to coincide with the tickets, then carefully watch for discounts and offers on the LAN site.

We recommend to see prices. tickets to Easter Island Online

Features of the road to Easter Island

Another detail that was discovered during check-in on the way to Easter Island. If for some reason you have a lot of time between connections, do not expect to see Santiago. Is that you are traveling light and the question of money for you is not the most significant. When you fly an international flight, in order to transfer to your home on Easter Island, the luggage will be checked in until the end, but you will still need to get it to Santiago and then hand it over again, and it will have to pass phytosanitary control. All kinds of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and so on cannot be imported into Chile. When we drove into Chile along the Earth’s border, it turned out that in fact only coca leaves are being searched for, but it’s probably also difficult to leak with fruit. At the airport, everything is much more serious! Do not darken your way to Easter Island by butting with Chilean customs officials.

Where to stay on Easter Island

So, there is a ticket! Hooray! Here we must remember that the Russians can be in Chile (and the island was annexed by this state some time ago) 90 days free. So worry about visa issues is not worth it. Now it is worth deciding how to arrange your accommodation at Rapa Nui.

As expected, the unique island feeds its inhabitants through tourism. And since no one has a choice (you don’t want to come here, go to watch the idols of moai elsewhere! But in which one?), Then you have to put up with the prices assigned by the owners of the bungalows and hotels. And because of its island position, everything in the world materials, products, goods and equipment come from the mainland by sea in containers, and of course there is more expensive here than on the continent (and prices are very high in Chile!). So you have to accept and pay. You want see moai, Yes?

Nevertheless, we made a selection of inexpensive, but very good hotels on Easter Island, and also tell in detail about the campsite, where you can stay in a tent.

Best cheap hotels on Easter Island

  • Cabañas Isla de Pascua – assessment

    Hotels on Easter Island

To search for hotels we always use the site.

Find and book hotel on easter island at a bargain price you can right here:

Camping on Easter Island

If the prices in hotels seem to you too high, then you can find a way out of this situation! In 2003, in the city of Hanga Roa opened the first camping on Easter Island! And if this is your option, then welcome to Camping Mihinoa, which is located right on the ocean, ten minutes walk from the city of Hanga Roa. Accommodation here costs 5,000 pesos ($ 11) per person with your tent if you live more than 3 nights. If only 1 or 2 days, the price is 8000 pesos ($ 16). It is more profitable to pay in pesos, because on Easter Island its own exchange rate (when we were on the island, the rate was 618 pesos for 1 dollar in a bank, which is 3-5% worse than on the mainland).

If you do not have a tent, but you are ready to live in the one provided by the hosts, then you will have to pay 8000 pesos. There is also a dormitory with a shared toilet for 10,000 pesos ($ 20) and a private room with a shared toilet from 20,000 to 30,000 pesos per room or with a private toilet for 25,000-35,000 pesos per room. Check out in

  • Important information: book a place at the camping site Mihinoa this link>> in advance, as the campsite is quickly filled.

Also, separately you will have to pay 2000 pesos for the use of electricity, if you need to charge your electronic devices, and 5000 for the use of the Internet (payment for electricity is already included here). True, it is terribly slow, but you can check the mail and share with your friends the joy of being on Rapa Nui. So the price of camping is a real chance to see Easter Island and the world famous idols for budget travelers.

Camping hosts will meet you and pick you up from the airport for free, and your road to Easter Island will be passed. What will be at its end? A shared kitchen with a personal locker, which can be locked and common bathrooms are also guaranteed. But toilet paper, soap and a towel will have to bring with you. Uncomfortable, but the sunsets around the ocean can compensate for this disadvantage. And starry sky at night. And most importantly – good weather most of the day.

The thermometer usually shows here 20-25 degrees, only in local winter (July-August) it drops to 15 degrees. In the summer (January-February) it often rains here, so bring your raincoats with you. The rain rolls suddenly when you do not expect it, because the sun has just shone. He also pours a little, about 15 minutes and again the blue sky above his head. The main thing is to get a raincoat in time! So with this weather camping on Easter Island it will be pleasant – the sunset, the starry sky, the rumbling waves and the soft breeze will be your companions.

