Early spring 2019

On January 11, Orthodox Christians honor the memory of 14,000 babies who were killed at the behest of King Herod in Bethlehem. The wise men, who showed their respect to the begotten Jesus, did not tell Herod about his whereabouts. And then the angry king ordered the beating in Bethlehem of each infant up to two years old.

Joseph, the husband of the Virgin, in a dream an angel appeared who told him to leave the city with his family. So at the time of the terrible infant execution Jesus was already on his way to Egypt.

The day when babies were beaten was the most miserable of the year. Therefore, he received the name Terrible Day, or Terrible Evening. Those born on January 11 are plagued by misfortunes throughout their lives.

Rites and traditions of this day

Not only is January 11 an unlucky date, but it’s also hard in the cold outside. Therefore, our ancestors today tried not to leave the house without any particular need, and dedicated the day to the children, read fairy tales with them, and solved riddles.

Early spring 2019

In the awful day, the kids were especially protected. In the morning, parents went to church and prayed for their children. They were not let out of the house, according to popular beliefs, evil spirit on this day leads to the hunt for children.

She can frighten them to stutter or interfere with restful sleep. To protect infants, dried thistle flowers were placed in a cradle. Older children were placed under a bed with a hammer, sickle or ax.

There are a number of prohibitions on the Terrible Day, which the Slavs tried to carry out without question:

Handle salt with care. It cannot be scattered today, otherwise you will spend the next year in quarrels and tears.

Early spring 2019

It is impossible to sleep on January 11. People say that you can sleep through all your memory.

Women can not “gasp” and “groan”, it is possible to click into the family trouble.

The wife should not give the husband a towel on this day, otherwise he will dismiss her hands and beat her.

If on January 11 they knock or call your house, do not go open the door for the first time, because you can start a disease. When you wait for the second knock or bell, then you will open it.

It is undesirable to be alone in a terrible day so that evil spirit does not take possession of the mind.

Today, do not take loans, do not borrow money, do not make major purchases and transactions, there is too much likelihood of fraud or deception.

All your troubles, anguish and illness burn in a fire today

Light day by January 11 more and more is added, and from that the evil force is even more raging, it is dirty to people. Our ancestors believed that in a terrible evening evil spirits walked on the earth and we could face it face to face, so we tried once again not to open the door.

In the Last Day it is customary to make a fire in the courtyard of the house. It was believed that it is invisible threads associated with the sun, and on earth due to the fire becomes more light. According to national signs, in the flames not only firewood is burned, but also all ailments, troubles and sorrows.

And in order to enhance the effectiveness of the ceremony, it is recommended to throw into the fire a thing reminiscent of a sad event (for example, a shirt in which they were lying in the hospital).

We must get closer to the fire and list all that you want to burn in it:

1. diseases (own and relatives);

2. failures, offenses, heartaches, lack of money;

3. bad luck, hopelessness, fear, fear;

4. anger, envy and negativity;

5. problems last year;

6. evil eye and damage;

7. enemies, detractors and envious;

8. irritation and inability to be silent;

9. discord in the family or loneliness.

At the end say:

“Let the big fire cleanse everything that surrounds me and my relatives. Let all of the above burn with a blue flame, never rise from the ashes and never return to us. ”

People signs January 11

If January 11 is warm, then spring will be early.

A strong blizzard on this day foreshadows an overcast July.

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