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Everyone knows what California is. The state, whose attractions are known to the whole world, became famous primarily due to Hollywood films. In addition to the famous Los Angeles, there are 480 cities and 58 districts. Traditionally, California is divided into two main parts – north and south. It is noteworthy that 35% of the state is covered by forests, and 25% by deserts. Another 27% of the territory falls on valleys and settlements, 3% – on various reservoirs. The rest of the state land is occupied by mountains. This contrast makes California an extremely interesting place to visit.


This is a very beautiful area. This should go first if you decide to visit the state of California. Sights (what to see and where) are described in detail in any tourist guide. for example, the state capital of Sacramento is located in Northern California. In addition, it is in this part of the territorial district that the famous San Francisco is located, located on the shores of the bay of the same name. Together with two major cities, San Jose and Auckland, it forms a large agglomeration, which is the center of industry and tourism in the northern part of the state.

Disney World Tips and Tricks

Also in San Francisco is the famous Golden Gate Bridge, famous for its beauty and grandeur of the structure.

In addition, in the north of California is the southern part of the Cascade Mountains, which are included in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Describing the state of California, the sights of which can be listed for a long time, not to mention Lake Tahoe, located on the border with Nevada. It is the largest freshwater mountain in America: it is the second deepest, second only to Crater Lake in Oregon.

Southern California

This part of the state is known for its warm coast and famous actors. The symbol of the southern part is Hollywood – the area of ​​the famous Los Angeles. This place is the main location for filming a huge number of films.

Here are world-famous film studios “Universal» (Universal Studios) and “Warner Brothers” (Warner Bros. Pictures). These film industry giants are worthy of a separate tour, during which you can see the theme park with the decorations of the most famous films and delve into the tricks of special effects. In addition, Hollywood Walk of Fame is located in Hollywood, which annually attracts hundreds of tourists from all over the world.

Also in this part of California is the southernmost city of the state – San Diego, offering many different kinds of entertainment for its guests. It is a zoo occupying more than 40 hectares and the Sea World amusement park, which became the world’s first aquarium.

State of California: Places of Interest and Sights

If you decide to visit this sunny land, please be patient. You will need a lot of time in order to see all the interesting places and unique attractions. California provides an opportunity to have a great vacation for lovers of various kinds of recreation.

Those who prefer beach idleness with comfortable conditions can see the beautiful coast of the Pacific Ocean. It is in this state is the bay of Malibu, known for the series of the same name. There are many different beaches, each of which is unique in its own way. Lovers of hiking and contact with nature can visit California’s national parks, which number seven here. All green areas are nature reserves and are protected by the government.

The unique nature of this state, a large number of sunny days a year and the presence of mountains provide an opportunity for a ski holiday. For example, the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada attract thousands of tourists every year for a great vacation. Thus, we can say the following: California is a state whose sights will appeal to even the most demanding travelers.

California National Parks

Americans are very sensitive to natural reserves, and their safety is controlled at the state level. That is why California has been famous for its purity and unique beauty for so many years. Sights, a list of which consists solely of beautiful places, start with national parks:

    Yosemite. Almost all of its territory is a wilderness area. It is included in the list of natural heritage of UNESCO and is considered one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Here rare species of animals live and unique plants grow.

There is also the Death Valley National Park. This is the driest and hottest place on the planet. It is extremely popular in the world: California can rightfully be proud of it. Sights, photos of which can be seen in any encyclopedia, include in their list both snow-capped peaks of mountains, and beautiful sand dunes. They make the nature of this reserve truly unique. It is recommended to visit the park during the winter months, since the air temperature here reaches 50 ° C.

Disney World Tips and Tricks

Reystrak – Playa Lake

This is one of the most mysterious places on earth. The dried lake Reystrek-Paya is located in the Valley of Death, thanks to which California (state) is famous. The sights of this place are in moving stones that move without the help of humans or animals.

Alcatraz: island prison

It is impossible to argue with the statement about how rich California (state) is in the interesting places. Sights of the United States are represented here primarily by the unique nature of many national parks and beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

However, many tourists include in their excursion visiting the island of Alcatraz. This is where the historic building is located, which in the past was a high-security prison, and now serves as a museum.

Such famous personalities as Al Capone, George Kelly and Robert Stroud were imprisoned here. The absolutely icy water of the bay excluded the possibility of escaping from prison. Despite this, the prisoners made many attempts to leave the island. There are five people on the list who allegedly drowned while fleeing. However, this information is not confirmed to date.

California (landmarks): Grand Canyon

This place fascinates many travelers. The fact that in eastern California borders on Arizona can be attributed to the sights of the state and the Grand Canyon, which is rightly considered the grandest of all such places on earth.

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the United States, each district of which offers its various types of recreation. The grandiose panorama, which opens to the eye, amazes the imagination, and the greatness of the canyon makes you think about the role of man in the natural world. At this point comes the realization of how insignificant human history is compared with the billions of years during which these monoliths were formed.

Napa Valley

This place is also interesting for tourists. California is a state whose sights are represented not only by reserves and canyons, but also by numerous vineyards. They grow in the Napa Valley.


If the question arises, what does the state of California offer, the sights of which are so numerous, then you cannot ignore Disneyland. This place is a dream come true for a fabulous vacation that will not leave indifferent even adults. All the characters of favorite cartoons that walk in the park, do not say a word. Therefore, the guests do not lose the feeling of being in a fairyland. This grand park has been operating since 1955 and is the first Disney park.

Santa Barbara – American Riviera

There are wonderful weather conditions. The seaside location of this small town makes Santa Barbara a great place to relax. And for Russians, this name is strongly associated with the TV show of the same name, which is associated with many memories. The coldest temperature in this paradise is only 11 ° C in January, which allows you to enjoy beach holidays all year round. In addition, here is the famous University of California, and many celebrities chose this city for permanent residence.

As you can see, a lot of interesting and beautiful places offers the state of California. Sights, which are worth seeing, each traveler chooses on their own, depending on their preferences and tastes.

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