Cons living in a campsite? Of course, they are. But this must be accepted as inevitable. Easter Island is a warm place, and there are a lot of people here. Or maybe few. We only saw cockroaches. Big ones. But they appear only at night, with the sunset. And sleep during the day. And you sleep at night. And everyone will be happy. Tour Heyerdahl also complained about them, but tolerated them. So we suffered a few days.

However, the problem with housing is solved!

Budget accommodation on Easter Island can be at the campsite.

On the territory of the tent camp on Rapa Nui

Camping Mikhinoa overlooking the ocean. Behind the fence – infinity

Easter Island Morning

View of the campsite from the road leading around the island

Our tent, which has already been to almost all US national parks and the Peruvian Andes, stands on the Pacific coast on Easter Island

Kitchen for residents camping Mikhinoa living in tents. And for those who are in the houses – the other

Do not forget to sign your package with products and indicate the date of luggage when stored in the general refrigerator. Once a week, expired forgotten packages are destroyed

In the evening at the stove will not overflow

How to explore Easter Island – transport or tour

Of course, you can remove any vehicle (car, scooter, great) or buy a tour. But some sites located in the city and not far from it can be visited, walking under the warm Polynesian sun. The main coat is not to forget! And if you are experienced hikers, then you can get a little further away and make a couple of walks all day. Or even settle in a tent where you like, away from civilization. After all, each has its own road to Easter Island, and on the island, too, everyone has different paths.

We decided to combine walking on foot and trips around the island on a scooter. Renting a bike costs 12,000 pesos, and a scooter costs 20-25,000 pesos, a cross-country motorcycle costs 30,000 pesos, an ATV costs 40,000 pesos and cars from 45,000 pesos. Rights at the lease – are needed. An international driving license with the required category open must be in possession.

Sample prices for rental vehicles

All this is an approximate theoretical scenario, and of course you need to know. But in practice it always turns out more fun!

Our road to Easter Island – as it really was!

We flew out of Bogota with the flight of the airline LAN, six hours flew to the capital of Chile, Santiago. Here we had to spend the night at the airport. We found comfortable sofas on the third floor of the international terminal, and there we even managed to take a nap. We have a separate article with helpful tips about the airport of Santiago de Chile. By the way, we had to say goodbye to the oranges that we bought in Bogota, with the hope of having them eat at night during a long wait. Employees of phytosanitary control in the capital of Chile were so surprised by our audacity (they found 7 undeclared oranges and boiled eggs!) That they did not even notice the apples and sandwiches with cheese. Since the eggs were boiled (they were convinced of this by breaking them), they even gave them to us. But oranges were arrested with great enthusiasm! None of the idols from Easter Island would understand this treatment of fruit, but we did not deal with moai, but with government employees in the performance, so we could not come to the oranges, although we tried.

Having somehow spent the night at Santiago airport, we got quite sleepy to our gate in the morning. We waited here for some time (the flight should have been at

We went shopping for coupons at Gatsby’s restaurant, famous for its breakfasts and lunches. The best offer to eat at the airport is unlikely to be found. By half-past two, we returned to the gate, and about three of us were again “pleased” with the news that the landing would begin only in an hour and a half. So both we and business class ticket holders were equally inconvenienced at the airport. But we really wanted to see Easter Island, so we just waited for the weather to take pity on us.

Easter Island Travel


By the way, they say that at the airport of Easter Island Mataver even more stringent phytosanitary control, but no one checked us at all. Maybe, just the customs officers had already rested at home, or maybe they didn’t care about that day before who brought what to the island with them.

Tickets to the national park on Easter Island. Is it possible to save?

Before baggage claim airport mataveri there is a kiosk with tickets to the national park (required when visiting Orongo and Rano Raraku, all other sites are free), where they can be purchased for $ 60 or 30,000 pesos. Yes, in the peso pay more profitable. Previously, the airport prices were less than at the entrance to the national park, but this is no longer the case. Now everywhere became the same price tag. Looks like moai voted for justice.

We do not advise you not to buy tickets to Easter Island National Park in order to save money. In the end, if you have already paid at least a thousand dollars for the tickets to the island, is it worth saving fifty dollars and disgracing? Moreover, it will be extremely inconvenient if you get caught without a ticket. After all, they are not sold at the entrance to Orongo or Rano Raraku, they are only checked there. You can only fly around at the airport and at the CANAF office (the latter is on the way to the volcano, in addition to the tickets we were given a detailed map of Easter Island).

If you arrive at the sites before opening or after closing, in the evening you will have little time to see, but in the morning on the road you will be blocked by the barrier. Of course, it can be circumvented. But the ranger who came to work, (yes, there are rangers on Easter Island, if there is a national park here, so everything is serious!), You will most likely notice your scooter or bicycle and realize that a hare has crept into the quarry.

Having a ticket gave us the opportunity to visit paid sites several times. When we came to Quarry Rano Raraku too early, the park worker let us in, but he didn’t put a stamp on visiting on the tickets, as there was no ranger yet. And we went as if for free. And we realized that we could return home to moai again. And that’s exactly what they did. The second time, we already received a note about the visit in the ticket and signed it in the journal.

But on our favorite Orongo we came four times. The first time we came as usual and received stamps. The second time we went on foot and thought that if we were not noticed, we would go and walk again. So it happened. Then we arrived at sunset, when the ranger was no longer working. And we again went free and sat on a bench, looking at the ocean and islands.

The most memorable visit was the last one. We decided to ask honestly the ranger if we can come in again. Kind woman Maria Chavez recorded in her journal that lets us under our responsibility. After all, we sincerely said that we really liked it, and we want say goodbye to Easter Island right here, on Orongo. Maria asked us not to go to the petroglyphs, and we happily went to look at the ocean and the high rock in it, remembering, of course, the fairy tale about the brother rabbit and the bush of thorns.

But the most important thing was that we always felt calm, because we bought tickets, and no one could catch us and punish us for wrongdoing. Locals treasure their moai, which feed them. And although they do little for the infrastructure, they can still catch the violators. The statues of the island give them strength.

Easter Island Travel

A ticket to a national park on Easter Island costs $ 60 or 30,000 pesos. What is cheaper – you decide

All this we did not know when we arrived at Rapa Nui. The delay due to weather conditions took us half a day, but from the morning of the next day we went to explore the island and get acquainted with all the idols! We had five fabulous days ahead! And during this time we understood why he seems so familiar. We have written a detailed guide for Easter Island, so read it and plan your visit to Rapa Nui.

Budget trip to Easter Island

To confirm the given thesis about the possibility to visit on Easter Island budget, I will say that we spent there in five days 187,000 pesos, which equals $ 300. For comparison: once I spent the same $ 300 for a 10-day visit to Cambodia. This, of course, does not include air tickets. This will be the biggest expense item. But if you guess the dates and get on the LAN share, you can still decent save. So the dream is not so unattainable. Dream and act!

At the airport Mataveri all meet with flower garlands

And Moai also meets at the airport

To the passenger terminal you need to walk on the airfield, as in the Maldives

Easter Island Lounge

Soon this handsome liner will take us across the ocean back to South America

Landing has begun, we go on foot to the plane

Idukanov on board do not take

Do not fly away without really recognizing the island.

Flights to Easter Island

To see the moai, you need to fly to the island of Rapa Nui, which is part of Chile. From Moscow to Easter Island it is most convenient to travel by plane with two transfers – in one of the European capitals and in Santiago de Chile.

We recommend to see prices on Flights to Easter Island Online

Hotels on Easter Island

To search for hotels we always use the site.

In addition, these sites are not always required to immediately pay for the hotel, and you can cancel your booking if you change your mind. Via

Find and book suitable for you hotel on easter island at a bargain price you can right here:

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